How to Change Mobile Number in BPI

How to Change Mobile Number in BPI | Complete Guide 2022

If you’re looking for information of how to Change Mobile Number in BPI then you’ve come to the correct place. This guide may assist you with changing your BPI cellphone number.

For your financial transactions, your mobile phone number is the primary point of notice and verification.

This is something you may adjust at any time, especially when it comes to account security. Check out the page below to learn how to update your BPI cellphone number.

For more details about changing your BPI mobile number, check out the following:

How to Change Mobile Number in BPI
how to Change Mobile Number in BPI

About BPI:

The Bank of the Philippine Islands was established in 1851 and is the Philippines’ and Southeast Asia’s first bank.

BPI is a global bank that provides a wide variety of financial products and services to both individual and business clients through its subsidiaries and affiliates.

In the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Europe, the bank has 1,176 branches, as well as 3,000 ATMs and CAMs.

The Philippine banking and financial business began with the formation of BPI, which was initially known as El Banco Espaol Filipino de Isabel II.

The bank served various responsibilities at the time, including providing credit to the National Treasury and printing and issuing money, thereby making it the country’s first Central Bank.

BPI proudly continues this history today, funding a wide range of private and public sector programs and businesses in support of economic development and nation-building.

Why is it necessary for me to change my BPI phone number?

If your previous SIM is stolen or you change your phone number, you must update the mobile number associated with your BPI account.

Most of your financial transactions are protected by the cellphone number associated with your BPI account, so any change in your status should prompt an update.

This is especially handy if several of your accounts are hacked, alerting you to take further security measures. BPI sends notifications to your registered cellphone number as well.

How to Change Mobile Number in BPI
how to Change Mobile Number in BPI

How to Change Mobile Number in BPI?

If you have an account with BPI, one of India’s most popular banks, there’s a high chance you’ve linked your phone number to your account to receive real-time transaction information.

Is it, however, possible to change a cellphone number associated with a BPI account? Yes, you can do that in a variety of different ways.

The first is to go to the BPI portal, and the second is to go to the nearest BPI branch if you don’t have access to Internet banking on the BPI platform.

Both ways work well, and we’ve put together this tutorial to show you how to alter your registered cellphone number in a few easy steps. 

Before we begin, it’s important to note that in order to alter your registered cellphone number using this approach, you’ll need a valid BPI online banking login and password.

You can get one produced at your local bank branch if you don’t already have one. After you have a valid account and password, you may proceed with the procedures below.

The following are the processes for changing your BPI cellphone number:

Using an app or a website:

  • Step 1: Log in to your BPI Online or BPI Mobile banking account.
  • Step 2: Select Account Maintenance from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 3: Go to My Profile and select Update Mobile Number from the Edit menu.
  • Step 4: Enter your new cellphone number as well as your BPI Debit MasterCard number.
  • Step 5: Click the Next button.
  • Step 6: Insert your card into a BPI ATM and enter your pin.
  • Step 7: Select Activate Enrollments and then Proceed.

Visit a BPI branch in person:

  • Step 1: Go to the BPI branch closest to you.
  • Step 2: Complete the Customer Information sheet or bring one that has already been completed.
  • Step 3: Write your new phone number and indicate that you’re updating your information.
  • Step 4: Present the paperwork to the staff along with a photocopy of your valid ID.
How to Change Mobile Number in BPI
how to Change Mobile Number in BPI

How long would it take me to change my BPI registered mobile number?

If you use online banking and follow the above-mentioned methods to change your registered cellphone number in BPI, it may take up to 3 days to complete the process.

The registered cellphone number usually changes within a few hours after requesting it from an ATM or through online banking.

If your BPI account does not offer an internet banking option, you may need to visit the bank to get it altered. The entire procedure might take up to 14 days in that situation.

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What if BPI indicates your request to update your cellphone number was denied?

You should try again later or sooner the next day, as BPI may be performing periodic system maintenance, especially at night.

If you are still unable to obtain a cell number upgrade, contact BPI or go to the nearest branch in your region.

How to Change Mobile Number in BPI


Can I contact BPI if I have a problem with my mobile number?

Yes, you may call BPI at 889-10000 if you’re in the NCR, 1-800-188-89100 (toll-free), and 63+2+889-10000 if you’re in the Philippines.

What if I don’t have a MasterCard Debit Card?

If you need to change your cellphone number but don’t have a Debit MasterCard, you should travel to your local BPI bank to complete the procedure.

When does the request to change your phone number expire?

After five banking days, your mobile number update will expire; therefore, you should complete the activation using BPI ATM before that time runs out.

Final Words

This is all from us about how to change mobile number in BPI. It’s simple to change the cellphone number associated with your BPI account.

To keep your account safe and secure, keep your registered cellphone number up to date. We have described everything there is to know about how to change a mobile number in BPI.

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