Scheels Credit Card

Scheels Credit Card Complete Review, Fee, Login, And Benefits

If you’re looking to know about scheels credit card complete reviews, fee, login, and benefits, then you’re on the right place because today we are going to be showing you everything related to Scheels credit card so that you can go straight away to their stores and register yourself for the card. So, without wasting your time further, let’s get started with everything.

But before we get started, here are some suggestions which you must take before going into the action.

Scheels Credit Card
Scheels Credit Card

Everything you need to know about scheels credit card

So, we will be taking the start from the rates and fees so that you must keep something in your pocket in order to avoid embarrassment at the time of registrations.

Rates and Fees

Some of the rates and fees related to scheels credit card are given below.

  • There are no annual fees for the card which means it’s 0 Dollars
  • The purchase rate of APR is 20.99% variable which is lower than most of the store cards available in the market
  • The range of scorecards carry from 620 to 850 in order to get the maximum rewards

It means that there’s no registration fee, rates or annual fee so the opening of this card and you can do it for absolutely free of cost. Now let’s talk about the features of scheels credit card.

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Feature of Credit Card

Every credit has some features and so does scheels credit card, and it’s better to know about all the features of this card because you’re going to use it soon. So, we are breaking down every single feature related to this card down below.

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  • At Scheels store, when you spend 1 dollar, you’ll be given 3 rewards point on every purchase and once you reach the milestone, you’ll be given free dollars for the sopping
  • You can shop outside scheels store but the earning points are only 1 point on every 1 dollars shop
  • On earning one point. It means that you’ve earned 0.01 dollars

Pros and Cons of Scheels credit card

Every card has some pros and cons and they are necessary to know before you get started with the credit card. So here they are.


  • There’s an application related to Scheel’s app on Google apps which you can download and install on your phone in order to keep the record of your account, rewards, and money
  • National Bank of Omaha will issue this card who are famous for their great service care and serving their customers nicely
  • If you’re managing your card under one person, then you surely going to earn a lot of rewards and money
  • The process of registration is very easy and you can submit the application within no time and the response is very sudden
  • You’ll get a 25$ gift from the scheels once you get registered for their card
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  • This card is platinum Visa Card and if you’re running through any problem when using the card, you won’t be able to replace it before 90 days usage of the card
  • The interest rate is high which is 18.99%, the only way to avoid yourself from these rates is to increase the rewards point
  • The reward points are a bit low, which means that you’re going to get only 3 points for your 1 dollars shopping
  • The signup bonus is 1500 points which are low as compared to many other service providers

So, there are many questions arising about the scheels credit card that who shouldn’t be using this card, so here’s the answer.

Who shouldn’t be using Scheels credit card?

So, you’re going to get surprises that there are few people for whom this card isn’t the best choice and to find the answer you need to scroll down a bit.

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  • If you’re a sportsman, fisherman or hunter then this card isn’t for you
  • If you’re going for a small shop then this card is surely for you but if you’re willing to buy something big and costly then due to high-interest rates, you’re going to get yourself charged some extra money and you might end up putting your hands on your head
  • The high-interest rates and low reward points, you’ve to offer them more money than the normal prices even if the item isn’t worth it. So, it’s better to buy the items through cash rather than going for the card and losing more money.

Benefits of Scheels Visa

Some of the benefits that Scheels Visa card provides you are given below.

  • The annual fee for this card is none
  • You can earn points by shopping at the store and then use these points to shop more
  • In the first 6 months, there will be no interest rate and APR charges for you and you can shop up-to 500$
  • The overall APR for Scheels credit card is 18.99%
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In a Nutshell

So, we have discussed almost everything related to scheels credit card and we are hopeful that you’ve loved the article and you’ve achieved what you were striving for.

If you’ve any questions regarding this topic, then feel free to comment down below. We will try to answer you in a flash and will surely solve your query. Cheers!

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