Conan Exiles Admin Commands

[Updated List] Conan Exiles Admin Commands

Introduction About Conan Exiles Admin Commands

Conan Exiles Admin Commands are used in a world-renowned survival video game. Conan Exiles is developed by the Funcom which was set to Conan, the Barbicans world. It is made for the users of PC, PS4, and Xbox. It is a freehand game for your better experience at which you can create your own servers and can enjoy this game with multiple friends or players of your choice.

Next, we will discuss some commands of this game for making it easier for you and new users. How to use these commands! And some basic things about the Admin Panel.

First, we will discuss the Admin Panel of Conan Exiles.

Conan Exiles Admin Commands
Conan Exiles Admin Commands

What is the Admin Panel? (Conan Exile Admin Panel)

The Admin Panel is a technical game mechanic in Conan Exiles.
It provides access to many of the game’s items, mortals, thralls and competitors. It is also possible to change character stats. But only servers have the authority to access the admin panel of Conan Exile.

This panel works for managing servers and to resolve related issues faced by players during the gaming experience. It aids in keeping his servers protected and refined.

Next we will discuss the hacks to use these commands in Conan Exile Admin Panel.

How to use the Conan Exile Admin Commands?

Now we will discuss using commands in admin panel of Conan exiles. To use the Conan Exiles Admin Commands, first, you must bring up the admin console window. Press the tilde key (~) from the keyboard which you can found at the top left under the Escape (ESC) button. Now you have to enter the following command to login as an admin.

MakeMeAdmin <AdminPassword>

For example, in case your admin password is “chocolate” you will command as “MakeMeAdmin chocolate”.

Once you access the admin panel, you can freely use the Canon Exile Admin Commands at your own server.

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List Of Conan Exiles Admin Commands:

Here is the list of commands that can be entered by admin in Conan Exiles video game.


This one is the most used and famous command from the Conan Exiles Admin Console. Through this command, you set yourself free from the rules and limitations of Conan Exiles Admin Console. If you are getting bored from limitations that you encounter as an admin, by using this command you can get rid of those limitations and can play freely under the servers of others without restrictions.


To enable or disable playing in GOD mode, just this command. But remember that nobody can compete with you when you’re using this mode.


If you want to make yourself invisible due to any reason, you have to enter this command as a Conan Exiles Admin Server. Another positive factor of this command is that you can sneak up on someone you want to stab and hide yourself when you look horrible.


The cloak is an alternative version of invisibility command. By using this command, you can instruct the gaming console when your enemies will spot you. Even when you move to a butcher spree, the NPCs won’t hit back when you attack them in this mode.


When you want to fly from one place to another, you can enter this command. By using this you can make it possible for your hideous character to fly from one location to another to kill your competitors or protecting yourself.


This Ghost is included as the God mode of the flying command. You can use this command in case any of your servers is not able to fly appropriately. It can retain your noobs running into objects and players.  By using this command you become able to fly straight when you see a player rushing in your direction.


In case you get exhausted of flying mode, you can use the walk command and come back down to earth once again. This Canon Exiles Admin Command will make you able to run to your heart’s content without pressing the sprinting key again.


Now if you are getting nervous regards your energy after using the walk command, your next target will be to hit NoSprintCost. This one is the most actual Canon Exiles Admin Command that aids the users to boost their stamina level. It isn’t concerned that how long you are sprinting.


Teleport command is created by Canon Exiles for lazy servers. The very lazy users who love to use teleport in video games. As the name suggests, this canon exiles admin command lets you teleport from one place to another. And results in your better gaming experience.


When your other server or friend is running in a trouble situation, you can teleport to your friend. Just use your admin console or panel and use this Canon Exiles Admin Command. You would really be proved as the best friend as the friend in need is a friend indeed.


If you would like to just observe the game of your preferred player or you are just getting bored of letdowns, again and again, you can tap this command. You can hang onto watching every move that your preferred player make in response to your opposite players.


Through this Canon Exiles, Admin Command is another version of the DamageTarget command. You can eradicate the NPCs and whole structures without damaging the portions of the map. You also need to carefully use this command as you won’t blunder the map. You have to restart your game server consistently. But unfortunately, hate mail may also keep informing you to remove the structures.


If you don’t want to press the fire button to attack your NPC enemies. Just tap the command DamageTarget.  Once you enter this command, your next point is to just have the object you like to erupt in enemies and they will be damaged immediately. You should also keep one thing in your mind that this canon exile admin command can cause a lot of complications. It can also abolish the entire structure as well as dangerous cases and the whole map. But you don’t need to be worry because you can simply restore the map when you restarted your game server again.

Here I will present you a Complete Table figure of Admin Console commands that you can easily follow for your working experience:

Command Parameter Description
MakeMeAdmin Admin Password Gives you admin access
MakeMeNormal N/A Removes your admin access
God N/A enable god mode
Invisibility N/A It will Make your character model invisible to others.
Cloak N/A Toggles enemy detection – NPC’s ignore you.
Fly N/A Enable fly mode
Ghost N/A Enables No-Collision mode – It is Similar to fly mode but you in this you can bypass solid objects.
Walk N/A Restore the walking mode from Fly or Ghost mode
NoSprintCost N/A This Command Toggles unlimited sprint mode – No stamina loss while sprinting
BroadcastMessage Message This Command will Send a message to all online players via a pop-up box that needs to be clicked on to close.
SpawnItem ItemID Quantity It will give you an item.
DamageTarget Value It Deals damage to the object.
DestroyTarget N/A CAUTION: Use this command with proper care. it will permanently remove the whole player built structures that you aim at with your camera in one go.
Teleport N/A This command will teleport to the surface you are currently looking at.
TeleportPlayer X Y Z This command will teleport you to the specified coordinates.
TeleportToPlayer PlayerName This command will teleport you to the specified player.
SummonPlayer Steam or Character name This command will teleport a player to your current location.
ViewPlayer PlayerName It will spectate a player of your choice.
ViewSelf N/A It will exit the spectate mode.
PrintPlayerInfo Player Name or ID It will Show the specific player’s in-game character or Steam name.
ToggleDebugHUD N/A It will toggle the debug HUD.
GetServerHealth N/A It will list server FPS, player count, number of spawned actors, number of player bases, the total number of building parts and server LOD count in the console.
GetAllServerSettings N/A It will display a record of all available server settings you can modify.
SetServerSetting “Setting” [Value] It will allow you to modify the server settings contained in ServerSettings.ini from within the game.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Combination Description
Ctrl+Shift+C It will open the Admin Panel Interface.
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L It will open a popup box with the players current world coordinates.
Shift+Delete It will remove an NPC entity or a player placed object that you aim at with your camera.
Ctrl+Shift+Delete It is similar to Shift+Delete command but has a larger area of effect, deleting multiple objects at once.

Final Words

I hope you will like these amazing Canon Exiles Admin commands and may these commands aids you in the better gaming experience. If you know just the limited one, you can easily explore more. And feel free to contact and share your reviews. 🙂

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