Netflix Download Limit

Netflix Download Limit | How You Can Get Around It?

Today, in this article we will talk about the Netflix download limit, and will also mention the alternative tips that will surely help you catch the most of your subscriptions. Netflix was created as an online movie charge service in 1997 in the USA and then progressed to DVD leasing and sale soon after its launch.

Netflix is one of the most prevalent online running websites which is used universally. It comprises paid memberships connections in more than 200 states and presently claims more than 130+ million subscribers.

After their launching, the California-based Corporation announced online streaming that provided users access to movies and television shows through their PC. In the next time, Netflix launched its service into nations worldwide as it also starts creating its own unique and high-class content headed for the end.

Netflix Download Limit
Netflix Download Limit

Maybe you already be familiar with that Netflix allows you to download most of the videos your choice whether it was of Tv shows, movies, documentaries. These are accessible for offline watching on your device on the Netflix app. Though, there are also some limitations associated to the number of videos you can keep in your downloaded folder at a while in your device as well as some other limitations that you will want to know.

This will really benefit you in the circumstance that if you’re going to be traveling somewhere, or in zones where networks are poor. Even if your country’s data packages are expensive, you can also use free community/company WiFi and download several hours of videos to comfort you while on the travel.

Where Can I download Netflix TV Shows and Movies?

If you want to download Netflix TV shows and movies, first you’ll require an internet connection, a working Netflix account, and the newest version of Netflix application and few of the following gears:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod running iOS 9.0 or later
  • Android smartphone or tablet running Android 4.4.2 or later
  • Amazon Fire tablet running Fire OS 4.0 or later
  • Windows tablet or computer running Windows 10 version 1607  or later

The old version Chromebooks and Chromebox were unable to download and run the Netflix app, but certain versions were able to download the app from Google Play Store and also they can use the download feature of the app.

What is the Netflix Download Limit?

Netflix Download Limit
Netflix Download Limit

Agreeing to the company, you can presently download and save 100 videos on a single device at a time. And if you attempt to save more videos, then the app will show an error and will ask you to delete one of the currently stored videos to download further.

Additionally, more than the above-mentioned entire download limit, some particular series or show on Netflix can only be downloaded a limited number of times at per account, and some also mention the annually based download limit.

Netflix app also offers smart download specifications. Through this feature, if you have once watched a downloaded episode of a serial, the app will then automatically delete that recently watched episode from the download folder and will download the next episode automatically. You can also snap the smart download feature on/off via opening the Downloads tab on your app.

Well, Netflix allows you to permit whether the app downloads these videos using a WiFi connection or your mobile data. You can select your desired option.

If you already crossed the maximum download limit for a specific video, you can still be able to watch it online, but you cannot access download it.

How long is the downloaded content available to watch?

The videos that are downloaded on Netflix aren’t available to watch surely. Each title has its own narrow range of time before it finishes, this all hinges on individual account warrants. Videos that will expire in the next seven days will show the of the time period which is left for you to watch the Downloads page of the Netflix app.

Most of the videos also expire within 48 hours after you play the video. When once you start checking your downloaded videos time limit, the amount of time period left before the expiration of that video will also be shown on the Downloads page.

A downloaded video can be watched as many times as you want before its expiry. If a video has been expired, you can also update the download. As stated before, some videos have also limit of downloading and that you can again download them. If the video is no more available on Netflix, you can’t update that video again.

How many devices can download videos at once?

This all emphasis on your strategy. If you have subscribed basic package that supports a single device only, then you can only download videos on one device, and the same can be applied to packages that support two or four devices at once.

If you already downloaded videos on the more than one devices that your subscription package permits and if you want to download videos on a new device, you have to delete all the videos from a device where you already had downloaded.

For instance, if you have subscribed the package that supports streaming and downloading on more than two devices and you have already downloaded videos on both of those devices, then you have to delete downloads from any one of the two devices to download videos on a new device.

Can you remove downloads from a device that you can’t access?

Yes of course! You can remove. All you have to do is open your Account page on’s official website through a web browser and remove the device in question by Manage Download Devices. Once you have removed the device, all the downloaded contents on that device will also automatically be removed.

How to change the video quality of downloads?

For better quality you change the quality of videos through your Netflix app settings. Go to Settings –> Under the Downloads sub-heading –> Download Video Quality. After all this you can select that you’d like to download in Standard or Higher video quality.

Standard quality offers a low quality video graphics on screen, it takes up fewer storage space and entails less time and quickly download. Higher quality videos download up to 1080p depending on individual titles, takes up extra storage space and also take extra time to download content.

Other Netflix app download customizations:

  • Download video on SD card: You can also select to download the Netflix videos on your SD card through the App Settings –> Download location.
  • Download using WiFi only: For selecting Wi-Fi signals you have to open App Settings –> Toggle on Wi-Fi only.
  • You can also delete all the downloaded videos at one time through the option available in the App Settings and also turf on/off Smart Downloads option.

This was all about the Netflix download limit. I have described to you the reasons for this and also provided you the solutions to fix it and stream your favorite contents anytime anywhere.

Final Words:

Well, are you one of the millions of people who use offline Netflix? What are your opinions about those limitations on downloadable content? Let us be familiar with your point of views. Share your suggestions in the comments section. And in case you encounter any query feel free to comment down. Thanks! 🙂

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