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Customers can share their shopping experiences at ALDI by filling out the survey accessible at www.tellaldi.com. Aldi also offers a gift card to customers who have successfully conducted the Aldi online customer opinion survey.

It would help if you kept reading this post to find out how you can take the Aldi online customer satisfaction survey at www.tellaldi.com to win the reward.


Rules And Requirements To Take Www.Tellaldi.Com Survey:

If you want to participate in the Aldi customer satisfaction survey at www.tellaldi.com, you will need to meet all the below-listed rules and requirements.

  • The Aldi customer satisfaction survey is only open to people who are legal residents of the UK.
  • The online survey requires that you have a purchase receipt from an Aldi store with a special survey number.
  • To participate in the Aldi customer satisfaction survey, you must be at least 16 years old.
  • There is no transferable right to the Aldi sweepstakes prize.
  • One reward may be won by participants only once every 12 weeks.
  • Every Aldi purchase receipt is only valid once during the contest period and cannot be utilized more than once.
  • You must complete the online Aldi survey within seven days after your visit.
  • You are not permitted to complete the Aldi online survey on the customer’s behalf.
  • Customers are the only ones who can take this survey. Employees of Aldi are ineligible to take part in the online survey.
  • A survey invitation and a purchase receipt from Aldi Supermarket are necessary.
  • To use the official Aldi survey website, you must have access to a smart device like a smartphone or computer with internet connectivity.
  • To receive the notification of the Aldi sweepstakes winner, a working email address is necessary.

How To Take Www.Tellaldi.Com Survey:

Follow the steps below to participate in the Aldi customer satisfaction survey at TellAldi.com and enter the sweepstakes.

  • Grab your phone and visit the official website for the Tell Aldi survey.
  • Check out the winner’s list, rules, and directions for the on-site survey.
  • On your receipt, enter the TellAldi survey code.
enter the TellAldi survey code.
  • Click Next to proceed after that.
  • Start responding to some questions regarding your most recent encounter as directed.
  • How would you rate Tell Aldi’s products and customer service overall?
rate Tell Aldi's products and customer service overall?
  • Continue to provide as much truth as possible in your mandatory survey responses.
  • Fill in the blanks with your contact information, such as your identity, information, phone number, and email id.
Fill in the blanks with your contact information
  • Enter all the information and offer your opinion to enter the Tell Aldi Sweepstakes competition.
  • You’ll soon receive a message letting you know that you’ve been accepted into the competition.
  • The beneficiaries will now be announced by the competition administration.

Rewards And Coupons At Www.Tellaldi.Com Survey:

Rewards And Coupons At Customer Satisfaction Survey:

You may enter to win one of ten £100 gift cards by completing the Aldi online questionnaire at www.tellaldi.com. You can use this received gift card on your next visit to the Aldi store to get a discount.


What is Aldi, and who owns it?

ALDI is a family-owned supermarket chain with more than 10,000 locations in 20 different countries. It is established in Germany. An impressive $50 billion in annual revenue has been attained. The 10th of July 1946 saw its introduction by Karl and Theo Albrecht.

Why is Aldi so affordable?

Aldi maintains low service prices by using a low-cost business model that allows customers to save more money on their purchases. No staff discounts are available, and they sell their personal stuff under the heading “own private products.”

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