Gordmans Credit Card

Gordmans Credit Card Login, Benefits, And Complete Review

If you’re looking to know everything about gordmans credit card then you’re on the right place because today we are going to be discussing gordmans credit card and everything related to it. Basically, gordmans credit card is used for in the stores for buying products and other off-prices departmental products which have different benefits and definitely people are loving it. So, without wasting more time, let’s get started with the Gordmans credit card complete review.

Before we move into the discussion, there are few more guides of different credit cards which can be helpful to you before getting registered for them. Read them after you finish this article.

Everything you need to know about gordmans credit card

So, you’ve to read all the article in order to judge if this card is good for you or not because taking a decision in a quick way might end up wrong decisions for you. So, here we go!

Gordmans Credit Card
Gordmans Credit Card

Discount when you fist Use the Card

Every single company around the globe is using the tactics of first use benefits and gordmans credit card did the same. They offer you 15% off on the first usage of the card on your whole shopping, isn’t it great? The card is free of cost and the registration is absolutely free and if you’re planning to buy something big or great amount of money then this card is best for you because you’re going to earn points from the card and the points will give you free shopping.

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Earn Points through their reward club

The main benefit of using gordmans credit card is that, they give you some reward points and on reaching the milestone, you’ll be able to use these reward points for the shopping purposes. On every 1 dollar shopping, you’ll get 2 points and 2 point means that you’ve $0.02 saved in your credit card. And after completing the 100 points, you’ll be given a $5 gift, which you can select from their store.

No reward limit

There are few companies which aren’t providing limitless reward points to their users, but that’s not the case with gordmans credit card because they have limitless points which you can earn on every shopping and can let those points used in the shopping as well. So, isn’t it a good deal? You use your money to buy a product and in return, they give you some points which are worth $5 when reaching every 100 points.

Discount on your Birthday

Do you love to shop at your birthdays and love celebrating the birthdays as well? Then gordmans credit card has everything which is being loved by you. Yes, they offer you free birthday gifts on your birthday worth 25$ to surprise you that somebody care for you. So, why wondering about the gordmans credit card, go and get yourself registered to it and enjoy the birthday parties.

No Annual Fee

Wondering about what would be the fee of this card before the start and after the end of the year? Then we have a piece of good news for you and that is, there’s no annual fee for this card and you can use it without any worry. The APR is slightly higher than the rewards which you get, but believe us that this card is totally worth it.

Access to your Card Online

This card has an application on the Google Play and App store where you can go and download the application. After downloading the application, you’ll be asked a few questions related to your card details and you’re done. You’ll now be able to track the record of your account details and payment details all online.

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How to register for gordmans credit card

The registration process for this card is way too easy and you can do it by going to the nearer store. Here are a few things which you should consider taking with you.

  • They will ask you for your full name and Father name
  • They will ask you for your address
  • They will ask you for your CNIC
  • They will ask you for your credit card and you’re done

Rates and Fees

Some of the rates related to gordmans credit card are given below and they can be changed as they change their policies after every 6 months.

  • There is no annual fee which means that you don’t have to give them a single penny
  • The purchase rate is 22% APR which is a bit high in terms of getting back the reward which lower than the APR which they charge
  • You can earn up to $5 for every 100 points and there’s no limit of reward points and they aren’t going to get expired
In a Nutshell

So, we have discussed almost everything related to gordmans credit card and we really hope that this card will help you decide whether to get this card or not.

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Please let us know if you’ve any question running in your mind, we will try to reach you as soon as possible and will surely solve your problem. Thank you!

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