How to find someone's comments on Instagram

How to find someone’s comments on Instagram | Detailed Guide 2022

How to find someone’s comments on Instagram. Are you an official social media supervisor? Or are you looking for feedback from a significant figure in your life? If you answered yes, continue reading this article, where we’ll show you how and where to discover someone’s comments on Instagram and if you can identify a certain person’s remark.

How to find someone's comments on Instagram
How to find someone’s comments on Instagram

As a result, in this post, we’ll break down the procedures and show you how easy it is to find someone’s Instagram comments.

Method | How to find someone’s comments on Instagram:

There is one alternative technique for finding someone’s Instagram comments, but this will take a very long time. You may form a team and split the tasks to speed up the process since it is a manual process.

How to find someone's comments on Instagram
How to find someone’s comments on Instagram

Method #1 | Search Instagram Comments By User:

  • You must access the follower’s menu of a certain individual and view their posts. Then view all of the comments on that post then look for the user’s remark.
  • To speed up the process, visit Instagram on your desktop and hit Ctrl+S / Cmd+S after seeing all comments, then input a specific person’s username to see what they remarked on.
  • Repeat the procedure for each of their followers’ posts one after the other.

Method #2 | Search Instagram Comments From Competitors’ Posts:

  • Assume you’re a marketing manager or executive who wants to turn a certain client into a business.
  • The following approach is for you in that scenario – To see who has commented on a given post, check all of your rivals’ Instagram profiles or the company’s relevant recent posts and see if that specific person has left a remark.
  • You may also utilize the search option on Instagram’s online version to locate user comments.
  • You may also use the alert you got to find out what someone said.
  • If you get a lot of alerts, you might be able to discover a certain person’s message by looking through prior notification records.

Steps | How To Find Your Posted Instagram Comments:

If you’re wondering about what comments you’ve left previously, you may use the Instagram application to find out.

  • Launch the Instagram app, then swipe down to the profile option.
  • Next, in the upper right area, press on the menu symbol.
  • Then, from the menu options, select the Settings icon.
  • Afterward, from the item on the menu, select Individual privacy.
How to find someone's comments on Instagram
How to find someone’s comments on Instagram
  • Furthermore, on the new display, select the Download Databox.
How to find someone's comments on Instagram
How to find someone’s comments on Instagram
  • Enter your email address and afterward, your Instagram passwords on the new display.
How to find someone's comments on Instagram
How to find someone’s comments on Instagram
  • Sign in to your email account and view the Instagram email you got.
  • Select the “Download Data” tab after opening the hyperlink in the Instagram application or browser.
  • The zip/rar file would be stored in the download folder on your device.
  • Unzip the Zip file, then look for the comments section.
  • To see all of your comments, browse the comments.html file in your browsers.

Steps | How to Filter and Hide Instagram Comments:

You may hide and filter individual user comments by following the steps below:

  • Click on the profile symbol in the Instagram app.
  • Next, hit the menu symbol and select Setting from the drop-down list.
  • Select “Privacy” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then go to Comments & switch it off if you desire, or add particular users to the blocklist so that they can’t really comment on the posts.
  • You can also add some terms to limit the comments and have them auto-hide once they appear.

Steps | How To Turn Off Commenting On Your Posts:

You could also disable commenting on upcoming or previously posted content:

  • On a previously published content, go to the 3-dot menu bar and choose “Turn off comments.”
  • Before posting a new post, just go to advanced settings for new content and switch off comments.

Video Guide | How To Find Someone’s Comments On Instagram:
How to find someone’s comments on Instagram

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How do I utilize the Instagram icon?

On Instagram, the emblem is a smartphone icon. Launch the app & keep it down just on display to utilize it. A menu with such a list of possibilities will appear. Choose “Sharing Location.” A map will show, with such a blue dot indicating your present position. Click “Share With” if you wish to share your place with somebody. Hit “Send” after typing in the person’s name or tapping on your profile pic.

What really is my Instagram feed like?

Your Instagram account is a collection of all of the posts you’ve seen at the user you follow in chronological sequence.

Have there been any third-party applications or programs that can assist you in sorting through your comments?

It’s fair if you’re an Instagram star or celebrity who receives loads of comments but just doesn’t know how to react to them all. There are a number of third-party applications that may lead to the accomplishment of your comments, respond to them automatically, and sort out all the ones that are improper. Iconosquare, HootSuite, Instazood, and SproutSocial are all worth a look.

Is it possible to see who looks at your Instagram?

You can check who visits your Instagram account. Just go to your account and click on the three lines inside the upper left corner to see who has visited your account. After that, go to “Settings” and “Privacy.” Click “Viewers” underneath “Who Can See My Posts?” You’ll be enabled to have seen a list of who has viewed your posts and also how many instances they have been visited.

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