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JCPenney Kiosk Login | JCPenney Associate Kiosk

Recently, we have discussed the Jtime portal designed for the employees. Today we are going to discuss the JCPenney Kiosk, in this article we will discuss each and everything about JCP. Well, JCP Kiosk stands for JCPenney Kiosks. Through visiting this site employees become able to log in by using their User ID. After this, they can check the information about their service. The employees can receive a special discount by online shopping. 

JCPenney associate kiosk can select a part-time or full-time job. Whatever the service status you have, you can still use JCPenney Kiosk online portal. In this way, you can check your account from your home.

JCPenney Kiosk
JCPenney Kiosk

Well, JCP kiosk is not for every random person. The person who is not the current JCP Associate Kiosk cannot enter for this online site. The advantages such as online discounts are only available for JCP employees. By this discount, they can purchase any product online through the JCPenney kiosk website.

Further, they can simply order the items which may be not presented in the store. Furthermore, JCP provides other kinds of profits. For example, JCP Kiosk gives its staff a medical as well as life insurance benefit. Same like other giant corporations, JCPenney also gives 401(k). Moreover, JCPenney offer paid holidays as well as time offs to their workers.

How to Register as a New User at JCPenney Kiosk?

The employee of the kiosk must register to create a new account at JCP Kiosk. Through this way, they can check the JCPenney service information. Before processing your account, the JCPenney employee cannot check the pay stubs, rewards information, and work timetable.

It is thought that JCPenney kiosk employee kiosk is only available for current registered users. When you register the new account at JCPenney kiosks, you have to fix the password. After this, you can use this password to login to the JCP portal.

Create a new account at JCPenney associate kiosk:

  • For this, you have to visit the JCP Kiosk website.
  • Following to the sign-up page is very easy.
  • There you’ll enter the web address of JCPenney Associates Kiosk in your browser URL.
  • Next the browser will refer you to JCP Associate homepage.
  • There the web page will show you a few links.
  • First, there will be the link of JCP login box.
  • Second, there’ll be a link to recover the password.
  • And next about the login box.
  • Last link will show the link labeled to register as a New User.
  • Open the last link.

You have to remember one vital thing that this link will not work if you open it from your home. This ensures that you cannot create an account except you are at JCP office computer.

Main process of registration:

Now the screen will show the form to fill your credential details. You have to enter the password that you’ll remember later. It is for the reason that you will need this password later to log into the JCPenney Kiosk portal.

Later, you have to fill in other areas, such as the member ID. Remember that this process can’t be done at home, you must be in the JCPenney office. JCPenney disables two links: link to register and reset the password. Therefore, you have to use the computer at the JCPenney office. JCP apply this due to privacy and safety reasons.

JCPenney Kiosk Associate Login

The JCPenney kiosk Login procedure is quick to do. You only have to get ready the employee id and the password. Follow these basic guide for Jcpenney Associate login.

  • First of all you have to visit the official JCP website.
  • Or follow this link through URL.
  • Next, you have to tap the option labeled as Associate Kiosk@Home.
  • This link will refer you to next page.
  • The new web address will be
  • Next you will see the login spaces.
  • There you will first enter the employee number and then password.
  • The employee id number will be consisted of nine figures.
  • So, you must be alert in entering these figures. If you forget these digits, you will really suffer login worry.
  • Further, the login password consists of eleven figures.
  • It comprises of letters JCP which will be inscribed in uppercase.
  • Further contains two figures of the month of birth along with the year of birth.
  • The last, it will be ended with four figures of SSN number.
  • The system will protect your login details.
  • It uses SSL technology to confirm the login process. This technology will encode the link between your browser and the server.

Associate’s information:

Afterward login to JCP associate kiosk portal, you become able search the service detail. For example, you can check the payment information. In addition, you can check the service hours as well. Through this way, you can check the quantity of salary you received. The system also permits you to check the break on the timetable.

Furthermore, you can download the forms of the sick leaves and other private issues. Besides, you can notice the rewards accessible by JCPenney also. Meanwhile it is online info, you can access the portal anyplace and anytime. Furthermore, you can check the information via computer, tablet, or mobile phone as long as you are associated to the internet.

How to Reset JCPenney Login Password

Follow these easy steps to get over this issue;

  • First off all you must access for changing your password through JCPenney associate computer not from home.
  • Visit the JCPenney website
  • Then click on the Associate Kiosk @home.
  • Click on the link Forget password.
  • There you have to mention your jcp details.
  • First mention the user ID or employer ID.
  • Next you will mention your email address.
  • Make sure your details would be correct.
  • Now click to submit.
  • Further you will receive an email from JCPenney.
  • Click on this mail to verify password.
  • Next you will be referred to ne page where you’ll enter your new password.
  • Through all these steps, you can easily recover your JCPenney password of associate account effortlessly.

How to Get the JCPenney kiosk Benefits?

Like others, JCPenney also has offered benefits for its employees. You can receive these benefits if you index at the JCP employee kiosk. When you log in to the JCP associates kiosk website, you will be able to see the Powerline feature. This option will direct you to search for the JCPenney benefits. Furthermore, you can get the benefits program by the Powerline menu also. Now, we will write the steps one by one to acquire JCPenney benefits via JCP associate kiosk.

  • First of all login to your JCPenney associate kiosk through
  • There you have to mention your personal details to get login to your jcp account by putting employee ID and password.
  • Click on the Powerline option, which is placed towards the bottom part right-hand of the page. 
  • Next you’ll be referred to new page associated with jcp benefits.
  • Before selecting the program you want to enroll, first must explore all the rewards first. Through this way, you can pick the plan which is associated with you. Moreover, some benefits are only available for the some specific employees. So, you must choose the plan which you are suitable for.
  • When you have searched out all the rewards, you have to pick which program you want to get.
  • You can tap the benefits link.
  • Next, the site will display you the details to be registered.
  • Follow the details wisely. Now lastly, you can enjoy the benefits of JCPenney Associates.

So this were all about the JCPenney Kiosk, hope it gives you the useful points to overcome your issue. Must have a look at our Jtime article also.


Q: What to do If I am unable to access the Associate Kiosk and I have not been on a leave of absence?

Answer: JCPenney Home Office associates should call 972-431-6900. While all other locations, call JCPenney Shared Services at 1-800-879-1111.

Q: What to do if I just received my paycheck, but the deductions are wrong?

Answer: If you have received a paycheck but deductions are wrong then you must call the JCPenney Benefits Center at 1-888-890-8900 and ask for Health & Insurance.

Q: What if I have received my paycheck, but the hours or rates are wrong, or the commission is wrong. My schedule is also wrong, or I was not late/absence and JTime confirms that I was?

Answer: You are advised to contact to leadership at your store to correct your time and attendance. And make sure that the correct timings are up on jtime.


It is our updated article about the JCPenney Kiosk, must review out another article of Jtime. In case you find any related issues or doubts, must mention through below comment section. Thanks! 🙂

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