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Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2022 | Updated List

In this article, we will discuss the best Tumblr Alternatives in 2020. let’s start! In an era of Facebook to Instagram to Twitter to other leading social media platforms, several different social media websites are often neglected, and one of them is Tumblr. It is a micro-blogging website and a social media platform with a separate fanbase.

Tumblr is one of the most extensive microblogging sites that allow users to post videos, photos, and text in a short-form blog. Users can follow other blogs according to their preferences and, as well as can manage their blog from a straightforward dashboard.

Tumblr Alternatives
Tumblr Alternatives

The Tumblr was operated by Yahoo initially, but later it was bought by Verizon Media and imposed stricter policies that face the ban of NSFW content among its various other more stringent policies.

Why Tumbler Alternatives?

Tumbler announced banning NSFW content from its platform to make the platform a positive and better place. This causes some users to abandon the site, and reaction to this announcement was critical and swift across social media.

A large number of users signed the Change org petition to make Tumblr rescind their NSFW content. For the majority of users, Tumblr was seen as a safe platform used for self-expression and exploration. A majority of users said they are switching social media sites as a result of Tumblr’s new policies.

In this article, we will introduce a list of best tumbler alternatives, that are a perfect alternative for Tumblr.

Top 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives That You Should Try!

Below are some of the best Tumbler alternatives sites;


Blogger is operated by tech giant Google and is one of the user-friendly blogging platforms. If you are invested in the ecosystem of Google, this is the best Tumblr alternatives for you. It features a straightforward web-based post editor, and the user can have about a hundred blogs per account. It also has a feature of viewing details stats, including monthly page views, traffic sources, and more. 

Additionally, it also has a feature of full integration with the Google AdSense program for easy monetization.

Key features and benefits

  • Operated by Google
  • Featuring easy Google AdSense monetization
  • Incredibly easy to set up


It is not possible to talk best blogging Tumblr alternatives without including WordPress. It is arguably the most popular platform that is worth using. The platform comes in two variants, firstly, an open and free open source content scrip based CMS, and can be installed on any web server; secondly, a freemium blogging platform that helps users to get their first blog started in no time.

WordPress is incredibly customizable and includes many themes functionality enhancing plug-ins. WordPress is equipped with everything a user can expect from a blogging service that provides SEO, Social network integration, multi-user support, and custom categories.  

Key features and benefits

  • Incredibly reliable and popular
  • Featuring excellent administration features
  • Offers robust support and is fully scalable
  • Best for monetization focused blogs
  • Features various themes, and is best for SEO


It is the best open-source social networking platform. It is an extremely engaging, immersive, deep, and content-rich platform to social networking, which makes it one of the best Tumblr alternatives. From users’ posts to forums, it offers the freedom to post-professional content in both video and text forms, as well as users, can follow their friends who are users, as well as can discover new people and share similar-minded content.

The best feature of the Mastodon ultra-unique content-rich dimension is that it has users’ communities and groups. Users can build their audience through paid promotions, and develop their brands if they are a business-minded intellectual as well.

Key features and benefits

  • It is decentralized
  • It features a large community
  • It is ad-free, non-algorithmic feed
  • It features different types of content through dedicated servers.


Pillowfort is much similar to Tumblr, which makes it another one of the best Tumblr alternatives. It gains popularity after Tumblr’s restricted policy mentioned earlier on in this article. The platform allows NSFW content, which is another reason why it is included in this list. Users can share text, video, photos, GIFs, posts, and illustrations with users who are following their blog.

Key features and benefits

  • It features similar feed as Tumblr and has posts from all communities.
  • Users can create communities under any name.
  • NSFW content is allowed


It is a visually-driven social media platform, which means users can post images, videos, and GIFs. When a user shares any picture or video, it gets posted on the platform as a pin, and if a user shares someone else, content is known as repinning. The platform features group options, and users can create a group of pins, that are identified as boards, to collect relevant topics in a pin.

Key features and benefits

Some of its great features make it a best Tumblr alternative, and some of them are given below;

  • It has visual search features to find and buy particular items
  • Users can move pins between boards in sets
  • Unlike other social media platforms, it concentrates on images.


Reddit is another one of the best Tumblr alternatives. It is a platform where users need to post their content without marketing pitch if they are looking for sales and promotions. Reader cast their vote for the content based on a reader rating, and a dedicated bot grants them a karma point.

The platform features a large number of content marketers, readers, and influencers. Additionally, users can also use paid promotion options to maximize their inorganic traffic, providing technical and customer service support, and various other ways to boost their business.

Key features and benefits

  • Development of closely-knit communities of like-minded people
  • Hundreds of discussion boards that allow the users to embed pictures in posts.
  • Responsive multi-level threaded commenting that allows interesting discussions


It is another one of the most popular and one of the best Tumblr alternatives platforms. It is a professional platform to influence the audience, building a brand, and growing a business. Content creators who love to create and share their content consider this as their favorite best Tumblr alternative.

Businesses see this platform as a powerful platform to grow their networks, maximize sales, and engage with the right audience. From jobseekers to businesses to recent graduates to celebrities and branding numerous other features to share in both video and text format, it provides the opportunity to grow as a business owner or as an individual.

Key features and benefits

  • The platform features extensive job listings
  • Incredibly ideal for growing business networks
  • Features numerous professional groups and communities of like-minded people
  • Get and receive endorsements and testimonials


Ello is a worth trying platform for content creators and artists. The creators’ content work starts similarly as a Facebook community, and later it transformed into a Pinterest image-centric style for creators.

Key features and benefits

  • Artists and content creators can sell their artwork and content
  • It supports all kinds of content, including NSFW content.
  • It is ad-free and features a minimalist design.


Ghost is another open-source social blogging platform, which made writing and publishing easier for bloggers. Ghost is one of the best Tumblr alternatives platforms, consists fo two variants that include self-posted package and webserver hosted package. Ghost features fast response and powerful dashboard, which distinguish it from other social blogging platforms. It also supports NSFW content as long as it is legal and gives users the freedom of expression.

Key features and benefits

  • It features a mighty dashboard
  • Provides comfortable space to create more content
  • Includes in-built SEO for trafficking


Tumblr is a great social media blogging platform for searching and sharing great content. The platform focuses on sharing the content of particular topics than sharing everyday thoughts and opinions of a specific user. The platform is also very customizable and easy to create content. Above are some of the best Tumblr alternatives that we have included in our best Tumblr alternatives list and are worth trying for a new experience.


Q: What happened to Tumblr after the ban?

Ans: Tumblr restricted policies resulted in a considerable online traffic decrease and fallen about 30 percent since the ban.

Q: Is there any replacement for Tumblr?

Ans: Yes, Pillowfort is a perfect alternative for Tumblr, although various other platforms can also be considered as a replacement for Tumblr.

Q: Can you still use Tumblr?

Ans: Yes, Tumblr is back to the App Store, and users can download it again.

Q: Is Tumblr available for iOS?

Ans: Yes, Tumblr is available for iOS and can be used after downloading.

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