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Kodi clear cache easily with these 3 simple maintenance tools

If you’re using Kodi for a longer period of time then you might be facing some issues when running it and these issues can only be resolved through clearing the cache memory. So, in this article, we will be showing you How to do Kodi Clear Cache memory so that the mess of Kodi can be solved and you can play the videos again. So, to do that, you’ve to go through the below methods in order to know about Kodi Clear Cache. Let’s get started!

But before we proceed, it is to let you know that there are a lot of other Kodi problems which people are facing during the usage of Kodi. We are listing down the guides of all the Kodi problems. Make sure to go through them in order to never face any sort of Kodi problem.

Now it’s time to move to another issue which is “Kodi Clear Cache” so that you can run everything perfectly related to Kodi. So here we go!

Methods of Clearing Cache Memory from Kodi

There are several tools which we can use to eliminate cache memory from your computer. But we are about to tell you 3 best maintenance tools which you can use in order to Kodi Clear Cache memory. So, without wasting further time, we need to jump directly into the solutions.

1. Kodi Clear Cache through Looking Glass Wizard

The easiest way of deleting the cache memory from Kodi is doing it from Looking Glass Wizard. If you don’t know how to do it, then follow the steps which we are breaking now and you’re done.

  • The first step is to install the Looking Glass Wizard maintenance tool and then run it
  • After you run the tool, now its time to stay focused and do every step right
  • Now go to the settings >file manager>add resource and then none
  • Now the next step is to enter the URL which is “http://repo.lookingglass.rocks/“ and then enter the name for the references
  • Now go to the home of the Kodi and then in the settings, find Kodi add-on and then unzip the file and install Looking Glass Wizard
Kodi clear cache
Kodi clear cache
  • Now open the Looking Glass Wizard from addons> Program addons> Maintenance> Cleaning Tools and then to the clear cache
  • Now as your cache memory is cleared restart Kodi and enjoy playing the videos.

If this method has worked for you then congratulations, you’re free to leave the website. But if the problem continues to haunt you then we have another method which surely going to work for you.

2. Kodi Clear Cache through Indigo Add-on

In this method, we will be showing you how can you delete your cache memory through Indigo Add-on and guess what this method is surely going to help you get your Kodi videos back on stream.

  • First of all, download the Indigo Add-on and then follow the below instructions
  • Or add source by going through the File Manager and then go to the source
  • Now paste this URL http://fusion.tvaddons.co in the address bar and then press enter
  • Once you download the zip file, install the Add-on and then go to the settings again
  • Now search for the maintenance tool in the Kodi and then go to the Clear Cache memory
  • You’re done, now click on the clear cache memory and then restart Kodi
  • Your Kodi player is going to get started soon.

Note: Kodi do not offer you clearing the cache memory thorough default method and this is the reason why we have to go for the maintenance tool in order to clear the cache memory.

We really hope that this method has worked for you but if the method still didn’t work for you perfectly then don’t worry pals, we have got your back and you’re going to get another method in order to know about Kodi Clear Cache. So, let’s go to the next method.

3. Kodi Clear Cache through Ares Wizard

This is the last method of deleting the cache memory through a maintenance tool and this is going to work perfectly for you. Follow the steps to know more!

  • All the Add-ons have the same method of installation and all you’ve to do is to paste this http://androidaba.com/addons/ link and install it in the Kodi
  • Now go to the maintenance tool and then clear the cache memory, it might take some time to delete the cache memory but you’ve to stay calm
  • Once the cache memory is deleted, now run the Kodi and then enjoy

Now, it’s time to move to your favorite segment which is FAQs so let’s get started with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, there are few questions related to the Kodi Clear Cache memory and we have answered everything related to it below. Scroll down to see

1. Does Clearing Cache Memory on Kodi affect my computer?
No, it’s not going to affect your computer. It will help your Kodi to play the videos again, that’s it.

2. Are these maintenance tools are verified by the Kodi?
As mentioned above, Kodi has no method of removing the cache memory. These maintenance tools aren’t verified by the Kodi.

3. Why Do my Kodi buffers so much?
Kodi buffers so much because there might be an issue with your internet connection.

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