How To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft 
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How To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft – Step By Step Guide

Sure, you are a parrot lover; that is why you want to know how to tame a parrot in minecraft.

To help you to find out, I will show you the straightforward process of taming parrots in minecraft. Just stick to this post and follow all the upcoming steps to tame the parrot.

What Materials Are Required To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft:

To tame the parrot in Minecraft, you will need the below-mentioned material.

  • Melon seeds.
  • Pumpkin seeds.
  • Sunflower seeds.
  • Parrot.

How Can You Tame Parrot In Minecraft:

While a parrot doesn’t provide you anything and cannot give you stuff as a cow or chicken in Minecraft does.

It also won’t be able to defend you in the same way that wolves or polar bears can, so it would be a shame to leave out such a cute animal from your Minecraft collection. To tame it to add to your collection, follow the below-mentioned strategy.

  • Once you’ve gathered all the necessary components, you’ll need to locate a parrot to train.
you'll need to locate a parrot to train
  • You could also use a hack or hatch egg to summon a parrot if you are having problems finding one.
hatch egg to summon a parrot
  • Giving a parrot any form of seed, such as melon seeds, sunflower seeds, or carrot seeds, will tame it.
  • To accomplish this, put your melon seeds on the Hotbar and ensure it is the active component.
  • The melon seeds must now be put to use. The version of Minecraft you use determines how you play and use the melon seeds.
  • Once the parrot has been fed the seeds, grey smoke will probably start to emerge above the bird. Currently, the parrot is untamed.
  • Feed the parrot more seeds until red hearts start to appear all over the bird. This denotes the taming of the parrot.
Feed the parrot more seeds until red hearts start to appea
  • The hearts will vanish at the end of the taming process, at which point the parrot will be friendly and eager to perch on your shoulder. You have just tamed congratulations, a parrot in Minecraft you.
 the parrot will be friendly and eager to perch on your shoulder

How Can You Make Parrot Dance In Minecraft:

How Can You Make Parrot Dance In Minecraft:

Follow the below-listed steps in order to make the parrot dance in Minecraft.

  • A single or more Parrots must spawn on a surface.
  • Now put a jukebox three blocks away from the parrot.
  • Any musical disc can be inserted into the jukebox to start the corresponding song playing. 
  • The parrot will hit the dance floor as soon as the soundtrack continues playing.

To tame parrots in Minecraft, watch this video:


Is it hard to find parrots in Minecraft?

Answer: Due to their great rarity, parrots only have a 0.2% probability of spawning. However, they are present in the jungle biomes. In biomes, parrots are hard to come by.

Can you breed baby parrots in Minecraft?

Answer: Sadly, breeding parrots is not possible in Minecraft. There is just one form, and serving two parrots close to one another has no effect. Exclusively the Parrot Spawn Egg, which is only accessible in Creative Mode, can produce a new parrot.

In Minecraft, what follows if you give a parrot a cookie?

Answer: Given a cookie, a parrot dies instantaneously and releases poisonous particles as it expires because chocolate is poisonous to parrots. In the Bedrock Edition, giving cookies to a parrot causes Deadly Toxicity to last for 1,000 seconds.

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