Games like Age of Empires

Best Games like Age of Empires [Updated List 2022]

Today, we are going to discuss the best games like Age of Empire. I’m sure you are already aware of this RTS video game. Most of the people have accomplished the last mission of this game and now they are looking for alternatives that can give the same experience as the Age of Empires. So, in this article, we will discuss all the best and up to dated games like age of empire. So let’s start!

Games like Age of Empires
Games like Age of Empires

Age of Empires

As we know the Age of Empires is an RTS, known as real-time strategy video game built on ancient events, made by Ensemble Studios. The game was published in 1997 and ever since then seven labels and three extras have emerged. Several of them are only accessible at offline, for PC, but there is also the availability of an online version. Each of the payment emphases on a different era in the human’s past.

The goal of this game is to construct buildings, renovation of them, make army units, explore resources, increase your ruled area, and more grow a selected society. It is a combination of army and financial plan that needs a lot of coherent thinking and a wide viewpoint to thrive.

List of the Best Games like Age of Empires

  1. Command and Conquer Red Alert
  2.  Banished
  3. Tooth and Tail
  4. Stronghold
  5. Anno 1404
  6. Age of Mythology
  7. Anno 2205
  8. StarCraft
  9. The Settlers Series
  10. Age of Wonders
  11. Total War
  12. Cossacks 3
  13. Home World
  14. Rise of Nations
  15. Tropico 5

These are the top 15 games like the age of empires. Now we will discuss them all one by one to you. You will probably enjoy them all:

Command and Conquer

Available: macOS + Windows

This game is an armed novels based on the Westwood’s strategy game so-called Dune 2. It is one of the alternative games of age of empires.
Through this game, you become able to can pick your area in the world to take a start, from where you can start to make and raise your military force. The players can build buildings, collect resources and fight in combats against the foe sites.
This game is like the age of empires came in the range on March 15, 2012, and publically it was released on May 24, 2012.


Available: macOS + Windows

It is a series of real-time strategy games that is a captivating place in the ancient certainty of the middle Ages. The player has the option to become a King and can rule out their area. The game is mainly based on two reasons: army and finance. The main chore is to protect your area, defeat enemies, territories and offer resources essential to grow the city and train your army force.

Most significant is constructing a stronghold therefore the label of the series. There are many numerous fundamentals of a stronghold to pick from, so that every player can make something exclusive. Mechanism of the game is based on some basic rules: enlisted forces have different heights of strength and flexibility, but the upper they reach, the more expensive they become. The first Stronghold sold 1.6 million prints internationally in 2004.

Anno Series

Available: Windows

This real-time strategy game has a strong city constructing components and business mockup. A few titles were released in this series and all of the revenues in an altered setting and different periods in the history or in the upcoming time.

Anno 1404, is also known as Dawn of Discovery in North America, is totally emphasized on happenings like battles. The construction part of the game includes creating churches, while economic components are related to Hanseatic trade and early entrepreneurship.

Anno 2070 is another series of anno that has a theme set in the future, when environmental pollution liquefied the frozen ice caps, causing overflows. Accordingly, nations, battles, and religions don’t play a character any longer, all that matters is how to yield energy.

Anno 2205 goes even more into the future and is mostly a construction game, in which the player becomes the hero who has to make various cities on the earth and then complete their residents’ requirements.

Age of Mythology        

Available: Pc + iOS

This game is analogous to the age of empires. The battle focuses on Arkansas and Atlantis people who travel the zones of three nations during a search for Cyclopes. The game’s objective is to construct cities and army units, train residents for a fight and then defeat enemies and take possession of their lands. There are four Ages of growth of advancement: Archaic, Classical, Heroic, And Mythic. While getting each level, new tools and units become unlocked. Remember that doing advancements need an exact amount of income and criterion buildings that you have to make earlier.

 Age of Mythology is a very common multiplayer mode game. This game sold out 870,000 setups in the USA till 2006, ranked as the 10th best-selling game of the state amid 2000 and 2006.


Available: Pc + macOS

It is a military Sci-Fi RTS game made in the 26th century. It places more attention to the combat instead of the constructing phase. There are four classes, of which three are playable: Terrans, Zerg, Xel’Naga and Protoss who all fight for getting power in the huge world.

Terrans are moveable and highly flexible, Protoss are authoritative and a bit secretive, Xel’Naga have god-like rank, while Zerg are continuously growing. There are two main labels in the series and four DLCs. In 2017 a pre mastered series of the original StarCraftgame was released. The gameplay keep on completed, but the visuals and sound were massively enhanced. Music and sound effect were again recorded and visuals were refurbished to 4K graphic visuals.

StarCraft series is enormously famous in the whole world, particularly in South Korea, where events are planned. In the year of its publication 1998, StarCraft has turn into the successful PC game of that year. Later than its unveiling, Blizzard’s platform has broken the record by an 800 percent flow of gamers. StarCraft has wholesaled 9.5 million copies up to now.

The Settlers Series

Available: PC, iOS, Android, webOS & Symbian

It is another RTS series presenting with eight payment portions that has sold out 5 million copies wide-reaching till than 2004. The gamer takes on a role of an earliest or primitive leader whose responsibilities comprise progressing their own empire and winning other properties.

Leaders of other lands can be automatic or other gamers playing in the multiplayer mode. What differentiates this game from other city-building games is a very exclusive technique of making buildings and roads that are required to grow the empire.

However an excessive importance is putted on construction purpose, it is not a game without a combat part. The player advances the road system and constructions to get best resources for finalizing an army. The better the scheme of roads is, the quicker line of work between various cities and flow of incomes and formed objects.

Age of Wonders Series

Available: PC

It is a turning based tactic series with components of an RPG. Age of Wonders is set in a highly imaginary world. The gamer turn into a army leader whose role is to discover the world, make new villages and cities and win the lands.

The gameplay comprises four rules: explore, expand, exploit, eliminate. The chief mission is to make a territory using army, politics, building and resource collection. The more the player improves in the game, the more knowledge he acquire.

Influences, new skills and objects are also unlocked throughout the journey. Age of Wonder III proposes a battle in which the player’s character has a chance to pick one of the sides: the Elven court of High Elves or the State Empire. There are also other casts like Orcs, Dwarfs, or Goblins. Merlin sorts his reply as a very important symbol.

Cossacks Series

Available: PC

It is a real time tactic game made generally in XVII and XVII century in Europe. The player has an option to choose from twelve nations: England, France, Spain, Austria, Poland, Venice, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Algeria, Sweden and Prussia, plus Denmark and the Netherlands in the Days of Genius DLC.

Other than the twelve states the player has at his dumping seventy unit kinds, 140 ancient buildings, and 100 machineries. Battle is directed on land and water and can reach a scale of 10,000 militaries combat simultaneously. Other than fighting, the main purpose is budget, collecting resources, and constructing villages. Everything is completed on casually created maps. In the multiplayer mode up to 8 players can play against each other at a time.

Rise of Nations

Available: PC

Another RTS game like age of empires, like in Evolution and real-time strategy active. There are eighteen nations in this game, ten of them can be selected to play as. The player can take care of all the features of the country’s growth, including budget, skill, politics, army, and regional growth.

The game initiated from a small town in the Stone Age and can finish 5 thousand years late in the modern period. By 2006 Rise of Nations sold out420,000 copies in the USA alone.

Total War Series

Available: PC

Total War comprises of turn-based strategy components with management of resources and simultaneous battles. The first game was released in the license was Shogun: Total War that seemed in 2000 and laid a series annoying in many games.

Shogun rotates around a samurai in Sengoku time in Japan, around 15th-17th centuries. As the Japanese fighter the player tries to defeat the country using army might, intellect, trade, politics, and religion. The other distinguished payment of the series was Rome II that has a campaign extending for 300 years from 272 BC.


So this were all about the best games like Age of Empires, we detailed all the best features of the games above. In case you find any queries and questions, feel free to comment. Thanks! 🙂

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