to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number

How to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number | Detailed Guide 2022

to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number? Are you concerned that one among your contacts is not responding to your messages or returning your phone calls? Don’t assume that your phone number has been blacklisted on Mobile right away. Your contact may be ignoring your calls or texts for a variety of reasons.

People may, for instance, work late for a week or more in order to fulfill work deadlines. Alternatively, they may have set their phones to Do Not Disturb mode, which means they will not receive notifications regarding your calls or texts.

to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number
to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number

They might also be living in an area with low network connectivity. As a result, it is preferable to wait a few days to a week.

If you haven’t received any texts or calls from a person in a long time, you can use several of the methods below on your phone to see if your number has been banned.

Methods | To Know If Someone Deleted Your Number:

  • Count Number of Rings
  • Send a Message on WhatsApp
  • Hide Your Caller ID
  • Call from Another Number
  • Check with Messaging/Social Media Platforms

Methods #1 | Count Number of Rings:

  • When you call that number, do you get a single ring before being transferred to voicemail?
  • It’s possible that your contact is just on some other call or that their cellphone is turned off. So, give it some time prior to calling again.
  • Even so, if you can only get one ring or your call is immediately sent to voicemail, you should think that the contact has banned/blocked your number.

Methods #2 | Send a Message on WhatsApp:

  • Most Android phone users these days prefer WhatsApp to regular text communications. It is, obviously, famous among iPhone users.
  • Send a message to your contact if he or she is accessible on WhatsApp. If your communication is delivered, you are almost certainly not banned.
  • However, if your text has only a single mark over an extended period of time, this is not a positive thing.
  • Even if there are other factors for being single, such as a bad data connection or a switched-off phone, you might verify if that specific contact has banned you from WhatsApp.
  • Whether you don’t understand how, read out our article on how to know if someone deleted your number.
  • Even if you see somebody has banned your number on WhatsApp, it doesn’t mean you can’t call them directly. WhatsApp & phone conversations are two distinct services that do not interfere with one another.

Methods #3 | Hide Your Caller ID:

Isn’t your friend a WhatsApp user? Then you won’t be able to use the following method to see whether someone has banned your phone number on Android.

You may still see whether your number has been banned by masking your Caller ID.

to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number
to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number
  • Open the Mobile application on your device.
  • On the upper right of the screen, click on the three-dot or More symbol.
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Supplementary services, then Show my caller ID after that. (The maker of your device will determine these settings.) To discover the relevant menu choice, simply search for the message Caller ID on your device.)
  • Hide your caller ID by tapping Hide contact.
  • Now dial your contact’s number using your concealed caller ID. If the person you’re calling picks up the phone or the phone rings normally without going to voicemail, it’s quite probable that your number has been banned.
  • Alternatively, you’ll have to presume that your contact is unavailable to take calls for whatever reason.

Methods #4 | Call from Another Number:

You don’t really like the idea of masking your phone number?

  • Fine. If you have a separate phone number or even a landline phone, dial that number to reach that person.
  • You can also take a phone from one of your fellow or family members and make the call.
  • You might also ask a common buddy to approach that person.
  • If your suspicious contact picks up the phone in any of the instances outlined above, it’s safe to assume that just your number is banned.

Methods #5 | Check with Messaging/Social Media Platforms: To Know If Someone Deleted Your Number

  • Although if your contact doesn’t use WhatsApp, he or she is likely to use other communication or social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, and others.
  • Attempt to reach them via other channels.
  • Alternatively, you might write an email.
  • However, if you receive no answer, it is evident that your friend is not interested in talking with you.
  • So? Rather than just wasting your time trying to find out why your phone number is blacklisted, simply forget about it.

Video  Tutorial | To Know If Someone Deleted Your Number:

to Know If Someone Deleted Your Number

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What evidence do you even have that he has removed my phone number?

If your contact options are configured to My Contacts, those who block you won’t be able to receive your text updates. The rationale for this is that messages sent via broadcast list would be received by contacts who have stored your phone number.

When you erase somebody’s phone number, what happens?

To remove a friend from your device, you must do it through the application where they are using the most. It’s simpler on Android because you can do it on WhatsApp and any other messaging platform. You’ll go into their mobile number and remove them manually on iOS, which is also not as simple as removing them via an application.

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