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How to fix err_connection_refused | Step by Step Guide

Sometimes these errors that don’t let you use the website are very annoying because they come up on the screen and ask you to check your connection every time. Yes, the error we are talking about is err_connection_refused and it’s not only you who are annoyed about these errors but we are also fed up with this error.

This error comes up to your screen when you have got an error in your browser may be, or you might be facing a bad internet connection. But don’t you worry because we have got your back and we will be discussing everything regarding this topic because we need to solve this issue. So, without wasting any time further, let’s rock and roll.

Everything you need to know about err_connection_refused

So, this error can be solved within a couple of minutes but you need to stay focused on what you’re doing. Let’s take a start now.

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Clear Cache Memory and History

A lot of times when the website isn’t getting loaded, there are many chances that you’re facing the problem err_connection_refused because of this cache memory and history. Maybe this site you’re trying to reach out has updated their website and now you need to completely run it again in order to get all the updates live.

Don’t know how to clear your cache memory? Don’t worry we are breaking down the steps to delete them.

  1. First of all, open your Google Chrome browser and check if the website you’re trying to reach is still showing the same error?
  2. If it still showing the same error, then at the right top corner of your browser, you’re going to see vertical three dots. Click on them and you’re going to witness a drop-down menu
  3. Click on the history button and you’ll end up getting a new tab that has the information of your history, cache memory, and cookies
  4. Now click on remove history button, and it will ask you to CHECK CACHE MEMORYas well
  5. Now remove the history and all your saved websites, password and cache memory is going to vanish away.
  6. Now go to the website that shows you err_connection_refused error and you won’t be able to see the problem again because the problem has just vanished away

Isn’t this method is super easy and worth giving a try? Try this method and don’t forget to comment down below and let us know if the method has worked for you or not. Let’s move to the next method.

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Update your browser

Updating the browser can solve the problem for you, didn’t try solving the problem? Try this method and you’ll end up getting rid of the problem err_connection_refused. Here we go!

  1. Open Google Chrome or any browser that you’re using and then go to the right top corner of the browser and you’ll find out 3 vertical buttons
  2. Click on them and you will see a drop-down menu that has the information related to
  3. Now look for the settings button and then head towards it
  4. Once you click on the setting button, you’ll see a new tab is going to open
  5. You’ll find “Check for updates” button, click on it and it will show you the most recent updates that need to be done on your browser
  6. Select the updates and then click on the install button and you’re done
  7. Now restart the browser and you won’t be seeing problem err_connection_refused problem again

Is this method of updating the browser isn’t easy and you find it complex? Don’t worry. Here’s another method of doing it.

  1. The first step that you need to do is to uninstall your browser or delete it completely from your computer
  2. Now head towards the browser that you’ve in your computer now  
  3. Once the browser is open, type Google and then it will automatically show “Download Google chrome” Or if it didn’t show you, you can type download Google chrome in the search engine and it will show you the official website
  4. Now click on the download button and it will ask you to choose the version of the windows
  5. Once you’re done with the version, the download will automatically be taking a start and it will be downloaded within a couple of minutes
  6. Now open the Google Chrome browser after the installation and check for the error err_connection_refused again
  7. You’ll not find this error on any website again if this problem still comes up, it means that the website is down.
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Check your internet connection

Now, it’s high time that you check your internet connection because if the website you’re trying to reach is working on someone’s else computer and not yours, then there are greater chances that you have got a bad or unstable internet connection that is causing the issues. Here’s how you can check your internet connection or set it.

  1. If you’re getting a chance to check that your internet isn’t working then simply restart your router and try to recheck the website that wasn’t working before
  2. If the website has started to respond then it means it was your internet connection but if the website is still not showing up but other websites are working, then that means the website link is down and you’ll have to wait until they get it live
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So, we have discussed almost everything regarding err_connection_refused this error and we are hopeful that this content has helped you in achieving what you’re striving for. Have any questions in mind? Comment down below.