How To Tame A Villager In Minecraft
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How To Tame A Villager In Minecraft – Step By Step Guide

Minecraft all you to tame numerous animals, but what about villagers? How to tame a villager in minecraft?

To find out is it possible or not to tame villagers in Minecraft, continue reading this guide to know how you can tame villagers in minecraft.

How To Tame A Villager In Minecraft:

It’s impossible to tame villagers in minecraft manually, but you can try the below-mentioned procedure to tame them in minecraft to follow you.

  • Super Cheats is the greatest website for Minecraft cheats. You may use a bowl to tame a villager in Minecraft Pocket Edition on a recent update, but not on a PC.
  • There is really nothing you can do, but if you want him to stay, construct a home with iron doors and place him inside. Then, create a nametag for him.
  • He will behave like a mob if the Follow option is turned on.

How Can I Breed Villagers In Minecraft:

Follow the below-mentioned procedure to breed villagers in Minecraft.

1. Find A Village:

Find A Village

Finding a town is the first stage of breeding villagers in Minecraft. Before beginning your breeding program, you must have villagers.

Once you have located a town and the two villagers you wish to crossbreed, you must lock them in a chamber together.

2. Set Up Enough Beds:

Set Up Enough Beds:

Only a few considerations must be made for this to function. The first requirement is that there must be at least three beds in the space where your villagers are imprisoned.

It would be best if you as had as many beds in your room as there are potential villagers you wish to breed.

This suggests that the more bedding you have, the more often your villagers will procreate. Two blocks of space must be above the beds in your hatching chamber.

Now that you’ve placed your two villagers together, the villagers will procreate if they’re “willing.” This can only happen if there are still beds available in the room. ( So make sure that you have extra beds in your inventory).

3. Feed The Food To The villagers:

Feed The Food To The villagers

The villagers will begin to reproduce as soon as they have enough space and more beds than there are villagers, provided they have enough food in their stocks. You can grow things like potatoes, beets, carrots, and bread.

And after a short while, a baby will appear and take over its bed. You can do this as many times as you want as long as there are beds accessible nearby.

Watch this video to tame villagers in Minecraft:


Does Minecraft allow for independent villager reproduction?

Answer: Villagers do not naturally reproduce. The villagers will trade after they have the requisite amount of food and there are enough open beds after that deal is completed.

How can you spawn villagers in a deserted village?

Answer: It is impossible to make a villager appear in a deserted village. Finding a zombie villager and curing it is the best way to fill an empty village.

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