How To Tame A Ender Dragon In Minecraft
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How To Tame A Ender Dragon In Minecraft – Step By Step Guide

Do you wish to tame the boss of all mobs in minecraft? So wondering how to tame a ender dragon in minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can tame different mobs, but when it comes to taming ender dragon, it may be a little tricky.

To tame the ender dragon in minecraft successfully, continue reading this post to find out how easily you can tame the ender dragon.

How Can You Tame  Ender Dragon In Minecraft:

In a sense, Minecraft ends with Ender Dragon. The game is done once you’ve defeated or even killed her.

Ender Dragon is difficult to tame because she is the boss of every other mob. It can target you with fire from a block afar and breathes fire.

But with knowledge and practice, everything is possible in Minecraft. To tame the ender dragon in minecraft, follow the below-mentioned procedure to make her befriend.

  • The first step towards taming the Ender Dragon in Minecraft is to locate it.
Ender Dragon in Minecraft is to locate it
  • To provide food to the Ender Dragon, start looking for it.
  • Currently, feed the ender dragon with the food you have in your hand.
  • (Be cautious at this point because he has the ability to erupt in flames.)
 he has the ability to erupt in flames
  • The Ender dragon is drawn to him when the player is holding salmon or bones in his hand.
  • But first, you must use the summoning command to either travel to the game’s end dimension or summon the ender dragon.
  • The player eventually earns 12,000 experience points when they tame the Ender Dragon (ten falls of 640 and one fall of 2300), sufficient to advance them from level 0 to level 68.

How Can You Tame Ender Dragon In The Java Edition Of Minecraft?

A straightforward spawn command in Java Edition will insert the ender dragon into your game. However, be careful to strike at the proper location. Additionally, activate the cheat settings before entering the cheat code.

  • Us the Sumon Code to Summon the ender dragon [x] [y] [z] /summon
  • Once the cheat code has been entered, the ender dragon will hatch and appear in your world at the designated location.
  • The spawning will occur wherever it happens if the x, y, and z positions are not entered. Verify that the position is accurate.
  • Now that you’ve called the dragon, it can act aggressively toward you. You’re going to attract her attention.
  • Once the salmon is presented to the dragon, she soon changes behavior. She will begin stalking the player and turn submissive.

Watch this video to tame eder dragon in Minecraft:


How is an Ender Dragon egg hatched in Minecraft?

Answer: You must bring a bucket of lava to an end, ascend to a height of 100 feet, walk anywhere, create a block of lava in the middle, and then put a dragon egg into it. After that, you must throw a splash potion into the lava, followed by a gold apple.

Does Minecraft allow you to slay Ender Dragon?

Answer: In a way, Ender Dragon marks the completion of Minecraft. The game is essentially done once you’ve tamed or even murdered her. It’s difficult to tame Ender Dragon because she is the boss of every other mob. But anything can be done in Minecraft with the right knowledge and abilities to kill the ender dragon.

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