How to Delete Someones Facebook Account

How to Delete Someones Facebook Account | Complete Guide 2022

Are you searching for how to delete someones Facebook account, then you are at the right spot? This article might help you with how to delete someones Facebook account.

How to Delete Someones Facebook Account
how to delete someones Facebook account

If you have access to someone’s Facebook account and want to get them to delete it, there are a few options.

You can try to reach out to the person’s relatives, but they are likely to decline. You can also fill out a form on the Facebook help page.

After you’ve completed the form, you’ll need to create a page to report the individual. You might also be wondering how you can tell if someone has deleted their Facebook account. This article, on the other hand, explains everything.

How to Delete Someones Facebook Account?

You must move quickly if you want to learn how to have someone banned from Facebook. You should start by making a page for yourself.

You should also include a photo on your page, but don’t overdo it with text. Second, try to deactivate the person’s Facebook account. This is a devious method of having your account deleted. If you have enough proof, it will work.

How to Delete Someones Facebook Account
how to delete someones Facebook account


Using a Keylogger is another approach to having someone’s Facebook account canceled. Every keystroke on the target’s keyboard is recorded by this gadget. This is a more technical method of deleting someone’s Facebook account.

You may copy the code using a Keylogger and paste it into the recovery link on the person’s profile. The account owner will be able to reset their password without any problems as a result of this.

You’ll be able to check your target’s profile and login if they haven’t registered under a similar name. You may even use the Facebook hack to report a dead individual to cancel the account.

Report Account to Facebook:

You may report someone’s Facebook account to Facebook if you want their account deactivated. You may be entitled to have your account canceled if you are the one who reported the bullying. If the individual who created the fraudulent account is identified, they will most likely be deleted from your friend list.

What if They Blocked You?

If you’ve been pestering them on Facebook, use this way to figure out why they’ve been blocked. The good news is that it is really simple and will only take you a few minutes. If the individual in question is deceased, you’ll need to know how to report a dead person’s Facebook breach.

If you believe your Facebook account has been hacked, you may always contact Facebook and file a complaint. You may, however, delete a friend by selecting the “remove” option. On the same website, you may also block them.

Blocking someone is a simple procedure. Simply follow the instructions on the page and click the submit button. That’s all it takes to get a person’s Facebook account deactivated. You’re now ready to cease being a bother on Facebook.

If you find the account, please contact Facebook to let them know. You may also attempt to block the offending person from having the account unbanned. Then you might attempt to persuade the individual to remove their account.

Online Research:

You may also lookup how to delete someone’s Facebook profile on the internet. If you’ve been a victim of identity theft, consider contacting the social networking site and reporting the account. You may also contact the person who hacked your Facebook if you’ve been hacked.

You can retrieve messages sent by the target user by using the “Delete Account” option. To download the messages and validate them, you’ll need physical access to the target’s phone.

How to Delete Someones Facebook Account
how to delete someones Facebook account

You’ll be able to download the information from their account if you can find their email address. You may then remove the target’s account as well as all of the target’s pages, and you’ll know how to get someone expelled from Facebook.

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Best way to Delete Someones Facebook Account:

There are various options for deleting someone’s Facebook account.

Ask the individual:

If you are a family member, you can first request that the individual remove his or her account. You can even request that the person remove his or her account and replace it with a photo of the deceased person.

You will be able to have the account canceled as a result of this, and you should not be concerned about the implications. It is not a good idea to request that the deceased’s Facebook profile be deleted.

Report Facebook Profile:

You must go to the account of the individual in issue in order to report their profile and learn how to get someone’s Facebook deactivated. On the PC, you may search the news stream for the person’s name.

The three dots icon appears in the bottom-right corner of the user’s cover photo on mobile. You may choose and click on a reason for reporting the profile. This will assist you in removing the banned account in a couple of days.

You might also be curious as to how you can tell if someone has deleted their Facebook account. There are a few methods for determining whether or not someone deleted their Facebook account.

You may start by looking up the person’s name on the internet. You can also see whether you’ve been blocked. It’s possible that if you read stories about them in your news feed, they’ve deactivated their account. Other reasons might include banning or unfriending you, so use your best judgment.

Once you’ve determined whether or not someone has deleted their Facebook account, you may reach out to them and request that they unblock you.

How to Delete Someones Facebook Account


To deactivate a Facebook account, how many reports are required?

There is no conclusive answer to this topic because it is dependent on the circumstances for a user’s account being deleted by Facebook. Users are usually permitted to erase up to six reports each month before their account is permanently canceled in most situations.

If an account isn’t used for a while, does Facebook erase it?

Facebook will not erase your account for inactivity, unlike deactivation. It has to be done from your “Account Settings” page. Your account cannot be restored after it has been removed. Your Timeline, images, friend lists, and other personal information are all gone.

Final Words

This is all from us about how to delete someones Facebook account; we have described everything there is to know about how to delete someones Facebook account.

You may also use the search option to look for the person’s account. You may look for a person’s name by typing their name or a word they’ve typed in the search box.

Then, in the left pane, click the “Info” link and look for the URL under the “Facebook” area. You may type the URL into your browser’s address bar after you’ve found it.

This will take you to the person’s profile page, where you can learn how to deactivate someone’s Facebook account by following the instructions in this post.

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