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Myhtspace is a web portal being used by Harris teeter and its employees. In this article, you will find everything related to it. To see the selective portion of the study you can go through the content box. Click on the topic that relates to your need. There is everything about Myhtspace, its login, and more. The Myhtspace is well known and beneficial for real. Go through this post to know all about it. You can also recover your authorizations like username and password, how to complete your profile, and doing much more! 

Myhtspace login is an online web portal made for the employees and administration of Harris Teeter. This web is used to keep check on employee’s performance and the employee get his information, tasks and updates through this system. Ess Harris Teeter (combined medical and grocery store chain of US) is the founder of

The wfmr Harris teeter has an excellent strategy for its employees that increase the sustainability level of their lives and make their dreams come true. Benefits over Harris teeter deliver a lot of reimbursements for its members like quality of work, best pay, and many more advantages that are also discussed in detail in this article too. My ht space of Harris teeter ess laid the foundation of its administrative system. The employees can connect with each other and with their team members to manage work. They can get leave too from this portal and can look up their monthly wage progress. Harris teeters benefit solver is no doubt a problem-solving tool for its employees to get success and for administration to keep a look on work and get all facilities regarding the progress of work on single click. It is having an affiliation with JDA workforce management who are the expert of supply chain management and with them, they have managed and maintained this whole system.

Myhtspace login homepage
Myhtspace login homepage

MyHtSpace Login Types:

  1. Myhtspace login for employees of Harris Teeter. The employees can maintain, get leave, plan their work and get connected through this portal. Moreover, the management keeps check on their workers through this portal. It is affiliated with the JDA, that are supply chain management’s masters.
  2. Ess Harris Teeter for the customers of Harris Teeter. This is for the local users who can create their account, can order their things and can track their items and many more things including accessing of the portal of online shopping hybrid store.

Requirements To Login:

Requirements of Myhtspace Employees Login:

The following are the requirements to login to the Myhtspace portal:

  1. You should have a device that can connect with the internet.
  2. The device should have a web browser.
  3. You should know your web portal or you should have the URL link of the Myhtspace web portal to login.
  4. You should have an employee account to login to Myhtspace. If not then you should be a local person, so better to see the steps for the job to join and get hired for the Harris Teeter. You cannot create the account at your own. When you will be get hired, you will get your account.
  5. You should know about the information of your account to log in to it.

Requirements of Harris Teeter universal web login (For Everyone):

  1. You should have a device that can connect with the internet.
  2. The device should have a web browser.
  3. You need to go on real customer web.
  4. You should have an account, if you don’t have then you can create it.
  5. You should know about the information of your account to log in to it.

Myhtspace Login Steps:

How to login at Myhtspace (for employees only):

If you are an employee of wfmr Harris Teeter ess and you are having a problem related to it, then you are on right place. Go through the article entirely to know. Here are the steps to log in to the Myhtspace web portal.

  1. You have to go on the web portal of Myhtspace or you can click on the following link to go directly on the required web portal:
  2. Now, you have to write your account’s user name.
  3. Then, you need to inscribe your account’s password.
  4. Now you have to click on the “login” button to log in to your Myhtspace account.
Myhtspace Login
Myhtspace Login

How to login at Harris Teeter (for customers):

  1. You have to go on the web portal of Harris Teeter or you can click on the following link to go directly on the required web portal:
  2. There you will find a man symbol on top right corner.
  3. Click that.
  4. A popup will be there for you.
  5. Enter your email address.
  6. Then your password.
  7. Click “login” button to login.
  8. Now you are logged in.
Myhtspace Customer Login
Myhtspace Customer Login

See how to sign up for the web portal or for the online store after some details about Harris Teeter.

About Myhtspace and Harris Teeter:

The Harris Teeter organization was originated by two young businesspersons, William Thomas Harris and Willis L. Teeter. They had started a different trade in their great downheartedness of them in their finance and business but they both still started the company in Charlotte, North Carolina. William T. The William Thomas Harris had opened his first drug (medication) store there and the Willis L. Teeter opened Teeter food mart. They get together under the joint venture and they both formed Harris Teeter as their organization and stores name everywhere altogether. They have made many stores. For more read here.

Myhtspace is their website that has a system for its working employees. And now when you see Wfmr Harris Teeter Ess today it has so many stores in more than 7 states and if you are anywhere in Florida, Washington, D.C, South, Georgia, and Maryland and in any other place like a ballpark, etc, you will find more than 250 stores operating and running all across the United States of America. They had grown hard and achieved much more today. It is one of the best supper stores in the United States that offers both food and medications.

It is ranked in top stores and it was organized on #34 number in the list of topmost merchants of the United States of America. Their success is an open example of an effort that includes their depression to invest and all this came up with the financial problems at the start. They worked hard with all the anxiety, restlessness, and never-ending efforts since 1936 to gain all this success. They never even thought about their success, all they did was their best!

“The fruit of patience is sweet”

History About Myhtspace & Harris Teeter Login Portal:

Harris Teeter is the of the United States of America containing medicines and food. It is a hybrid mart manacle that was created in Matthews, North Carolina, a suburb of Charlotte. It was purchased by the Kroger Company in 9th July 2013 for 2.5 billion dollars and on 28th January 2014, the Harris Teeter took back its brand, name, status and the headquarter located in Matthew.

The Harris was an employee in the A&P store that was found in Central and Pecan Avenues. This store was the first store of Charlotte’s. Then in 1936 they opened the Harris Teeter Hypermarket which was located in 1704 Central Avenue and still one of its branch is there. The newly opened store had 8 workers in it, working to sell products.

Initially, they sold dry grocery that were durable and maintainable of that time because before World War II, there was no trend of refrigerators and deep freezers, so they don’t have the things that were not preserved able of that time. The supermarket chain has been operated by the Harris Teeter family till 1995 and the store was on #1 position. All their family members run their all branches till the end of 1995. After that it was shifted to their inheritance and they selected people to work for them that brought the store to #201 then after some time it becomes #401. Then in 2014 when the Harris Teeter family’s inherited get back the shares with the Kroger and in the same year it got to the #34 best store of the United States of America.

The Kroger company never changed its name because of its name and the company still retains its title and quality. It was the unique and well-recognized company of the United States. Still it is one of the best organizations. The Harris Teeter was the first hybrid mart that has introduced the system to place all the items on the shelves so that people can easily reach those things. This was the first store that was first to put air condition and heating system in the store and it was the first store that was remained open till 9pm daily while other got closed in the same time. This gathered more audience. Later on they added daily products and was run by a family. When they left with time, it was a great saddened for the Harris Teeter.

Now in today, on 25th December 2021 the chain operates 261 stores in seven of the South Atlantic states, which are (North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Maryland and Columbia which is only a district not state). Harris Teeter got on #34 best store position in the 2012!

Myhtspace Signup Process:

To create an employee benefiting account you have to follow the given steps to make that account. There are many benefiting of that account, but there are a few requirements that you have to fulfill.

  1. You have to be a permanent nationalist of the United States of America or Canada or of Atlantis.
  2. You have to open the browser and go to the official web portal of Myhtspace or you can click on the following link to go directly on the required web portal:
  3. Click the “register” button located there or click this link to go directly on the required registration page:
  4. Now when the web is opened you will see the things to be fulfilled.
  5. Now you have to enter your social security number SSN.
  6. Then select your date of birth in the pattern of month, day, year.
  7. Enter your area’s zip code or postal code. If you don’t have any, leave this field blank.
  8. Click the “Continue” button to process this for the creation of the account.
  9. Now they will ask you some more details about yourself.
  10. In this step, they will ask you the name, address and a few other details that you have to mention exactly the same as the original. Avoid to write fake things.
  11. Now they will ask you to write the Email address.
  12. Then you have to write your phone number with the state’s area code.
  13. Then enter your password that will be the password of your account.
  14. Reenter the password to confirm it.
  15. Now on the confirmation step, you have to proof your documentation like the things you have added for recovery options.
  16. Now after completing all of the details and fulfilling the verification of the stuff, it will redirect you to the login page.
  17. Now use the info you have given for the sign up to login to your account; it will ask you to write the user name and the password.
  18. Now, You have successfully signedup for the Myhtspace benefiting account.
Myhtspace Signup
Register Or Sign Up

How to Create an Account on Harris Teeter Customer’s Online Shopping Store Portal?

It is so easy to operate and do shopping on the store and to sign up on the Harris Teeter Shopping store online portal. Follow the steps below to sign up for the customer account of Harris Teeter.

  1. You have to go on the official store of the Harris Teeter or click this link to go directly:
  2. On the top right corner, you will find a symbol of a person and text Login/Sign Up.
  3. Click that.
  4. Enter your Email Address.
  5. Click the text, “register” instead of sign in.
  6. It will redirect you and will ask you a few more details.
  7. Now you have successfully signed up for the customer account of the Harris Teeter.
Customer Registration or Sign up
Customer Registration or Sign up

How to Recover Myhtspace Account’s Information:

How to recover your Myhtspace account’s user name and password?

  1. You have to go on the official login page or click the given link to go, you will see the “Forgot your username or password?” option. Click on it.
  2. Another page will open up asking you for some information to recover your identifications.
  3. Enter the key of the Company and the Social Security Number, they are obligatory necessities. The company key is provided by the benefits administrator of the Harris Teeter.
  4. Now, you have to enter your date of birth in the format months, days, years.
  5. After entering in all the fields, click on the “Continue” button on the bottom right corner of the screen that will redirect to another page.
  6. Enter all of the details that are needed.
  7. Then you will receive an email with a password link.
  8. Open the email and click the link, type in the new password you want for your account.
  9. Click on Okay.
  10. Now you have successfully recovered your identifications.
Forgot Myhtspace Benefiting Account's Password
Forgot Myhtspace Benefiting Account’s Password

How to Recover Your Harris Teeter customer’s account password?

  1. You have to go on the official store of the Harris Teeter or click this link to go directly:
  2. On the top right corner, you will find a symbol of a person and text Login/Sign Up.
  3. Click that.
  4. Enter your Email Address.
  5. And Click the option, forgot password.
  6. You will get an email on your email address having a password reset link inside it.
  7. Click that link.
  8. Enter new password.
  9. Reenter to confirm it.
  10. Now you have successfully recovered your Customer ID password.
Forgot Customer's Account Password
Forgot Customer’s Account Password

How to Complete Your Myhtspace Profile and Update Your Security on Myhtspace Portal?

Updating the Profile Picture:

Follow the steps below to change your profile picture of your Myhtspace account:

  1. You have to go the official website of Myhtspace or click the link to go:
  2. Login in to your account by writing user name and password.
  3. When you are logged in, click on the “settings”, located in the top right corner of the website.
  4. Click “Change the profile Picture” option.
  5. Upload a new pic or edit the last one, simply.
  6. For uploading the new picture, click on upload button.
  7. Then add that from your storage or computer.
  8. Click the upload button to upload your image.

Updating the Password:

If you change the password. It is hard for your account to get hacked. To avoid this, follow the steps below to change the password:

  1. You have to open web of Myhtspace or click the link:
  2. Enter the user name and password and click login.
  3. Open settings, in the top right corner.
  4. Click the password options in the settings.
  5. Enter the old password.
  6. Enter the new password.
  7. Now click confirm.
  8. Now you have successfully changed your password.


The Harris Teeter is one of the excellent hybrid mart chains with 261 branches at different locations in the United States of America. It has a significant number of employees and to make them satisfied, they give huge benefits to them. There are 35,000 employees working there and the organization is benefiting them with many benefits. Some are listed below:


Harris Teeter gives a significant fund to its employees for their health. They take care of their schedules of doing work, providing the best to eat and giving some funds and point to the employees that helps them a lot. Since 1995 when the family ended and they took workers to work, the company did its best for the good of its team.


It is a great platform that give a competitive salary like they give 9 to 16 dollars for one hour working of a person. That also rest on the status of the employee in the company.  It offers many bonuses to its employee depending upon the quality of work of the employee which is funded yearly, monthly or quarterly. It is the first private company that offers pensions and money to pay after retirement.


The Harris Teeter makes sure that the employees have a faultless balance between his work life and personal life. That’s why it provides employees with some holidays, and the Ladies employees can also get paid on maternity leave. They provide free meal and many discounts of grocery and medication. They are continuously checking the employees and give them extra bonus on loyalty with them and for their hard work. They help employees when they need. They let you work for some extent and when you work extra they also give you instant reward with money for fuel too! It is best for locals, and it provides a separate parking for the veterans.

Affiliation of JDA:

JDA is helping more than 4000 companies for the supply chain management of the store. They provide the best retailer software too and they give a best strategic management too. And hiring it for management is a big deal for a small business that proves that it is a worldwide large business. Since from past 30 years, the JDA has been the best provider of end to end, integrated retail and supply chain planning and solutions of it.

JDA or jda.
JDA or jda.

How to get Hired for Harris Teeter:

To get hired for Harris Teeter, you have to visit their career site. After that you have to submit your application for the job. In the application, you have to give complete detail about yourself. In the application you have to fill in various things and make sure to read terms and conditions and for which branch you are applying for. After fulfilling everything, they will call you that you are hired.


  • Unique idea.
  • Give sustainability.
  • Fast and reliable.
  • A nice visual graphics.


  • Only available in United States.
  • Takes time to open the website.


Myhtspace is an online portal for the employees and affiliates of the Harris Teeter. Harris Teeter is the company that brings a hybrid shopping mart, also available online, by providing food, grocery and medications all together at one place. It is trusted and recognized worldwide.


Q1: What is meant by WFMR ESS in Harris Teeter Myhtspace?

Ans: The ESS stands for Employees Self Service and the WFMR stands for Weekly Formed Management Work Report, together this forms the system of Harris Teeter and Myhtspace, on which they are working on. It makes their portal.

Q2: Who can habit the Myhtspace portal?

Ans: Anyone with access or with the login info can operate it. Mainly its employees and Affiliates have it.

Q3: How to create customer ID of Harris Teeter?

Ans: Follow the steps below to create a customer profile for Harris Teeter:

  1. You have to go on the official store of the Harris Teeter or click this link to go directly:
  2. On the top right corner, you will find a symbol of a person.
  3. Click that.
  4. Enter your Email Address.
  5. Click the text, “register” instead of sign in.
  6. It will redirect you and will ask you a few more details.
  7. Now you have successfully signed up for the customer account of the Harris Teeter.

Q4: Is the web and company trusted?

Ans: Yes, they both are.

Q5: Who owns the Harris Teeter now?

Ans: It is owned by Kroger Company with a joint venture of one of Its family members.

So, we have discussed almost everything regarding the topic above and we are hopeful that this article has helped you in achieving what you’re striving for.

If have any questions in mind regarding Myhtspace or Harris Teeter then feel free to comment down below. We will try to reach you as soon as possible and shall answer your query.

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