Discord Voice Changers

Top 10 Best Discord Voice Changers

Today we are going to discuss the Best Discord voice changers app. As we have already discussed the discord related details in our recent articles. We already have discussed the discord secret control panel, discord conan exiles admin commands, discord text formats, well we have detailed everything about it except Voice changers for discord! So, today in this article we will discord voice changers. But first of all we should know that why it is required to use softwares or different voice changers? Do you have any idea? If not, let me tell you that.

Discord Voice Changers
Discord Voice Changers

In this article you will be going to acquire knowledge about:

  • What is Discord?
  • Why Use Voice Changers?
  • Best Game Screen Recording Software
  • 10 Best Free Discord Voice Changers
  • How to Choose the Right Free Voice Changer for Discord?

What is Discord?

Well, you already know that Discord is a kind of communicating app specially designed for the gamers. Like Pubg, where you play online and you communicate with you team members via voice commands, texts any other commands. Same like that discord is used for gaming experience so that you can talk and give command to your team mate to qualify the round easily.

Discord chats happen with the assistance of the servers the Discord Company gives. Most servers are connected to gaming in some way, but you are not limited to just gaming servers and chats.

Why Use Voice Changers?

Most of the people use voice changers because it feels as if they make to suppose people more unknown. Some gnomes use these voice changers so that they may annoy people more threateningly.

And it is used by many child to hide their age so that they can join 18+ gaming chat rooms without being blocked. And, most people use to hide their gender by using voice changers.

Top 10 Free Discord Voice Changers

Now we are going to discuss the top 10 free discord voice changers to make it more fun to you. Do you want to sound like Lucifier or Joseph while gaming? The best way to rank online is to change your voice into someone else’s, suppose for being the best starcraft player with a kid voice. These software will be the best to make it more fun.

List of top 10 Discord Voice changers:

  1. Voicemod
  2. Voxal Voice changer
  3. MorphVox
  4. Clownfish Voice changer
  5. AV Voice changer Software Diamond
  6. RoboVox Voice Changer Pro
  7. Super Voice changer
  8. Discord Voice changer
  9. Audio For Fun
  10. Voice Changer with effects


Charge: Free

Availability: Windows

Voicemod is the top free voice changer software available for Windows users and also developing more to be available for Linux and iOS users. It is an online voice transformer with different effects that works on changing your voice into a robot, deep, female or male online. It’s the best for games and as a chatting platform in the form of app. Voicemod is well-matched with almost all the communication and online working software available in the market: Discord, Skype, Twitch, TeamSpeak, Steam (dota, counter strike or more), OBS, Hangouts, Bebo and more…


  • On time voice changer: No playback. Voicemod can change your voice in actual time.
  • Many of voices and effects.
  • Super cool mixing in less than a minute you can use Voicemod with your favorite communication software.

Voxal Voice Changer

Charge: Free

Availability: Windows + iOS

On time voice changing and mask your voice in any application or game that uses a microphone to add extra aspect of creativeness. From Girl to robot, it offers a unlimited options for voice changing. A free version of Voxal voice changing software is presented for home use only. If you will be using Voxal at home.


  • Change voice at a time by using a microphone or other audio input device.
  • Vocal library options involves robot, girl, boy, alien, ethereal, echo and much more.
  • Runs with all applications and games.
  • Produce the different audio to speakers to hear the effects actively.
  • Comprises low usage and not restrict other running applications.
  • You can use a female or male voice in online games.


Charge: Free

Availability:  iOS + Windows

MorphVox is another free voice changer software that will change your voice into your matching personality. You can change your voice to sounds like a man, woman, or little folk. Integral voices and different sound effects make this voice changer so easy to use.

MorphVox Pro will convert your voice online and while playing games. Change your voice to sounds to a new level with bigger voice-learning equipment, background noise reduction, and good sound quality. Why you should use this voice changer:


  • Improve your online gaming experience with this voice changer.
  • Mask your voice to hoax your friends.
  • Modify your voice to add more fun to your online chat.
  • Distract your buddies with cool sound features.

ClownFish Voice Changer

Charge: free

Availability: Windows

Clownfish Voice Changer is another option to you for to change your voice. It’s an installation on your system-level effect every application that is related with a microphone or any other audio devices. Over-all your voice can be changed into Steam, Skype, Hangouts, ooVoo, Viber, Ekiga, Jitsi, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Mumble, Discord, etc.


  • Works with other applications also.
  • Provide noise reduction option.
  • Completely free to use.
  • Offer unlimited voice changing options.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Charge: Paid

Availability: Windows

It provides easy access and unlimited changing features for your voice. Your voice will be changed into deeper, higher, younger, older, more feminine, more masculine, or change in any way you like; you’re in charge. Cheers to the variety of voice commands and voice features, each setting mixture you create describe a completely different voice that you can save and use at any time, or update/modify as you want to like.

Many progressive voice features and voice effects are available within the program.


  • Give 30 Voice Effects.
  • Offers 70 different Background filters.
  • Also offer 17 Robotic Voices.
  • Additionally provides 40 plug-in Audio Effects and much more.


Charge: Paid/Free

Availability: Windows + iOS

If you want to sounds like Robots then RoboVox is the best application for you. It’s a truly fun app to use available after small cost for Android. You can check its different effects by recording your voice so that you can apply any of the included 32 effects.

Have you ever desired to sound like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey movie? Have you ever wanted to sound as if you’re one of the threatening Imperial troopers of Star Wars? Yes it gives the same effects. It is really a great app to use.

But make sure to download this from the authentic source because many of the websites offer it to download with the malicious virus to attack your system.

The involves voice coder technology which allows you to play with the sound in real-time using an integral X/Y control pad so that you can get the pitch and the sound just right before you send it to places such as Soundcloud or to your friends.


  • There is a parrot which repeats words back and sounds funny.
  • You can Save and share your commands.
  • Involves three different styles and 32 voice options.


  • The outlook presents an old style version.
  • It has some built-in purchases that are biased.
  • Offers very limited free voice filters to use.

Superior Voice Changer

Charge: Free

Availability: Windows

This is a very low usage app, and it consumes very little CPU power. But, that shouldn’t discourage you from using it because it has three vocal sounds that you can use and modify through effects. The level at which you can modify them is very deep. You can change through the settings until you get the voice you like, and then save your voices to use for next time.


  • Permits for fairly deep changings.
  • You can save your desired settings for easily use next time.
  • Load sounds quickly and doesn’t use much CPU power.


  • Difficult to install correct app.
  • Demands a better help section.
  • Tough to figure out what some functions do.

Discord Voice Changer

Charge: Free

Availability: Windows + iOS

This app has simple procedure for system, and its outlook is attractive if not for a few unwell selected typestyles. The sad thing is that this app is difficult to find, particularly if you want a non-Android version. This is because the app doesn’t have its specific website, so many websites offer to download it, but it is difficult to find out easy websites because mostly are Pop-Ups.


  • Provides easy connection with Discord.
  • Selecting a voice is simple and fast due to simple interference.
  • Requires extremely low CPU usage.


  • Tough to install.
  • Hard to find stable or reliable versions.
  • The developer Ovia Games is now out of business field.

Audio for Fun

Charge: Free

Availability: Windows + iOS

This app is fairly advanced but is more related to Skype, which is why it is mentioned at lowest in my list. Downloading the free version is somewhat tough, but you can find many free options on the website. The outlook is natural to most addicted users.


  • The voice changing tools are much advanced.
  • Consists many paid and free trial options for user’s attraction.
  • You can change the settings for a better audio feature.


  • It offers three paid versions which are unethically very costly.
  • Most features of this app are unavailable to Discord users.
  • Requires a complete basic tutorial guide.

Voice Changer with Effects:

Charge: Free

Availability: Windows

This app is actually captured in good list, but it is little bit complex to use it with discord. You have to sort it so that the sound effects can be used into Discord. And more, it was specially made for Smartphones and so looks heavy on desktops.


  • Has a vigorous number of voices.
  • Allows you to save your recordings.
  • Pretty easy to understand how it works.


  • Little slow performance while changing voices.
  • Requires access to your external storage e.g memory card.
  • Joining it with Discord is kind of tough.

Summary of Voice Changing Apps.

NoSoftware NameCompatible WithPaid OptionsNumber of VoicesEase of InstallEase of Use
1ClownfishViber, Skype, DiscordNo131010
2MorphVOXDiscord, Twitch, Skype, Steam, Open Broadcaster,Yes7410
3VoiceModVRChat, Discord, Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, Skype & CSGO.Yes421010
4Voxal Voice ChangerCSGO, many Steam games, Discord, Skype, Team SpeakYes18910
5Discord Voice ChangerDiscordNo19310
6SuperVoiceChangerDiscord, Skype, WhatsApp, Viedo PlatformNo378
7Audio for FunSkype, Discord, Twitch, SteamYes787
8RoboVox Voice ChangerDiscord, may create static sounds when used with other chat software 3287
9Voice Changer with EffectsMost types of voice chatYes4019
10Voice ChangerMost types of voice chatNo5118


Well every software mentioned in this article is free to use and giving best of their results, so download related to your requirements and try to experience something new. Just make sure you are downloading from a valid and authentic source otherwise some websites host harmful downloads that will result damaging your system or may be viral your private details.

You may also face few problems in related to compatibility. For example, some software will only work on Windows devices, or iOS devices, or on Android devices. However there are not any software programs listed in this article that are only available for iOS. Are you an enthusiast of one or more free voice changer for discord?

Then don’t forget to share this article on social media with your friends and open up a chat. Let your friends be familiar with which tool you are using so they may also join you in the funny voice changing fun. In case you find any queries or questions, feel free ask us or comment below. We will surely provide you authentic info. Regards! 🙂

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