driver corrupted expool error

How to fix driver corrupted expool error in windows 10 – Complete Guide

If you’re facing driver corrupted expool error, then you’re on the right place because we have a complete guide on this problem. Driver corrupted expool error is a common blue screen error which occurs often in Windows 10 and there’s nothing to worry about because this problem won’t cost you much. Let’s get started!

Methods of removing driver corrupted expool error

There are a lot of methods that you’re going to see online but we are about to break down some of the methods which are going to work properly for you. Have you started to get boring? If yes then here we go to the solution.

driver corrupted expool error
driver corrupted expool error

Method 1: Delete Drivers

Look, there are 100% chances that driver corrupted expool error is occurring on your blue screen because of problematic drivers and you can fix them by removing them. So to remove the drivers which are installed in your computer twice or causing a problem for no reasons then you have to follow the below given steps.

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  • To remove the faulty drivers, you need to right click on My computer first
  • After right click, a dropdown list will appear on your screen and you have to find out Device Manager
  • Click on Device Manager and you’ll see following options which are being showed to you in the screenshot
  • As you’re clearly seeing that you have to go to the other devices section and search for faulty drivers
  • Once you find the faulty drivers under other devices, just uninstall them and you’re done

This is the easiest method of removing driver corrupted expool error and you have to restart your computer after performing this method so that everything must get on a line for you.

If this method worked for you then congratulations, you’re welcome to skip the next method but if the method didn’t work for you well then, don’t worry we have other methods to remove this issue for you.

Method 2: Update all you drivers

If the problem didn’t vanish away from your computer after applying the first method then it’s high time that you update your drivers or reinstall them or replace them. And to do that you have to follow different steps which we are breaking now!

  • Turn your PC on and go to the search section of the window
  • Search for drivers and you’ll be shown all the drivers which are installed in your computer
  • Uninstall all of them and make sure that none of them are left
  • Now, start to install all the drivers again and restart your computer
  • Your problem of driver corrupted expool error shall be gone permanently
driver corrupted expool error
driver corrupted expool error

But another problem arises before uninstalling the drivers is that, most of the people couldn’t be able to find how to uninstall the drivers so for that purpose, we have few more steps which you need to follow in order to update all your drivers. So let’s get started with that!

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  • Open your browser and in the address bar type driver easy software and hit the enter button
  • Go to the official website of this software and download it according to your windows operating system
  • Once everything is downloaded, make sure that you install the software correctly
  • After the installation, your software will automatically scan your computer for the drivers and will update all the drivers once you click on update drivers
  • All you have to do is to click on restart your computer button and after the computer is restarted, your error of driver corrupted expool error will be gone forever

If this method worked for you then you’re welcome to skip the next method but if this method again didn’t work for you then we make sure that this method is surely going to rock. So without wasting further time, let’s rock and roll!

Method 3- Remove your Antivirus

We all know that antivirus helps you to stay safe from viruses that hit your computer but sometimes they are the reasons behind creating a lot of problems. There are many antiviruses which are used by the third party software and that maybe the reason behind driver corrupted expool error. You can install MacAfee antivirus, but to remove the error we need to delete rest of them.

  • First of all, go to the settings of your computer
  • Now look for the apps and features button
  • Click on the apps and features and you’ll see all your installed applications and software
  • Look for the antivirus which you have installed in your PC
  • Uninstall it straight away and you’re done

After uninstalling antivirus, you need to restart your computer because it requires a restart process to update all the changes which were made through all the process.

In a Nutshell

It is important to remove driver corrupted expool error because it might irritate you twice or thrice a day and you may end up breaking your computer screen. So, it is better to follow all the above-given methods to avoid this issue and you can perform all your work happily.

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If you have any question regarding this topic, then make sure that you comment down below and we will try to reach you as soon as possible and will surely look for your query and answer it. We really hope that this article has helped you in achieving what you were striving for, so Cheers!

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