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MSN Hotmail Account Login (Extensive Guide 2022)

Hello and welcome to the MSN Hotmail mail account administration and usage instructions. I’ve written this blog article to provide detailed information on Hotmail and its products, as well as a few helpful hints.

Many people believe that Hotmail has died and is no longer accessible, but I disagree. Hotmail is not gone; rather, it has been reincarnated as Microsoft Outlook. All current users and functionality have been relocated to a new location, and users may gladly continue using that Hotmail login ID from now on.

MSN Hotmail
MSN Hotmail

Today, I’ll show you how to signup, sign in, and use your Hotmail ID in the new Outlook workplace without any problems.

Microsoft has also included a slew of new features that were absent in the previous home. Without any further ado, let’s get right into this detailed tutorial.

Login Requirements for Hotmail

  • Hotmail Login Website Address
  • You must have a Hotmail account with a valid Email id/username and password.
  • Browser for the internet.
  • Connectivity to the internet on a PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet that is consistent.

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Steps to create a Hotmail account/register for free

Learn how to establish a Hotmail account and signup for a free account.

You may create a free Hotmail account for individual use. All you have to do is register for an account, and your account will be ready in a matter of minutes.

To create and open a new Hotmail account, follow these steps:

MSN Hotmail
MSN Hotmail
  • Go to the login home page.
  • Click the Create Account button (screengrab above)
  • Choose an email address with the extension.
  • Make a strong password.
  • Fill out the registration form with all of your information.
  • You’ll need to give your valid mobile phone number and an alternate email address for verification.

Steps for MSN Hotmail login

Discover how to view your emails by logging into your Hotmail email box account.

Signing in to your Hotmail account in 2022 is quick and straightforward. You can use the same Email ID and Password that you used to register the account after you have finished the verification process.

MSN Hotmail
MSN Hotmail

You may quickly connect to your Hotmail email account by following the procedures outlined below:

  • Go to the homepage of
  • Click the Sign-in button (screengrab above)
  • Enter your MSN email address.
  • Enter your password for the same Hotmail ID you’re using.
  • That’s all! Just press the Enter key on your keyboard, and you’re done!

After successfully authenticating your credentials, you will be redirected to your Hotmail mailbox. If you forget your password, utilizing the secondary contact information that you provided on the signup form can assist you in recovering access.

Stay safe by memorizing your login ID and password instead of writing it down on paper or saving it online.

MSN Hotmail account settings

Hotmail or Outlook has added a bunch more choices since my last check to the settings screen. They’ve introduced a slew of connectors as well as new ways to alter the appearance of the Hotmail UI.

MSN Hotmail
MSN Hotmail

You can easily access the email Hotmail settings page by clicking the settings icon beneath your profile image in the top-right corner. When you click the gear icon, a lightbox popup window containing Settings choices will appear on the same page.

In general, Hotmail provides three main configuration options:

  • General Preferences
  • Mail
  • Calendar

Log-out From A Desktop Browser

If you’re using a common laptop or desktop, I highly advise you to sign out of your login before leaving the system. In the online version of Hotmail, the sign-out button is easily available.

MSN Hotmail
MSN Hotmail

Your profile image may be found in the top right-hand corner of both the browser display. By clicking on the image, you will be presented with various alternatives, including a link to sign out of your account. By using this command, you will be logged out of your Hotmail account on the computer.

Log-out From A Mobile App

I don’t believe myself to be a regular sign-in and log-out user. Although, logging out before deleting the app will be handy if you are entirely erasing all email data from the phone. Also, I believe the log-out choices will be the same regardless of the mobile Operating system.

The procedures to log out of the Microsoft Outlook Mobile Application are as follows:

MSN Hotmail
MSN Hotmail
  • Launch the Microsoft Office Outlook app.
  • For more possibilities, click on the three horizontal bars.
  • You’ll see a gear icon at the bottom of the settings page — click on it.
  • You can now see your Hotmail ID in the Accounts area (screengrab below)
  • To access the Advanced settings, press the button.
  • Finally, towards the bottom, you’ll notice the instruction “Sign out ACCOUNT.”
  • Finally, run the program to remove your app.

Hotmail Mobile App And Desktop Software

The Hotmail or Outlook mobile application is accessible in all app stores for mobile devices as well as a computer store. The following are easy download links for the same:

  • Android App:
  • iOS App:
  • Windows App:

Hotmail emails Components

After logging in to your Hotmail account on a browser window, you’ll see all of your tabs in the left-hand window. Look for and choose the “+ New Message” instruction or at the very top of the pane.

This will create a new inner window with such a mail drafting/writing pane similar to the one seen below.

MSN Hotmail
MSN Hotmail
  • From: The email address wherein the Hotmail is sent.
  • To: The list of email addresses to which the message is sent (receiver)
  • Cc: A duplicate copy of your email will be forwarded to the email address specified here.
  • Bcc: A blind duplicate copy of your message would be sent to the specified email address; however, the recipient will not be able to know that this email address is being copied.
  • Attach:  This function brings up the opportunity to add attachments to mail from your PC or your online storage, such as OneDrive.
  • Discard:  This option removes the prepared email from this window.
  • Send:  This function will eventually deliver the Hotmail to the persons you specified in the preceding settings.


That’s all there was to it with the MSN Hotmail Login. I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful, but if you have any difficulties with this MSN Hotmail login, please post comments; I like assisting everyone.


Is it compatible with Android phones?

Yes, an Android app for Hotmail is available. You may get it by clicking the link above.

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