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The Dramacool Info is an online web portal made by the Korea’s fans who are young college-going students who love to watch Korean dramas and films, so they created a web that contains drama and movies to be watched and share online.

This article is about Dramacool Info, its benefits, uses, accounts, log in and more i.e. everything about it. You may read the content table to go on your desired information directly. It is highly appreciated if you read this article fully.

Home page of the Dramacool Info
Dramacool Info

About Dramacool Info:

The Dramacool Info is an online movie/drama watching website. You can login or signup to the website to download and upload different movies and dramas. It is a save and clean website containing non-adult content.

The Dramacool Info only contains the Korean dramas and movies. And the new user can also just post the Korean stuff, if they deliver wrong, it will not be permitted to be published. The user has no authority to publish.

By creating or logging in to the account allows you to download the content, and uploading new one in drafts. It shows to login or create with google+ account that means you can use google because the google+ is no more with us.

Login Requirements for Dramacool Info:

  1. You should have a device.
  2. It should be connected with the internet.
  3. The device must contain a web browser.
  4. It should support the Adobe plugins.
  5. You should have an account. If you don’t have any, then you can create it too. Keep reading the article to learn more.
  6. You should know your account’s credentials or the details to login.
  7. You should understand the English or Korean.

Login Procedure at Dramacool Info:

  1. Go on to the official web portal of the Dramacool Info.
  2. Click the login button, located in the top right corner of the web page.
  3. If you had created the account with the google then you may click on the option, “Login with Google”.
  4. If not, then enter your email address associated with the Dramacool Info web portal.
  5. Now you have to enter the password of your account at Dramacool Info.
  6. Now hit the Sign-in button to continue.
  7. Now you are signed in to the Dramacool Info.
Login at Dramacool Info

Sign Up Procedure at Dramacool Info:

  1. Go on to the official web portal of the Dramacool Info.
  2. Click the Sign up button, located in the top right corner of the web page.
  3. Enter your display name, it will be the name that you want to show the audience.
  4. Now you have to write a valid email address that is in full access under your control.
  5. Then, you will need to write the password of your account, it will be the password of your Dramacool Info account.
  6. Reenter it to confirm it that it is the same password.
  7. Make sure to tick there. Captcha to the green tick by fulfilling a very little human verification requirement.
  8. Hit the sign up button to continue.
  9. Now you have to confirm your email. So open the inbox of your email.
  10. There you will find an email, open it. It has a code inside it that you can write on the Dramacool Info web to confirm the account or you may click the direct confirmation link also located inside the email that you had got.
  11. Now you have successfully created the user account on the Dramacool.
Sign Up at Dramacool Info
Sign Up

Forgot Password Procedure at Dramacool:

  1. Go on to the official web portal of the Dramacool Info.
  2. Click the login button, located in the top right corner of the web page.
  3. Now click the small text written as, “forgot password”.
  4. After that you have to write your registered email associated with the Dramacool Info.
  5. Make sure to tick there. Captcha to the green tick by fulfilling a very little human verification requirement. It will take a few attentions and minutes of yours.
  6. Now you just need to hit the “request mail” button to get the password reset link.
  7. After that you have to open up your inbox containing the emails.
  8. There you will see the email from Dramacool Info, click on that to open it.
  9. It has a link inside it, click that link. It will open a new web portal.
  10. Now you have to enter a new password. This time be aware to remember your password.
  11. Reenter that new password again to confirm it.
  12. Now you have successfully recovered your password of your Dramacool Info account.
Forgot password at Dramacool Info
Forgot password

How to download the apps for the Dramacool to watch serials?

There are no apps officially released by those college students who had created the Dramacool Info. All the apps come seems to be real, but they may be better than that of the Dramacool Info, but they are not by the original person who did a great job.


Benefits of Dramacool:

There are many benefits of watching the dramas and movies at Dramacool Info. The most firstly it entertains you and is the reason of your amusement. On the other hand, when you look towards the fictions, you get new innovative ideas.

By watching the serials at Dramacool increases your knowledge in politics and it gives you a great opportunity to understand that what and how the people can get on what. It teaches you to judge and find that what other is thinking. Moreover, all its serials are meaningful.

You can also check these topics too get exclusive benefits from them so hurry up and get rewarded!


  1. The Dramacool streams online.
  2. The Dramacool plays the movies, dramas and every serial online.
  3. You can download the stuff present on the web portal.
  4. It is secure for all ages and genders.
  5. Manages a huge amount of movies and serial’s data and information in a very good manner.


  • Entertainment and Amusement.
  • Passes the time.
  • Learn judging, politics and many more lessons.


  • A complete waste of time.
  • Make you slow.
  • Away from realities.
  • Another reason for the demolishes of our young youth.

Contact Information:

Supports page of the Dramacool Info: https://www4.dramacool.sk/contact-us


The Dramacool is an online web portal where anyone from anywhere can watch, login/signup and download the stuff. It was made by the fans of Korean Dramas. They were college students. It is an outstanding way of passing the time and get amuse.


Q1: Is the Dramacool Info a safe web for kids?

Ans: Yes, it is. As it does not contain any of the adult content.

Q2: Do the Dramacool Info contains ads and promotions that are bad?

Ans: No, they don’t even contain a single ad on their web portal.

Q3: How can I forget my Username/Email of the Dramacool Info?

Ans: Actually, your email is a third party thing which is not the responsibility of the Dramacool Info. So, to forgot that use that web’s troubleshooting.

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