activate chase debit card

How to activate chase debit card | Step by Step Complete guide

When it comes to choosing a bank in America, you’ve to look for a number of things. Reliability, Availability and Customer Service. So, you’ve to decide which bank to go for because it’s not an easy job. If you ask us for the suggestion, you’ll end up getting a reply “Chase Debit Card” because Chase Bank is one of the most popular banks in America right now.

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It’s not only about the popularity, but it’s also about they are giving a lot of features to the customers. From online portals to online transfers, you always get everything in your hand. Let’s talk more about chase bank in detail.

activate chase debit card
activate chase debit card

Everything you need to know about Chase Debit Card

Have you ever tried to activate the chase debit card? If No, then don’t worry. We will guide you properly. Here’s how you can do everything regarding activate chase debit card.

How to activate chase debit card?

Activating the chase debit card isn’t difficult because you can do it manually and online as well. We will be discussing 4 methods in order to activate the chase debit card:

  • Activate Chase Debit Card through 24/7 Call Service
  • Activate Chase Debit Card through Online Portal
  • Activate Chase Debit Card through Mobile Application
  • Activate Chase Debit Card by visiting your nearest bank

We will be taking a start from call services and here we go!

Activate Chase Debit Card through 24/7 Call Service

Chase Bank has customer care services that are live 24/7 and you can activate your account by calling them without any problem. Follow the steps in order to do it.

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  • Pick your phone up and make a call at 800 821 2333 or 800 935 9935
  • Ask them to activate your 16 digits debit card
  • They will ask you for some information regarding your family. For example (Your Name, Father Name, Mother Name, etc)
  • Once they clarify everything, they will ask you to wait for a couple of hours and your card shall be activated

This is probably the easiest way to activate the chase debit card. Let’s move to the next one.

Activate Chase Debit Card through Online Portal

You can activate the card through the online portal and guess what it’s easy too. You’ve to follow the steps that we are about to break down and you’re done. So, let’s get started with it!

  • Go to the official website of Chase Bank
  • Then you have to click on the login button to sign in
  • If you don’t have an account yet, then you’ve to call on the chase bank number and ask them to provide you your chase online portal login credentials
  • Once they provide you the credentials, you can then login to your account by going to the website that we have mentioned above
  • Now, you’ll be redirected to a page that must ask for 16 digits card number to proceed, and then pin as well. Once you enter the information, you’ll again be redirected to a page containing the information of your account
  • You can enjoy the immense numbers of features on their website

This is the easiest method as well. You can give this method a try as well because it has a lot of more options than calling them.

Activate chase debit card through Phone Application

Have you downloaded the debit card application yet? If no, then you’ve to download the phone application of chase bank and it’s available for both IOS and Android phones. Once the application is downloaded, you’ve to follow the steps that we are breaking now:

  • Open the application and it will ask you to enter the credentials again
  • If you have got the credentials of the online portal, then login to your account
  • It will ask you to enter the 16 digit credit card number and a pin too
  • Enter it and your card will be activated within a couple of hours
  • You’ll be able to use the features of this chase bank all in the one application

Isn’t the phone application best for you? Download the application now and start using it.

Benefits of using Chase Credit Card

There is an immense number of benefits that chase credit card is providing you. Let’s list them all

  • They are using the latest technologies as compared to other banks in America
  • They provide you different packages and offers to do everything right
  • They are offering a lot of options and features that other banks ask you for charges but they don’t so it’s a big deal
  • They provide you security from frauds, so you can trust them with your money in their accounts.

So, are you interested in opening a chase account? Probably yes. So, don’t wait and try the methods that we have given above and start saving your money on their bank accounts.

Have any questions in your mind? Feel free to ask us because we will try to answer you as soon as possible and shall answer your query.


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