Discord top secret control panel

Discord top secret control panel? What is it | How to use?

So, if you’re a discord user, then you might be wondering about what “Discord Top Secret Control Panel” is all about? If you’re here reading this article, then you’ll get the answer here because we have completed our research work and now writing the article to help you out so that you don’t have to wonder so much again.

Every online game who’s interested in playing the games and love to connect with their friend during the gameplay, they use discord because sometimes due to the game server problem, you get to disconnect yourself from chatting with your friends. But when you’re connected with the discord server, not only you’ll be able to communicate with your friends but you can chat with your fans as well.

Basically, discord is a lightweight software that has a lot of features you can enjoy and few of them are chatting, message board and VoIP Chatting system along with the discord top secret control panel. The software can be used on laptops and phones to communicate with your friends and followers and you can connect it with your Youtube and Facebook accounts to enjoy many features.

Discord software has got all sorts of popularity because of the game “PUBG” and this is why we have seen a promotion of people using discord. Now let’s talk more about discord and Discord Top Secret Control Panel.

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Discord top secret control panel
Discord top secret control panel

What is discord use for(Discord Top Secret Control Panel)?

Whether you’re looking to create custom chat rooms or looking to use the pre-made chat rooms, discord is providing you a great opportunity to use this and unleash the possibilities related to it. When you try to play a game that needs communication to beat your competitors out or the mutual understanding is important during the gameplay, then discord plays the role there.

You create chat rooms communicate with your friends and play the game. You may witness many Youtuber using the discord to stream their channels and you might see people commenting there and even contributing to their stream in order to help them financially.

So, if you’re willing to use the discord, then configuring the discord is super easy and you’ll have to follow the steps that we are breaking right now.

  1. Go to the official website of discord and then download it
  2. After the downloading install it in your computer and then open it
  3. Enter the credentials or create an account on it
  4. After you are done with the account creation, it’s time to configure it
  5. Configure it with the steps that they will show you there
  6. You’re done
  7. Now share your “Code” with your friends to invite them to your discord server and you can then communicate with them easily

That’s how easy it is to communicate with your friends using the discord and you can even use a lot of features that discord is providing. But you’ll have to explore everything up first.

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Discord Top Secret Control Panel

So, you might have heard about discord top secret control panel before and why not because Youtuber and those people who stream pubg on it quite often use the name of it. So, we have decided to talk on it and let you know everything about it.

If you want to access the discord top secret control panel, you’ll have to install the discord on your PC and if you’re done with it, then follow the steps that we breaking right now and you’re done.

  • If the discord isn’t installed, install it right now and open it
  • Now the first step is to head towards the notifications bar where you’re going to witness an “Update” button and you’ll have to click on it to update the current version of the discord to the latest version
  • After the update is done, you will have to head towards the notification bar again and you’ll witness a button named as “Discord Top Secret Control Panel”
  • Click on it and you’re done, here’s the screenshot:
  • Now, you’ll be able to reach to the top-secret control panel and can do whatever you want to do there

But, we have seen many people complaining that we are unable to see the option Discord Top Secret Control Panel and there are a lot of reasons behind this issue. Let’s explore everything.

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Why we are unable to access Discord Top Secret Control Panel?

If you’re unable to reach out to the discord top secret control panel, then there might be a lot of reasons. We are listing them below:

  1. The feature might be open only for the developers and for the maintenance purposes and you can’t use it now
  2. The button is being used in the beta version for testing purposes and it might take some time to introduce it on a larger scale. So, you’ll have to wait for the next update in order to check out everything
  3. There might be a chance that they are only making doing the marketing of Discord and there’s nothing like Discord Top Secret Control Panel exist because you can say it sure that they will introduce it in the original version of Discord
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So, we need to calm down a bit and wait for the next update. You’ll definitely be going to witness discord new updates and you’ll be rocking it soon. So, do you have any questions regarding the topic above then feel free to comment down below? We will try to reach you as soon as possible and shall answer your queries. Have a nice day.

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