Twitch Error 5000

How To Fix Twitch Error 5000 : This video is not avaiable|Complete Guide

So, how long now its been that you’re doing twitch? 1 year 2 years? You might have faced a lot of problems when using twitch and twitch error 5000 is one of them.

Twitch is an online platform that is used to stream the games to let people show what you’re doing. People can be able to pass the comments, voice call, and video call as well, yes it’s the same as discord and developed in 2011.

The reason why people are using a twitch platform is that it’s fast and it has more features as well. Not only that, the twitch website contains video streaming modules, E-Sport Modules, Music Broadcast and a lot more. You can share the screen when playing the game and then answer the questions of the people that are looking for the reply.

Twitch Error 5000
Twitch Error 5000

A lot of gamers these days are playing Pubg and during the pubg gameplay they are facing Twitch Error 5000 and they have no clue why they are getting this error. The error comes up because of many reasons and we are going to discuss all of them.

The foremost reason why twitch error 5000 comes up on your screen is that you’re using the browser with cookies and cache memory or maybe the outdated version of your browser. Let’s figure out everything here.

The following are the methods that we are going to discuss in this article.

  1. Solution 1- Update your Browser
  2. Solution 2- Clear Cache Memory and Cookies
  3. Solution 3- Disabling the Extensions
  4. Solution 4- Download the Desktop Version

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Solution Of Twitch Error 5000

So, we are about to discuss the 4 methods of solving twitch error 5000 and without wasting any time further, let’s discuss everything out.

Solution 1- Update your Browser

The main reason why you’re facing the issue is using the outdated version of your browser. And if you want to remove this error from your life then you have to update your browser right now. To update the browser you have to follow the steps which we are breaking now- we are taking Google Chrome as an example.

  • Open your browser and then go to the official website of Google chrome
  • Once you’ve entered the website, you’re going to see the download button
  • Click on the download button and a file is going to be downloaded
  • Run it and it will start downloading the required files again
  • It will then ask you to replace the existing files, click on yes
  • Click on Yes to all button and you’re going to get the latest version of the Google chrome
  • Now open the official website of twitch again and login to your account
  • You’re not going to face the problem twitch error 5000 again

This method is going to work for you, but if it didn’t, then here’s what we have for you.

Solution 2- Clear Cache Memory and Cookies

This method is way too simple and works every time. It happens sometimes that your website saves the address of the twitch site which isn’t updated and when the site release a new update, your cookies, and cache memory continue to load the previous website, this makes the error come up on your screen.

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To remove the cache memory and cookies, you need to follow the steps given below.

  • Open the browser and then look at the right top corner of the browser
  • You’re going to see 3 dots click on then and you’re going to see a drop down menu
  • Look for the history button and then click on it
  • After clicking on the history button, you’ll be shown a new window
  • Once you click on the clear browsing data, you’re going to see the Cache Memory and Cookies option as well
  • Check both of them and then click on delete browsing data
  • Once everything is done, close the browser and get back to the twitch website
  • Login again and you’re not going to see the error twitch error 5000 again

Note* Once you delete the history, all your saved credentials are going to be removed. So, if you’ve everything saved in your computer then you can delete the history.

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 Solution 3- Disabling the Extensions

You may have installed a lot of extensions in your browser and you may need them as well. But if you want to stream well on the twitch them you have to check the extensions if they are blocking your way of streaming the games on twitch and making the twitch error 3000 comes you way. Here’s how you can disable the extension.

  • Open your browser and then go to the right top corner where you’re going to see 3 dots
  • Click on the dots and a drop down menu shall come your way
  • You’re going to see settings option there, click on it
  • In the settings menu, you’ll see Extension, click on it to see installed extensions
  • Now disable the extensions one by one and check if the error still appears on the screen
  • Once you get to know which one is working for you then disable it and find the alternative
  • You’re done

Solution 4- Download the Desktop Version

If nothing is working for you, then you need to install the desktop version of twitch which is available on the official website. Here’s how you can download it.

  • Go to the official website of twitch
  • Click on the downloads button and download the twitch application
  • Login to your account and enjoy the twitch services again
  • You’re not going to see any problem again

So, we have discussed almost everything regarding twitch error 5000 and we are hopeful that this article is going to help you a lot. Have any questions? Comment down below.

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