how to change fastag Bank

How to Change Fastag Bank | Complete Guide 2022

Are you searching for how to change fastag Bank, then you are at the right spot? This article might help you with how to change Fastag bank.

How to Change Fastag Bank
how to change fastag Bank

Rapid innovation in every field has made products more accessible to individuals in a more comfortable manner.

Not only is that, but a variety of other systems, such as tax collection, internet transfers, and purposes, are being carried out in a less inconvenient manner.

As a result, the “Fastag Transfer” must be included while discussing these technologies. To learn more, we must first understand what Fastag is and how to change fastag Bank.

What exactly is Fastag?

The Indian govt’s Ministry of Public Transportation and Highways implemented Fastag, a radio frequency technology, in October 2017.

How to Change Fastag Bank
how to change fastag Bank

Fastag’s primary function or goal is to collect toll payments directly from prepaid accounts linked to it. It has a 5-year validity period after purchase, after which we must recharge it.

It allows for nonstop vehicle movement from one highway to the next, obviating the need for toll plazas by allowing for cashless toll payment via a nationwide interoperable electronic toll collecting system.

Before we move on to the main topic first, we will look at how to link the fastag with a bank account.

How can I connect my Fastag to my bank account?

A prepaid account, such as a Paytm wallet, is linked to each FASTag. When you purchase a Paytm FASTag, it is instantly linked to your Paytm wallet, allowing you to conduct FASTag transactions.

As a result, you don’t need to link your FASTag to a bank account because your FASTag-associated prepaid account is already tied to one. All you have to do now is make sure that your prepaid wallet account is KYC-verified.

How to Change Fastag Bank?

It’s easy to switch a FASTag account from one bank to another; simply follow the instructions detailed below:

  • If a customer’s Fastag is linked to a Paytm wallet that is linked to a different bank, he or she can switch banks and recharge the wallet with monies from the new bank account.
  • If the client’s Fastag is tied to a Paytm bank account, however, changing the Bank would also require the user to cancel the Paytm-linked Fastag.

How to Make FASTag Transactions with Paytm

Your FASTag account will be established after your registration is complete, and your FASTag will be instantly linked to your Paytm wallet.

As a result, when you pass through a toll booth after pasting the FASTag on your vehicle’s windshield, your FASTag will be instantly linked to your Paytm wallet, and the money will be withdrawn from your Paytm wallet.

If you purchase a Paytm FASTag, you may simply use the same FASTag for all of your cars. You will save time by not having to recharge your FASTag as often if you use the Paytm wallet for your FASTag-related purchases.

All you need is a balance in your Paytm wallet, and when you cross a toll plaza, the toll tax amount will be debited immediately from your wallet.

Having a single Paytm wallet for numerous requirements will make it easier to manage your balances and keep track of all your travel-related expenses, such as gas, department store purchases, and toll plaza costs.

How to Change Fastag Bank
how to change fastag Bank

How Can I change a Fastag account?

Following these easy procedures, you may now transfer your Paytm Fastag to another account.

  • Customers may now instantly transfer their tags to other app users, resulting in a significant increase in customer satisfaction.
  • They must first access the Fastag area of the consumer app.
  • Then, choose the Fastag that has to be transferred to a different Paytm phone number.
  • The recipient’s mobile number is entered in the third stage, followed by a tap on proceed.
  • You may easily move your Fastag Paytm account to another account by following these guidelines.

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How to Give Fastag to Someone Else:

Fastag is unique to each car, but you can terminate your FASTag account if you plan to sell your vehicle and wish to transfer FASTag to someone else. To close your FASTag account, follow these steps:.

  • Go to the portal’s service request area and select “Generate a Service Request.”
  • The majority of banks use the same approach on their site; thus, the procedures for canceling the FASTag account will be the same.

What Bank provides a free FASTag?

Any national toll plaza in India can also provide you with a Fastag Tag. The national roads of India are listed below.

By visiting the Toll Plaza office, you may get a free Fastag card for your vehicle. Special deals are also available with ICICI Bank FASTag!

From January 1, 2021, the Ministry of Road Transportation and Highways has mandated that all automobiles be FASTag-equipped. What are the three documents that must be submitted?

KYC papers Registration Certificate (RC) of the car Passport-size photo of the vehicle owner

how to change fastag Bank


How can I locate my FASTag Issuer?

Simply look for the provider’s logo on the FASTag from inside the vehicle or automobile to find the FASTag Issuing Bank for the FASTag placed on your vehicle.

How do I disable my FASTag?

The vehicle owner/user might request a new FASTag from the Issuer Agency. To block your FASTag, contact the issuer agency’s customer service line. The amount will be transferred to the new account after you open a new account with the issuer agency.

How do I deactivate a FASTag account?

One of the most typical methods is to contact your FASTag provider’s Customer Support and request the closure/deactivation of the FASTag connected account.

Customers may just contact 1033 for any FASTag-related problems, according to MoRTH/NHAI/IHMCL, which has developed a hotline number 1033 for handling FASTag complaints.

Final Words

This is all from us about how to change fastag Bank; we have described everything there is to know about how to change fastag Bank.

You have the option of changing your FASTag bank account. To do so, go to your local Point of Sale and request a bank account change. After that, the POS will process the request and update your FASTag account with the updated bank account information.

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