How to Choose the Perfect Colors for Your Social Media Graphics

How to Choose the Perfect Colors for Your Social Media Graphics

Colors convey messages silently but in an effective way and that’s why it is necessary to choose a correct color scheme to design your social media graphics.

Studies state that 80% of the purchaser gets impressed by the colors before deciding whether they should buy it or not. So, to get noticed on popular social media platforms and increase more followers, you need to put some effort into choosing the best color schemes.

Don’t worry; it is not as daunting as it sounds. You even don’t need to have some specialized skills to create attractive social media graphics for your business.

In this article, you can learn some basic color tips to make your social media graphics like professionals.

Let’s check them out.

Why are Colors Important for Social Media Growth?

Photos and videos are some of the entertaining elements that are immensely popular in social media platforms. Studies suggest that people tend to remember the information that comes with pictures. It means posts with pictures on social media platforms like Facebook get 3 times more engagement than the posts that don’t have photos in them.

The pictures on social media posts can only be attractive when perfect color combinations have been used in them. Customers will have a great impression of your posts or logo when the colors can convey the message to them accurately.

For the same reason, it is necessary to understand the color theory; otherwise, you cannot be able to use proper colors to create your graphics on social media.

What are the Impacts of Color Theory on Social Media?

  • It doesn’t require professional knowledge to distinguish between a good and poor quality photo. After understanding color theory, you can apply the same to design the image and other graphical illustrations on social media. Continuous practice can help you convey strong brand messages and actions via those posts.
  • Associating color theory with your company’s social media marketing can help you to attract more fans to your company’s social media page.
  • Understanding the color theory and geographical attributes is really important because you cannot use the same color to indicate something to a different culture. For instance, the color white is used as a symbol of pureness and innocence in western culture, whereas in Asian culture, it signifies death.
  • It is recommended to use colors that are similar or complement each other when creating social media photos. This way, it becomes easier for users to remember your social media posts even after they log out from the platform.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Colors for Your Social Media Graphics

Understand Color Psychology

You cannot choose the color if you do not understand the color theory correctly. As different colors have different meanings, you cannot create an effective graphical representation of your brand without realizing the psychology behind the colors.

It is not only the colors names that you should know; you need to know the meaning too. Go through this list to know more in detail.

BlackFormal, luxurious. It also means sad in some cultures.
WhiteInnocence and purity
RedPassion, devotion. It also means danger, suspense or risk.
OrangeVibrant, adventurous, imaginative
PinkRomantic, nostalgic
GreenNatural, sustainability
YellowHappy, carefree, cheerful
BlueDependable, soothing, trustworthy, but it is also get associated to mean depression too/
BrownHealthy, wholesome products

Limit the Color Palette

It doesn’t mean you can use all of the colors to design your color palette. If you want to build a brand impression on your audience, you cannot use more colors to design the logo of your company. Big companies like Amazon (orange-black), Facebook (blue-white), FedEx (purple-orange), and Chanel (black) use only one or two colors to design their logo.

This way, people can remember simple colors and their combinations. So, making the color palette limited is a good thing to consider while choosing a color scheme for your company website, logo or other graphical illustrations.

Identify The Brand Accent of Yours

After you choose the base color, you need to choose the brand accent color that complements the previously chosen colors. It should look pleasant to the eyes and it needs to match with your company attributes too.

Understand the Environment of The Social Media Platforms

Your social media graphics need to stand out on the social media platforms and that’s why you need to use the opposite colors that are not available on the same platform.

For instance, as Facebook uses blue and white, you can use colors like orange, red, violet in your graphics to make them easily recognizable.

Control the Reading Order of the Audience by Using Colors

You may have come across such pictures where some information is written in bold bright colors like red or pink. Generally, the colored information will draw your attention.

Bright colors make your eyes look at it. So, you can definitely direct the eyes of your audience to highlight your graphical images.

Don’t Forget to Use the Color Wheel

You can use the color wheel to understand the relationship between the colors more precisely. From the color wheel, you will get to know the similar colors, opposite colors, colors shades and color tints, etc.

Don’t Forget to Use the Color Wheel

Choose Any Color Scheme From the Following

There are different types of color schemes that professionals use; you can choose any scheme that suits your brand personality and design your own.


Monochromatic color scheme gets used to highlight or emphasize a single personality trait.



The common emotional traits can be found in those colors that reside next to each other on the color wheel. Designers are obsessed with this color scheme because this color scheme is really effective in conveying messages more straightforwardly.



Colors that are located at the opposite sides of the color wheel complement each other. This type of color scheme gets used to make stunning and stimulating graphics.


Triadic tones are a steady branding color theme that can divide the color wheel into three similar sections. Both triadic and analogous schemes are really stable ones.



Final Words

Using all the tips above, you can design your social media graphics more accurately. Remember, all you have to do is research color psychology based on the location of your business operations and then choose the color scheme accordingly.


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