How To Delete Lazada Account

How To Delete Lazada Account | Detailed Guide 2022

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How To Delete Lazada Account
How To Delete Lazada Account

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Methods | How To Delete Lazada Account:

The account can be deleted in two ways. You may remove your Lazada accounts by sending a message or chatting with them. All of the methods are outlined in detail below.

Method 1| Through chat:

How to remove a Lazada account via chat:

Step 1: Use your ID to login into Lazada.

  • To delete your Lazada account, please sign in for an account on your smartphone or computer.

Step 2: Contact Customer Service.

  • You’ll find a “Chat with the customer service” button at the bottom of the website. To remove your account, select it and SMS the Lazada team.

Step 3: Make a request to have your account deactivated.

  • Your email account will no longer be valid, and your membership will be terminated as a result.

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Method 2 | By Sending An Email:

To deactivate your Lazada account by email, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check your email.

  • To begin, login into your Lazada account using your registered email address on a mobile device or computer.

Step 2: Write a message in an email

Step 3: Request that the account is deleted.

  • In the subject field, type “Request to remove Lazada account” and hit send. Your information is deleted from Lazada once you send the email.

Note: If you have any issues with the Lazada account termination procedure, just phone 69952888 and a customer service representative will assist you. However, because Lazada is recognized for its excellent customer service, you will have no trouble deactivating your account.

Video Guide | How To Delete Lazada Account:

Methos | How Can I Delete My Lazada Seller Account:

Aside from canceling your Lazada account, you may also request that your Lazada seller account be deleted or deactivated. Simply go to the Lazada Seller Center and complete the “Online Form.”

How To Delete Lazada Account
How To Delete Lazada Account
  • Then select “How can I change my Seller Center Account” under “Other Requests.”
  • Simply click “Accept” on “Shop Cancellation Request” to request deactivation.

Methos | How Can I Delete My Number And Profile Picture From Lazada:

Simply update your details in the Application or on the website to remove or alter your phone number and profile picture in your Lazada profile.

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App Lazada:

  • To change your settings page, just go to your account and select the settings icon.
  • Then select the categories you want to alter or amend, such as Account Information, Address Booko, Messages, or Country.

Lazada’s official website is at

  • Select “Manage MyAccount” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then choose the section you want to alter or amend.

Can I Have 2 Lazada Accounts:

  • According to Lazada’s official web page, a verified email and cellphone number are required to activate a Lazada account, and they may only be utilized on one Lazada account.
  • A Lazada account may only be enabled once per user.
  • A Lazada Account user may be secured in all of their purchases in this way.
  • In brief, Lazada may be used or disabled at any moment by the account holder.
  • Lazada also has a fantastic feature that allows customers to personalize their accounts.
  • Despite the fact that Lazada is an e-commerce site, its verification techniques are designed to preserve its users’ privacy and security.
  • As a result, Lazada is a secure and intuitive e-commerce platform that everyone can use.

Video Guide | How To Delete Lazada Account:

How To Delete Lazada Account

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Is it possible for me to have two Lazada accounts?

You can’t have two Lazada accounts, unfortunately. If you really want to shop on Lazada, you’ll need to register a single account that you’ll use for all of your transactions.

How do I get rid of my Lazada phone number?

Sign in to your Lazada account and select “My Account” from the drop-down menu. In the left-hand menu, pick “My Mobile Phone number,” then “Delete My Contact Number.”

How can I deactivate my Lazada account?

You must go to the “My Account” option in the Lazada app to remove your Lazada shop. Click the “My Store” option from that, and then click the “Delete my Store” option.

How can I get rid of my Lazada contact list?

To erase your Lazada contact list, go to the Lazada homepage and log in. After logging in, go to “Account” and afterward “My Address Book.” By selecting the trash symbol beside the entries, you may amend or remove them.

How can I remove my Lazada wallet number from my account?

If you have a Lazada account, you may navigate to the “My Account” page by logging in. This page will display your Lazada Wallet number as well as the wallet’s transaction records. To unlink your Lazada Wallet number from your account, select the “Unlink” option in front of it.

I don’t have a mobile number, so how can I register my Lazada wallet?

By installing the app and going to sign up with an email account, you may register your Lazada wallet without the need for a phone number.

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