How To Tame Dragons In Minecraft
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How To Tame Dragons In Minecraft – Step By Step Guide

Would you like to ride a dragon in Minecraft? But how to tame dragons in minecraft to ride on it?

Dont worry. I will show you the simple procedure that you can apply to tame a dragon in minecraft and also guide you on how you can control it when flying on it.

So How Can You Tame Dragon In Minecraft:

To tame the dragon in Minecraft, you need to read the below-mentioned steps carefully.

  • You can tame the Dragon if you use your cards appropriately.
  • Go and search for dragons in the jungle or lava biomes in Minecraft.
  • Now catch the fish from the lake and save it in your inventory.
catch the fish from the lake
  • Feed this dragon raw salmon to tame it. Everyone has their flaws, and the Dragon sure loves his salmon uncooked.
Feed this dragon raw salmon
  • Consider it simple to tame the Dragon if it has been fed enough raw salmon.
  • The power to command a dragon is one of the advantages of taming one in Minecraft.

How Can I Control Dragon In Minecraft:

How Can I Control Dragon In Minecraft:

Three different control options are available for players to control the tame dragon in minecraft.

  • You can start by using your mouse. To look in the specified location, move the pointer there. Note that if you are flying, the dragon would only travel in the location you are pointing at. You can use this control to look upward to climb or look downward to descend.
  • In addition to the mouse, you can control your tamed dragon with the strafe keys on your keyboard. By using the spacebar while holding down the left shift key, you can adjust the height of your jump.
  • For easier control, you can put those two in the same manner. While the spacebar and left shift key can control directional movement, your mouse can only control movement in the horizontal direction.

How Would A Dragon Glide In Minecraft?

How Would A Dragon Glide In Minecraft?

The dragon in Minecraft is distinguished by its capacity for flight. This is also available for people. You can fly directly if you have a tamed dragon that is reached maturity.

  • You can start by using the egg feature to create your flying dragon buddy. To put a dragon egg, right-click on it. Now that you’ve been called a Dragon, you can fly.
  • Put a collar on the Dragon. A sewing table, at least two fabrics or pieces of leather, and your own saddle are all you need. Utilize the crafting recipe as follows. You are now prepared. Finally, you can now watch all the places in Minecraft from the sky to find some treasures.

Watch this video to tame a dragon in Minecraft:


Is it possible to tame a wildfire dragon in Minecraft?

Answer: A tame dragon can only be obtained via hatching an egg, and a wildfire dragon cannot be domesticated. For Fire Dragon eggs to begin hatching, a fire must be present.

Which mod works best for taming dragons?

Answer: Anyone who wishes to raise and tame their own dragon should use the Dragon Mounts Mod. It’s exciting to watch your new buddy develop into a strong dragon that will travel with you everywhere you go. 

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