Set Parental Controls in Windows

How to Set Parental Controls in Windows 10 | Complete Guide

If you’re looking to know everything about set parental controls in windows, then you’re on the right place because we have everything related to this topic which we will be sharing with you. You need to read the whole article in order to know everything about Parental Control in Windows 10, so let’s get started with the discussion straight away.

How to Set Parental Controls in Windows

Set Parental Controls in Windows
Set Parental Controls in Windows

If your child is teasing you and asking you every time about using the PC or laptop which has the most important documents related to your work, then you can turn on the parental control in windows to avoid any misshapen.

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What Parental Controls can do for you?

The features might surprise you because a lot of people are unaware of this tool because they never heard of it neither they use it. The windows of parental control can help you in various ways:

  • Now you can set up different accounts for your kids and let them use the PC
  • You can have a complete eye on your kids through administrative control
  • You can block any website or application of your choice so that your kids don’t have access to it
  • You can access their email account through administrative controls
  • You can give them privileges of your choice to access the parts of the system
  • You can set the time limit of using the system- the system will shut up automatically
  • You can set the purchase limit
  • You can set Xbox parental control settings as well.

Isn’t the parental controls system is amazing? Now you must be wondering about how to set parental controls in Windows 10. Let’s get started!

How to Set Parental Controls in Windows

Now you know what the purpose of parental controls is, it’s time to set parental controls in Windows for your kids to keep an eye on them and know what they are doing when you’re not home. We are breaking down the steps in which you follow them and activate them on your system.

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  1. The first step is to enable the Parental Control system from the account settings and add a child’s account.
  2. Now click on the account setting and then head towards the account setting. You’ve to make sure that you’ve logged in from the Administrative Account.
  3. Now you’ll see a window containing a lot of information and in the left panel select “Family and Other People” option to choose and add a family member
  4. Now it’s time to select whether you want to give the access to adult or a child
  5. Now provide details about the user such as email account, password, date of birth, etc
  6. Now to proceed to the last steps, you need to check whether you give them online preferences or not
  7. Now re-enter the password to confirm if you write the same password or you know the password
  8. Now read the privacy policy and then click on the Next button
  9. Once everything is done, click on the finish button and you’re done.

How to enable Parental Control in Windows

To enable the parental control in Windows, you can easily customize the settings. The following are the steps that you’ve to follow.

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  • After setting up everything, you need to enable parental control through setting. Now go to the setting of Windows family control.
  • In the Windows family control, you’ll see all the accounts which you have added in the family section and you can even block the activities as well
  • Turn on the option regarding Activity, and you’ll see the Internet, App and Games and a lot more and you have all the rights to turn off and on everything
  • Now you can a lot of options in the Parental control and you can check the activities that which websites they are visiting too
  • If you want to block any website, just click on the activity website and you’ll see a lot of options, for example, turn off/on the website

That’s how easy it is to use Parental control in Windows and you can limit the access of your children as well.

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Now you’ve all the setup and even small activity of your kids on the laptop can be viewed and you can even turn the Mobile activity on and off to see everything on your phone. Windows have made everything so easy for the users to monitor the activity of their kids and this is why they prefer windows over Mac books.

In a Nutshell

So, we have discussed almost everything related to How to set parental controls in Windows 10 and we are really hopeful that this article has helped you in achieving what you’re striving for.

If you’ve any questions regarding the above topic Set Parental Controls in Windows then feel free to comment down below. We will try to reach you as soon as possible and will answer your query. Cheers!

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