Pokemon Go Accessories

Pokemon Go Accessories [Updated List 2022]

Hello Gamers, today we bring up something new for you to improve your gaming experience. You surely had played the Pokemon Go before, today I’m here to suggest you something really amazing gadgets that will give you great experience and you will gonna really enjoy them.

Pokémon GO has trapped the attention of almost every gamer. It has also ranking as one of the most demanding game around the world. You can play this game on your phone. But remember that for becoming the best player you must have to use your phone with these amazing accessories. Receiving best accessories for your phone will make you able to catch barer Pokemon. We have studied deeply to give you the set of amazing ten accessories that will surely assist you on your daring Pokemon Go mission.

Pokemon Go Accessories
Pokemon Go Accessories

Pokemon Go Accessories

Now we will discuss each accessory one by one to you so that you get the best info about them.

1: The Pokemon Go Plus

Charge: 34.99$

This one is the official accessory of “Pokemon Go” made by Nintendo. It is a kind of wristband that is connected with your phone via Bluetooth and you can then catch Pokemon with by using this go plus without even using your phone.

Isn’t it sounds cool? This one is the essential accessory for “Pokemon Go” and whenever in the game you reach nearer to Pokemon or a Pokestop, this device automatically starts vibrating and by tapping the button placed over the Pokemon go plus you can immediately catch the Pokemon or you can be able to gather the free resources from the pokestop.

By using the Pokemon Go plus while playing game, you can become the best player in little time without any training. You can buy this accessory through the amazon point.

Pokemon Go Accessories
Pokemon Go Accessories

2: Anker Astro E1 Portable Battery

Charge: 19.99$

Well battery drainage is the main problem while playing games due to continuous GPS and internet connectivity, same like that Pokemon Go also consumes a lot of battery. So, for playing without any interruption you must have an external power bank. For this we suggest you Anker Astro because it is small packed battery with stylish look. This one is the most sold out and stars plus battery on Amazon.

It comprises of 5200 mAh battery storage and driven with the innovative PowerIQ technology that permits the portable charger to sense the device. PowerIQ benefits the battery to charge the device quicker and it also speed charge up to 2 amps which is four times faster than the computer USB port. It has a high aptitude to charge any device and you can easily carry it in your bag or pocket. So stay charged while catching Pokemon and enjoy the game.

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3: A Protective Phone Case & Universal Bike Mount

Charge: 18.99$

Well tell me truly how many times of your phone have slipped out of your hand and broken down. Of course many times! Because same has happened to me. And in case of Pokemon Go it happens many times and more often because you have to search out the Pokemon outside. So, it is very essential to acquire a protective phone case to keep your phone in good condition. There are dozens of Protective phone cases presented on Amazon. Use can search out the amazon bestseller phone protective cases list and pick the one according to your phone model.

Now, playing Pokemon Go during driving a car is not a good indication but while riding a bike, on the other hand is a safe option, as long as you dismount your bike and get off the road before dragging over for a rapid encounter. Roam universal bike mount holder is one of the amazon bestselling product in Powersports Handlebar Accessories and it supports all models of mobile phones. This bike mount holder grasp your phone tightly to your handlebars, serving you spot incoming PokéStops, and save you from missing the pokemon otherwise elusive pocket notifications alert happened.

3: COULAX QY8 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Charge: 23.99$

Pokemon Go has audio signs that act a main role to catch the Pokemon. While in traffic noise and city noise you can’t be able to hear that kind of audio signs. By using these wireless Coulax Bluetooth headphones you will enter completely into the Pokemon Go world. The perfect thing about Coulax is that these are wireless and light in weight. It gives the auditors to perfect high class sound and it comprises of stable In-ears design. On the other hand the battery performance of these headphones is best as compared to other headphones in this price range.

4: Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker

Charge: 79.99$

Pokemon Go enables you to travel different places and you can be walking or riding full day to catch the Pokemon. So, why not you are using a wireless activity tracker to calculate calories that you have burnt while activity. By using the Fitbit flex wireless activity + sleep tracker, you will be able to measure calories and track your daily activities. It tracks the mileage you have completed while catching Pokemon and will aid you in staying fit while playing game. There are also other plus points of this product that will also assist you in daily routine like mute alarms.

5: Tuvizo Reflective Vest

Charge: 22.99$

While catching Pokemons you need to cross many roads to reach to the pokestops and for crossing those roads safely a Reflective vest is an essential product. As must be having your eyes on the screen while playing game so it’s tough to sign any coming vehicle. With the help of Reflective vest, you can be easily recognized by the vehicle driver and through this you can save your life.

6: Pokemon Go-tcha

It is same like the Pokemon Go Plus, the Go-tcha permits you to play Pokemon Go without watching at your phone. You can connect it via Bluetooth just like the Plus and will turn Pokestops and catch Pokemon. The Go-tcha also have a screen on it to more exactly convey info what is happening in the game at all times but is expensive one in marketplace.


Well these are the best and most demanded accessories that we suggest you for Pokemon go. Don’t forget to carry an extra charging cable, one for your own phone and second one for your friends that you decide to go in find out of Pokémon with. And it’s a suggestion from me to to keep an eye on your mobile data consumption. 

Make sure to download your carrier’s mobile app from the iTunes Store and Google Play Store so that you can track your data usage. It’s possibly a good idea to buy some extra data if you’re low. There’s no way to play Pokémon GO without a fast internet connection, obviously. In any case you find any questions or queries, feel free to comment below. Regards! 🙂

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