How Do I Recover My Kik Account

How Do I Recover My Kik Account | Detailed Guide 2022

Are you looking for a way to help you figure out how do I recover my Kik account? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot. In this article, I’ll go over all there is to know about how do I recover my Kik account, as well as a lot more.

How Do I Recover My Kik Account
How Do I Recover My Kik Account

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Methods | How Do I Recover My Kik Account:

To access your data and connect with your pals and meet different friends, you’ll need your Kik username. This is the most crucial need for logging into the system.

There still is a method for obtaining your username if you forget it. Nevertheless, you have only a few possibilities for just that, so scroll down below for more information.

Method 1 | Reset the Password of the Kik account:

If you’ve already logged in but think your Kik profile is in jeopardy, you can take the following steps:

  • In the upper right corner, settings Option (gears symbol).
  • Go to Your Profile and choose it.
  • Choose Change Password from the drop-down menu.
  • Please enter your existing Password.
  • When asked, select Continue.
  • Replace your old Password with a new one.
  • To verify the modification, click Save (or OK).

Access the user’s account email address if you’ve forgotten your passwords or believe your account has been hacked. Then do the following:

  • Go to the Kik Password Reset page.
  • Inside the text area, type your Kik username or email account.
  • To begin, press the Go button.
  • A link will be sent to your email account.
  • When you click it, you’ll be sent to a Kik website, where you may update your Password.

Method 2 | Forgot your Kik username:

You won’t have any problem getting into Kik without the need for a username because you can simply use your email account.

How Do I Recover My Kik Account
How Do I Recover My Kik Account

You may also create a QR code that your buddy can scan into his or her cameras to access your account. However, having your username, which is distinct to each person, makes meeting new individuals much simpler.

When approaching Kik Customer Support, it’s also quite handy. Here are two simple methods to accomplish it:

  • Do you already have the Kik application installed and logged in?
  • Just go to the top right corner and touch on Options (cogwheel icon).
  • Under your profile photo symbol, your username will be shown in grey color.
  • Verify any confirmation/authentication emails you’ve gotten from Kik; the email body should include your username.

Video Guide | How Do I Recover My Kik Account | Forgot Password:

How Do I Recover My Kik Account

Method 3 | Know the Password to the Kik account but forgot the email address:

The simplest method is to log in with a pair of your Kik password and username. Then, by following a few steps, you may see the email address:

  • From your application launcher, go to Settings.
  • Choose a user account.
  • Next to email, you can see your present email account.

Simply press on email if you’ve forgotten your email account or want to update it.

  • Remove the existing email from the text box and replace it with a new one.
  • Inside the top right-hand corner, click Save.
  • To validate it, you’ll get an email with an URL.
  • The application’s Status section will go from Unproven to Approved.

Method 4 | Contact Kik Customer Support:

To make this work, you’ll need:

  • Access to the Kik account’s associated email account.
  • The option to log in to Kik using the same connection you used previously.
  • There’s a chance you’ll be able to utilize the very same devices you once used Kik on.

There are three methods to contact Kik Customer Support:

Explain the circumstance briefly. Don’t write down any account information unless they request it.

  • If your account has been compromised, write an email to [email protected] and follow the steps outlined above.

Fill up a Kik application form online.

  • Based on your issues, select Security Concern, Ban and Suspension Appeals Petition, or Identity fraud.
  • Use the account’s associated email account. There will be a lot of additional text sections and/or checkboxes added to the application. An asterisk (*) indicates that a field is required.
  • Maintain brevity while remaining clear in your explanation. Add files, such as screenshots, if required.

Video Guide | How Do I Recover My Kik Account | Kik Messenger:

How Do I Recover My Kik Account

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What happens if you forget your Kik login or email address?

You may try resetting your Kik passwords and email if you forget them. Just go to the Kik website by clicking “Forgot Your Password?” in the login box. Select “Send” after entering your Kik username or email account. An email with a link to change your passwords will be sent to you.

Is it possible to retrieve a Kik account that has been deleted?

Yes, a Kik account that has been erased may be recovered. You’ll have to contact Kik help to retrieve a deleted Kik account.

What does a Kik account that has been erased look like?

A Kik account that has been erased appears to be an unfilled black box. If you attempt to open the program, it will inform you that your profile has been deleted and also that you will need to establish a new one.

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