How To Tame A Pig In Minecraft
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How To Tame A Pig In Minecraft – Step By Step Guide

Have you seen any pigs while playing Minecraft and are wondering how to tame a pig in minecraft? If your only motive is to tame a pig in minecraft, then you have landed on the right site.

This guide will show you how you can tame a pig in minecraft by following the simple procedure to make a minecraft pig as your pet.

How To Tame A Pig In Minecraft:

Follow the below-mentioned procedure to tame pig in minecraft.

  • To tame the pigs, you must first acquire the carrots. Carrots are available in many different locales. Additionally, certain garden plots in the village include carrots that are already grown for gamers to pick up.
you must first acquire the carrots
  • You then reach the pig while carrying the carrot in your hands. This will cause a pig to start chasing after you. As long as you are holding carrots, the pig will also continue to chase after you.
reach the pig while carrying the carrot in your hand
  • You have to bring the pig to a confined environment as it runs after you. A door and a wooden slat can be used to create a building or a particular pen for this enclosed area.
bring the pig to a confined environmen
  • Close the gate as soon as the pig walks into your pen. By doing this, you will have command over the pig.
Close the gate as soon as the pig walks into your pen

How To Breed Pigs In Minecraft:

If you have a pet pig now, you might be asking how the earth you can acquire pork chops from it. How exactly can you acquire more pigs for your own tiny breeding farm?

To establish your own mini pig hatching and pork chop farm in Minecraft, you must have at least one other pig because it takes two pigs to produce a baby piglet.

To breed the Minecraft pig, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Use the above methods to capture a second pig to give you two total.
  • Feed the pigs carrots as you are in front of each one. When the hearts start to emerge from them, you’ll know you have done this correctly.
  • Await the birth of the baby piglet.
  • To maintain a healthy herd of pigs on your farm, keep going through the three processes listed above.

What Perks You Can Get By Taming Pigs In Minecraft:

By taming pigs in Minecraft, you can get many advantages. Some of the following are:

  • Once you’ve successfully tamed the minecraft pigs, you can have piglets, and they begin to follow you.
  • Pork chops are produced using pigs.
  • When slaughtering pigs, he replenishes his hunger by releasing three raw pork chops and eight cooked pork slices.
  • The participants will have more fun and a nice food source if they can tame the pigs.

To tame a pig in Minecraft, watch this video:

How to tame bat in Minecraft


In Minecraft, what kind of food is required to tame a pig?

Answer: You need carrots to entice them; obtain those from village garden plots. Zombies also drop carrots. As you approach the pig, who will now begin to follow you, equip the carrot. When they arrive at your enclosure, lead them there and shut the gate.

Can you ride on pigs in Minecraft?

Answer: Pigs that are large enough will be very wide, making them challenging to saddle. No, it’s more challenging to saddle, but not impossible. The rider can maintain stability at a variety of run speeds with suitable saddle fitting. Pigs may be rather vicious, as many people have noted.

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