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Top 10 Temporary Gmail Generators Alternates

The Gmail Generator is an online web portal for creating the temporary, disposable, and multiple email addresses at the same time. Since it is a Temporary Email Generators, so I will give you all the details and comparison with all the other top Temporary Email Generators.

In this article, I will tell you about the temporary and multiple email address with the Gmail Generator and its best and top alternatives or the Temporary Email Generators. You may read the content table to get the information of your choice.

The Gmail Generator Web Portal
The Gmail Generator Web Portal

What is Gmail Generator?

The Gmail Generator is an online fake and temporary email address creator, made to protect the privacy concern of anyone. By using this email generator, you can make multiple Gmail addresses that are handled at Gmail Generator website of

With this Gmail Generator, you show people that you have given a “your” or “your” but they are not the real Gmail email addresses, actually they are handled at Gmail Generator website and you use them as a temporary thing.

Why do we need to use Temporary Email generator?

“Privacy is right of every human being”


The following are some importance and need of using a Gmail Generator or a Temporary Email Generator:

  1. We need the Temporary Email Generators on many places. Actually sometimes we need to create an account on a web or app that we don’t want to use permanently. So, we create account on it temporarily by using the generators like Gmail Generator.
  2. In today’s modern world of technology, day by day, different applications are introduced. And all those apps require to create an account on them, in order to use them.
  3. These apps want you to allow yourself to give them permission on certain things, and you do that because you want to use the app.
  4. If you do not allow the app, it will not work. Like you, setup profile by using your Gmail id to setup an else account. Then you will see that you are going to give the permission of handling your account to the app you are going to use.
  5. To avoid such apps, you can use the Temporary Email Generators like Gmail Generator.

Gmail Generator Vs. Temporary Email Generators:

With Gmail Generator, you can create an email allies same as the Gmail, but that’s a temporary by which you can fulfill the requirements. On many places and websites, we need, only the Gmail Allies that are obtainable from Gmail Generator, meanwhile other gives you other allies not the Gmail one.

But still many times the Gmail Generator is a flop idea to use because many times it crashes, got exposed and main importantly high risk of security and getting caught by the website at which you are creating the account.

For this type of purpose, the Gmail Generator is not good at all. Since the web portal is new. It need some time to grow and become well. But for the best experience, look towards the alternate of its that I have given.

Top 10 Temporary Generators Better than Gmail Generators:

Many Temporary Email Generators do not requirements but some of them requires few things like re. Captcha or h captcha or even an id. Based on the research and my experience the following are the top 10 Temporary Email Generators many, many times better than the Gmail Generator:

1. Temp Mail:

The Temp mail is many, many times better than all of the other Temporary Email Generators because it is fast, secure and reliable. You do no not require to create an account on it. Neither you do not need to proof human identity by fulfilling there or h captcha.

How to use the Temp Mail?

You only have to visit its website which is:

You will see a temporary email that the portal assigned you, you can copy its by clicking the double papers or (paper on paper) button. Keep the portal open till you finish your work with the email.

You can remember the email address that you have got from Temp Mail, in order to use it again too. To do that you can just copy and paste the email that you want on the email running on the portal.

You can use its temporary phone numbers and premium content too. It is so far best and accurate.

It is also available in apps like for androids and IOS devices.

Temp Mail Web Portal
Temp Mail Web Portal

2. Burner Mail:

Web portal:

Almost in this world, it is the best and accurate Temporary Email Generator than all others even it is better than the Temp Mail, but the cruel fact is that it requires you to create an account on it and then you will allow your original mail access to this as you did for other apps.

This will manage, hide and allows you to generate allies and emails. No doubt it gives security and every luxury but still it does not provide us the speed, reliability and easy to use for everyone. It is actually good on its place. In today’s world we can see clearly that the speed matters in all conditions.

How to use the Burner Mail?

If you have an account on the Burner Mail, then you can login, or enter the first name, then last name, email, password and confirm the password to create the account. You need to confirm the email address.

After all this you will register the mail to be handled by the Burner Mail company. They will hide your email providing you the other emails.

Burner Mail Web Portal
Burner Mail Web Portal

3. EmailOnDeck:

Web portal:

It is 3rd best Temporary Email Generator which is also better than that of Gmail Generator.

How to use the EmailOnDeck?

You will need to prove your human identity by ticking there. Captcha by fulfilling the requirements. Then you will get a Temporary Email from the EmailOnDeck.

EmailOnDeck Web Portal
EmailOnDeck Web Portal

4. 10 Minute Mail:

Web portal:

It is the 4th best instant email, once the email is lost is lost, add 10 more minutes before it gets lost.

How to use the 10 Minute Email?

Open the web portal there you will get an instant new mail for 10 minutes. Do all your work, related to the mail within 10 minutes. You may add 10 more minutes and so on.

10MinuteMail Web Portal
10MinuteMail Web Portal

5. Mailnator:

Web Portal:

The Mailnator is even more better than the Temp Mail or the Burner Mail. But since it is limited in trial version, you will need to purchase it for the best experience, that makes it low.

How to use Mailnator?

It is very simple and easy to use. It works like Burner Mail and make you secure.

Mailnator Web Portal
Mailnator Web Portal

6. E4ward:

Web portal:

It is free and simple, but you need to create an account.

E4ward Web Portal
E4ward Web Portal

How to use the E4ward?

Its usage is same like the usage of the Burner Mail. Read there on above topics. It is not much well manager than the Burner Mail.

7. Guerrilla Mail:

Web portal:

It is also the best and free Temporary Email Generator like the Temp Mail, but it gets flop on a few sites, which makes it down.

How to use the Guerrilla Mail?

It works same as the Temp mail. It is simple. But you may get caught on a few sites like Instagram by Meta.

Guerrilla Mail Web Portal
Guerrilla Mail Web Portal

8. Proton Mail:

Web Portal:

It is the 8th best Temporary Email Generator which is also best than the Gmail Generator. You will need to create an account on it.

How to use the Proton Mail?

It works like the Burner Mail, but it will provide you less managing features.

Proton Mail Web Portal
Proton Mail Web Portal

9. MohMal:

Web Portal:

The MohMal let you to have an instant temporary email at any time, but it may not work on more secured sites.

How to use the MohMal?

It works the same as that of Temp Mail, since its new, it will take time to be a best one, but still it is best than that of Gmail Generator.

MohMal Web Portal
MohMal Web Portal

10. ThrowAwayMail:

Web portal:

It is also a Temporary Email Generator.

How to use the ThrowAwayMail?

You only need to open the portal, copy mail and do the stuff, keep the portal opened, once the mail is lost is lost, else it is also same as the Temp Mail.

Throw Away a Mail Web portal
Throw Away a Mail Web portal

Benefits of Temporary Email Generators:

  • Secures you.
  • Hide your identity.
  • Provides you plus points over other.
  • You can access many login portal without giving the actual data.
  • creating multiple accounts like a BOSS!

You can also check these topics too get exclusive benefits from them so hurry up and get rewarded!

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The Gmail Generator is no doubt a good generator for creating a scam full email allies same as the Gmail. But still it is not better than the top 10 Temporary Email Generators that I have mentioned.


Q1: Is it legal to use a temporary email generator?

Ans: Well, obviously the answer is maybe, because it’s totally up to the user if he is scamming with others or making himself secured. That’s the reason their web portals are not banned.

Q2: Is it safe to use an online Temporary Email Generator or the Gmail Generator?

Ans: Yes, it is.

Q3: Is all these temporary mails making portal works?

Ans: Yes, they do.

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