WP Simple Pay Review

WP Simple Pay Review

WP Simple Pay Review is an easy way to collect stripe payments form to your WordPress Website. It is not similar to WooCommerce or Easy digital downloads. It’s also not planned to integrate with any form builder or membership plugins. My WP Simple Pay Review will give you compete details of pricing, features, pros & cons.

WP Simple Pay Review
WP Simple Pay Review

What is WP Simple Pay?

WP Simple Pay Pro is a perfect solution for business owners, startups, consultants, non-profits, and developers. It’s basically for anyone wanting to collect payments quickly and easily with the minimal setup using Stripe. It requires an active Stripe account. If the account is not, there is an easy way to register. By using WP Simple pay pro, you can create and customize payment forms without any coding knowledge. Our plug-in extremely user-friendly so that you can build perfect responsive payment forms without recruiting a developer, and also you can integrate many other payment plug-ins.

If you want to use this plug-in, you must have a self-hosted WordPress site. Also, an SSL (HTTPS) set up is required to process live transactions. Other than that, if you’re using a reputed hosting provider, it should be covered in terms of the latest versions of WordPress, such as PHP, MySQL, etc.

WP Simple Pay Pro works on self-hosted WordPress installs and also works on WordPress.com. If you have a Business plan, it allows third-party plugins (such as WP Simple Pay Pro) to be installed. It is not plug-ins like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. These other plug-ins usually have their Stripe add-on and may fit your use case better. It requires a Stripe account and a WordPress site to start accepting payments.

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WP Simple Pay Review – Features

WP Simple Pay has various features such as

  • Simple Payment Collection: It is effortless to collect payments for services, products, donations without coding to your WordPress.
  • Secure Payment processing: It uses Stripe’s ultra-secure to store and secure all kinds of payment processing, and data storage will be small in size loads very fast. It is also supported by Secure Customer Authentication (SCA).
  • Optimized for Mobile: It is optimized for smaller screens too. Mobile and tablet users also can checkout experience. Apple Pay and Google Pay options offer mobile visitors an even more natural way to submit payments on your site.
  • Subscriptions Integration: It allows your customer to signup for recurring payments. For subscribing, plans can be easily created within the stripe account and linked to WP simple Pay pro. Trial periods, installments plan, initial setup fees also can be created.
  • Payment Form Builder: We have designed in such a way that it is very easy-to-drag and drop builder allows you to customize payment forms to collect the data. In addition to that, provide a high conversion checkout experience for your customers.
  • Custom Fields: In the payment form, collect the data as much as required. Numbers, dates, checkboxes, drop-downs, and more things can be added to capture more data on each strip payment.
  • Custom Amounts: It allows your site visitors what they want by entering an amount. It is perfect for single and recurring donation or all-purpose payments forms.
  • Coupon Codes: From this, you can give your customers an amount or percentage off discounts. You can also apply any coupon code within your stripe account to both one-time and recurring payments.
  • Multi-Language Support: Apart from this, there are 14 languages, more than 30 countries, and 135 currencies provided by stripe and it is entirely WordPress- translation will be ready.
  • Excellent Support: WP Simple Pay has an awesome staff to help any kind of issue with extensive documentation and automatic updates.

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WP Simple Pay Review – How to use?

Changing Configuration

Here are a few examples of WP Simple Pay Pro settings. It will show how you can configure payment forms.

Payment Form Drag & Drop Builder

In this option, you can add a custom amount entry, a coupon code field, various custom field types, subscription plan selection, a total amount label, and more.

The data entered into the custom fields are saved as “metadata” with each Stripe payment record within the Stripe dashboard. So everything is available to check alongside all subscription plans or payment data.

3 Form Display Types

Select from the overlay, embedded, or Stripe Checkout payment form display types.

  • Embedded form display
  • Overlay form display
  • Stripe Checkout

Use Stripe Checkout Payment Pages

If you are looking for minimal payment form customizations, then overlay payment is not required. Use stripe fully-hosted checkout pages for payment. As of September 2018, the latest Stripe Checkout has taken the place of the “legacy” Stripe Checkout overlay.

Allow Custom Amount Payments

Set up a one-time amount or custom option that lets your site visitors paying what they want. Optionally specify minimum and default amounts.

Add and Customize Subscription Options

Allow your site visitors to pick and plan to subscribe to an individual stripe plan.

Try a few of these subscription demos:

  • Set a single plan, a user selects the plan and adding custom fields.
  • Allow the customer or donor to enter a recurring custom amount.
  • You can add an initial setup fee or allow a free trial period.

Setup instalment plans to end subscriptions after a specific number of charges.

Offer Discounts with Coupon Codes

In the payment form, you can add discount coupon codes in the stripe dashboard. Use with one-time payments or subscriptions and optionally add a total amount label that is modified in real-time.

Add Apple Pay and Google Pay Buttons

Allow your site visitors to pay using Apple pay, Google Pay and Microsoft pay with a single click. If anyone with a browser, and device combination that allows one of these options helps to new payment button.

Customized Payment Confirmation Details

Customize the payment confirmation details to your customers within the post editor using placeholder tags.

Locale and Currency Settings

Currently, Stripe supports 14 languages, 30+ countries, and 135+ currencies. WP Simple Pay lets you set the local language for your payment forms as well as the preferred currency and date formats for your site’s region.

WP Simple Pay Review- Price and Evaluation


$499– one-time payment

  • All PlusLicense features
  • Lifetime plugin updates
  • Lifetime email support
  • Unlimited sites


$249 per year

  • All PlusLicense features
  • Plugin updates
  • Email support
  • Unlimited sites


$149 per year

  • All PersonalLicense features
  • Stripe Subscription features
  • Installment plans
  • Setup fees
  • Free trial periods
  • Plugin updates
  • Email support
  • 3 sites


$99 per year

  • Unlimited payment forms
  • Embedded & overlay forms
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • AffiliateWP integration
  • Plugin updates *
  • Email support *
  • 1 site

WP Simple Pay Review- Discount COUPON CODE

Congratulations on reading this review, you will get a special discount from our website. In WP Simple Pay Pro Payments forms, coupon code is added in your Stripe dashboard and can be used.

Although Stripe planned to use subscriptions, you can use coupon codes to let customers apply a discount in one-time payment forms as well.

Add a total amount in the label to show the final amount that your customer will be paying before clicking on the Payment button.

Coupon Code with One-Time Amount

Try the code “20off” for a 20% discount. You can enter the coupon code in the below button.

Enter your discount code:

Total Amount: $20.00

Coupon Code with Subscription

Try to select a plan after applying the “20off” code. Notice the total amount recalculate and update accordingly. In this form, receive the current theme’s styling for the coupon button.

WP Simple Pay Review- Pros & Cons


  • It has an effortless payment collection.
  • Secure Payment processing is very easy.
  • It is designed in such a way that optimized to mobile also.
  • Subscription integration, the payment form builder is very easy.
  • Allows Custom amount payments.
  • It is updated with Plugins.
  • It gives attractive discounts with coupon code.
  • 100% Money back guarantee without any risk.
  • It provides Multi-Language support.
  • The settings are designed in such a way that it should apply to local as well as currency.


  • The trial plans have limitations


WP Simple Pay is useful for online businesses because, with the help of this software, they can get reimbursed directly. It is the best third-party payment options software with remarkable reliability. You can easily collect payment through this software, and you don’t even need to recruit a developer because this software is really easy to use, and it doesn’t require any coding skills or technical skills.

The best thing is software is also available on mobile devices, and it is optimized to give the best experience even on smaller screens such as mobiles and tablets, and also payment is secured. It took some critical security measures to secure those payments. The developers are focused on giving the best experience along with that all kinds of security. Even your website visitors can put the amount in the Amount box. It also supports more than 14 languages, which are suitable for business if they are thinking of expanding their business all over the world.

If you like this review on WP Simple Pay, then don’t forget to share your opinions review with your colleagues and friends so that they will also get benefits from this product and attractive discounts from our website

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