Get The Best of 2016 Instagram

How to Get The Best of 2016 Instagram | Detailed Guide 2022

2016 was considered one of the best and most revealing years for Instagram. The year 2016 was celebrated for the best achievement made on Instagram, where Instagram introduced new features by Instagram. This article will gather techniques you can follow to get the best of 2016 Instagram.

Instagram is a free social platform where you can share your photos and videos. From the very ignition of Instagram, it gained massive popularity to connect with brands, celebrities, influencers, friends, family, and more. Instagram has become a daily routine. Millions of people are on Instagram with small and large businesses, news organizations, cultural institutions, celebrities, photographers, and musicians are part of this social platform, Instagram.

Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
Get The Best of 2016 Instagram

Techniques to make your Instagram the best of 2016 Instagram:

There are well-defined techniques through which you can grow your Instagram professionally. In this post, we will share the best possible strategies with you, picture boosting techniques, the strategy of hashtags, and the best suitable timings to share the picture.

1.   Creating the best photo with Instagram Editor:

Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
Get The Best of 2016 Instagram

For a captivating instagram account, you must upload high-quality photos. No doubt you need a high-quality camera, but if you don’t have one, you can make your photos great with the Instagram editor. The Instagram editor provides one of the best features in an editing tool. Below will highlight some editor tips:

  1. Using crop toll, you must ensure the very important part of the photo.
  2. Apply all the filters and choose the best-suited filter for your photo.
  3. Manually modify the different levels for photos, like brightness, color, saturation, aspect, etc.

    2. Keep your picture simple and clear:

Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
  1. Your photos should not be out of detail. Every detail of the photo should be clear,     not hazy and blurry.
  2. If you want to make a blur or remove it, you can use the camera blur option.

    3. Take many pictures of your interest:

Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
  1.  Watching the same category pictures will make people fed up soon. You must take many pictures for the theme you are interested in so you can pick the most understandable for your theme or concept.
  2. Taking many pictures will nourish your choosy habit, making you choose the best photo for your Instagram post.

    4. Make a proper schedule for your post:

Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
  1. Don’t fill up your Instagram wall with a bunch of photos. It will irritate your followers, which will make your profile down.
  2. Making a schedule with proper space will make your follower curious about your upcoming post. The will be awaiting your new post and stories.
  3. When you are on vacation, don’t post directly from there; rather, you should post them after a vacation in real-time, creating a proper story, so everyone comes to know the proper planning of your vacations.
  4. If you have many good photos, you must post them with a space in a proper schedule.

    5. Choose the best camera:

Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
  1. Photo taken with a high-quality camera will make your Instagram timeline more appealing.
  2. Today smart,  the phone has a ranking based on cameras. Every organization of smart photos tries its best to make the best camera to beat its opponent. So you must have the latest smartphone to collect high-quality photos for your Instagram timeline.
  3. There is no compulsion to upload photos directly from your phone. You can use your laptop to upload the transferred photo you took with your Digital camera.

    6. Acknowledge the right time to post:

Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
  1. Making a post in the early morning and evening is the best time.
  2. A study shows that timing between 6 to 8 am and 6 to 8 pm is the most-watched time on Instagram.
  3. To be watched by many as many people as possible, you should post at a time when more people are online.
  4. Keep the best collection of your photos and videos, and post them in a time when there are more people online.

     7. Use popular hashtags:

Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
  1. Hashtags are one the best strategy of marketing today.
  2. Something was written after the hash (#) makes the locator easy to find your post.
  3. You can use multiple popular hashtags to reach as many as possible.
  4. Some of the trending hashtags are mentioned below:
  •  #love
  • #instagood
  • #follow
  • #tbt
  • #cute
  • #happy
  • #girl
  • #fun
  • #summer
  • #instadaily
  • #food
  • #picoftheday

    8. Selection of right Hashtags:

  1. The hashtag strategy is good for boosting your post, but the hashtag should be relevant to your description.
  2. You must ensure the hashtag is relevant to the post you are making. For example, you are posting a picture of the scenery, and making hashtags of animals will create an unprofessional profile of yours.
  3. Specific hashtags will lead you to less competition, making it easier for the audience to find you.

     9. Sharing the location:

Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
Get The Best of 2016 Instagram
  1. Using the geological location will make others find your profile they also visited.
  2. Mentioning locations like restaurants, hotels, or any tourist spot will support the business you patronize.
  3. Overlapping the same location will reach your profile to the other person.

    10. Use hashtags designed to get more likes:

  1. Like for Like is a hashtag specially designed to get more likes.
  2. Use of this hashtag will make your post liked by many people.
  3. You must like as many possible posts appearing against this hashtag to get more likes.
  4. With this strategy, you will get more likes shortly.

    11. Use of trending hashtags:

  1. To generate more traffic on your post, you must include the trending hashtags in your post.
  2. Here are some trending hashtags that you can use to generate more traffic:
  • Throwback Thursday (#tbt)
  • Woman-crush Wednesday (#wcw)
  • Pictures without filters (#nofilter)
  • Selfies (#selfie)
  • Old pictures (#latergram)

    12. Follow more people and make comments:

  1. Following more people and commenting on their posts is a good strategy to gain more followers and likes.
  2. It looks cool to have fewer followers, but you must interact with more people and make comments so you can attract them to your profile. Later you can unfollow them.
  3. Connect your Instagram account with other social platforms and follow all of your connected friends.
Get The Best of 2016 Instagram


Instagram has become one of the most attractive ways to grow your business as Instagram is followed by millions of people where you can also develop yourself and your business. In this article, we shared the techniques to grow your account faster.


How do you get the best out of Instagram?

Ans: Multiple strategies have been shared in this article that you can use to get the best out of Instagram.

Can someone see if you check their Instagram?

Ams: Instagram has a strict privacy policy. Instagram doesn’t allow users to see who checked into someone’s profile.

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