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Are you a big fan of watching the seasons, dramas, movies and other TV shows that are award winning? Then you’re on the right place because we will be talking everything about activate and will let you know how to activate your account on this website. We will be sharing a lot of other information regarding this topic as well. Scroll down to see.

showtime activate
showtime activate

Everything you need to know about Showtime activate

So, are wondering about how can you get yourself registered to with showtime active, then stop wondering and read what’s written below.

Instructions of Showtime activate

There are few instructions that you need to follow. Follow them and you’re done.

  1. If you want online activation of your account then the first thing you need to do is to have an account first
  2. If you’ve an account already, then login to your account to get yourself activated
  3. After entering the credentials and logging in, you’ll be asked to enter the name of your cable service provider
  4. After choosing the cable operator, enter the user name and password again to make it sure that it was you
  5. You’re done, now you’ll be able to watch your favorite series on your TV

Isn’t it easy and amazing? We really hope that you’re already registered on their website? If not then don’t worry. Follow the steps down below and you’ll end up making your account.

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How to create your account on

Creating the account is as easy as eating food. But you still need to follow the steps properly in order to make one. Here we go again!

  • First of all you’ll have to go to the official website of showtime activate
  • Once you reach out there, you’ll have to wait for the website to load properly
  • Now look for the register now button or click on the login button
  • If you’ve clicked on the login button, it will show you “Don’t have any account yet? Click here to create an account” button
  • Click on it and it will promote you to the website containing different information that needs to be filled by you
  • Once everything is filled, then click on the next button and it will take you down towards choosing the user name and password
  • Choose something that is easy to remember or write it down anywhere
  • Click on the next button and you’re done
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Name of the devices that are compatible with showtime activate

The list is huge and this might be good news for you because you don’t have to change your device in order to watch your favorite TV shows. Have a look at the supportive devices.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Kindle Fire
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Chromecast
  • Roku Streaming Player
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • SAMSUNG Smart TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • Xbox One
  • Apple TV

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Please note that, there might be more devices. We have tried our best to get the possible devices names that are supportive. But you don’t have to change your device, do check out the list again on their official website.

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Showtime activate Customer Care

Do you need any help? Don’t worry, they are 24*7 available. There are three ways to contact them:

  • Through website
  • Through mail address
  • Through a phone call

Contact Customer Care through Website

You can contact Showtime activate with this method:

  • Go to their official website and then login to your account
  • On your wall, scroll down at the bottom of the page, you’re going to see “Contact Support”
  • Click on it and they will show you a list of questions, search the list and if your problem is there then click on it and they will come up with the solution, otherwise you can contact directly to the support staff
  • They will come up on your screen within 2-3 minutes, and you can ask them any questions
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Contact Customer Care through mail address

If you’re not an internet guy, then no problem. You can still figure out your problem by mailing them on their address.

  • Write your message and the write this address on the envelop “Mark Turits Vice President, Captioning and Video Description CBS Television Network 555 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019 Att: Mail Stop 555/1327 (SNI)”
  • Send them and you’ll receive the feedback within couple of days
  • Your problem is going to be solved

Contact Customer Care through phone call

So, if you don’t want to try the writing things and want everything quickly, then you can call the customer care through a phone call. And all you’ve to do is to make a call a “212-708-3205” and they will answer your queries.

So, we have discussed everything regarding showtime activate and we are hopeful that this content is going to help you a lot in achieving what you’re striving for.

Have any questions in mind? Feel free to comment down below. We will answer.

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