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Top 10 Web sites Like Quora

Quora is a website that allows every person to share his own opinion. Moreover, in case of not following the rules defined by it, a user can be banned from it. So if you want to go for the alternatives for Quora or more sites like Quora, you are in the right place.

There are so many other platforms that allow you to share your opinion with better policies than Quora. Those websites will be more friendly and could have fewer restrictions.

sites Like Quora
sites Like Quora

Quora is a prominent website that has a huge number of members across the globe who have a vast list of topics. So for you, there are some alternatives to Quora which are as:

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sites Like Quora


Voat can be used as an alternative to the website Quora. It was created in 2014 for the purpose of posting. It allows you to post on any related topic as it is very lenient. Quora has become hard now to post anything on it; however, this website gives you a full chance to go for it. As in Quora, there are subQuoras for subcategories similar here in Voat and have named them as subversives.

Digital Journal

the digital journal is another site like Quora; it allows users to publish their articles. Here the user base is small, but the content is very informative and interesting.


Newsvine is a news-based platform that provides information to its users on a daily basis. In this website, a user can write comments in the comment box. Moreover, this allows a user to write his own article, and if an article is of high quality, so it will be published on the front page where millions of readers will read it.


Hackernews is also an alternative for the Quora website. Moreover, it is not just a platform that gives only news related to hacking, but it provides news related to business and entrepreneurship and startup. This website does not provide the content with flashy bars, but it takes its content from the most reliable resources like BBC, NYTimes, Github, and Microsoft, etc.


This is also a very good alternative of Quora, and here you can go through various of the topics which are of interest. This is a website that feeds you all the time. It also gives you a piece of innovative information that makes you knowledgeable.

There are so many websites on the internet which are hidden, but Stumbleupon keeps you aware regarding all such kind of websites. Stumbleupon is refreshed on a regular basis, and once you are signed up, this allows you to share your amazing content.


For a replacement of Quora, then you can consider Digg as one of them. The articles can be written by anyone in it, but the article which gets more votes I son the top of Digg. Unlike other sites, Digg promotes quality stuff, so keep in mind that you should come up with quality stuff.


If you want to know about entertainment, video gaming, or technology, then you should bookmark this site. Here any app or launched in the world is firstly covered by this site. This site is really informative and gives a lot of information regarding any topic. Its navigation is also very good, and topics can be searched very well. Similarly, it is also good support for a person to give his own opinion to the public present here.


Popurls is one of the best news websites. On which all the time, the latest news is trending. It covers each and every perspective of life. It also provides quality assistance to you. You can get accurate news while you are traveling or in-home.


This is another alternative to Quora, and it allows you to comment and post on it. Moreover, this website consists of multiple categories, like Japanese culture, video games, interests, creative, and Miscellaneous. This website allows you to post and share adult stuff.


This website of Producthunt is also a good alternative to the Quora. This is a website which allows a user to find out different kind of products which he is searching for. If you need to find a different kind of news related to various products, you can find these on it. And your search may not be limited to anything moreover, you just name it and this website will give that to you.


As we have seen above, there are so many alternatives for the Quora that are there. Moreover, if you are fed up with Quora, no worries, you can use one alternative from the given one. Similarly, all the other websites are also quite interesting and very informative too. As it is said that there is no end to the certain thing it goes on. It is the nature of human beings that he cannot stick with a thing for so long.

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