PS4 Backwards Compatibility

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Are you a PS4 addict and want to know the PS4 backwards compatibility with the previous versions of the Play station? Then we are about to discuss all the possible ways and research that could help you in knowing PS4 Backwards Compatibility.

PS4 Backwards Compatibility
PS4 Backwards Compatibility

Explanation of PS4 Backwards Compatibility  

The launch of PS4 wasn’t the greatest of launches in their whole career because you’re unable to play the PS3 and PS2 games on PS4, and now it has become a little harsh on your pocket where you’ve to buy all new games for PS4. But don’t you worry we have the solution for your problem and we are about to it in a while but let’s quickly go through the most frequently asked questions about PS4 backward Compatibility.

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  • Can we play PS2 and PS3 games on PS4? – Questions are being raised over PS4 compatibility with PS2 and PS3 because you can’t play games of the previous version of Play Station on PS4. But Play station companies are working hard and this is the reason why few games of previous versions can be played on PS4. We will give you the list of the games at the end of the discussion
  • Can we play PS4 games on PS5?- Yes, the Sony company is working hard on daily basis in order to not let your money go in waste when you buy a new version of Play Station and this is the reason why PS5 is compatible enough to run all the previous games on it. But that’s not the case with PS4 Backwards Compatibility
  • Can we Play Xbox 360 games on Xbox one? – Unlike PS4, Xbox one offers you to play Xbox 360 games on it and that’s the reason why people are heading more towards the Xbox than the Play Station.
  • Will Sony release PS5? – Yes, four years before Sony released Ps4 and in 2018 they announced the official end of Play Station 4 pro. They have announced the release of PS5 which is going to hit the market very soon.

So, that’s the end of all the question sections and now is about to discuss all the real issues related to PS4 Backwards Compatibility.

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PS4 Backwards Compatibility with PS3 and PS2

As we all know that PS4 and PS4 pro are the kings of gaming market nowadays and Xbox is giving them full competition. But what if you ever want to play the previous version of the games on your PS4? Will you be able to play PS3 and PS2 games on PS4?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You cannot play PS3 and PS2 games on your PS4 console but the good news is that you can now download and stream the older games title using Sony Play station.

Xbox Offers Backwards Compatibility, why not PS offering PS4 Backwards Compatibility?

Your question is totally valid and being the users of Play station, and you have all the right to ask these questions. Unlike PS4, Xbox offers you to play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One and Microsoft have gone one step ahead of PS4 by offering this thing in their Play station.

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On asking the question from Play Station Head, he replied that we have received a lot of request from the users related to this topic, but it’s not what its look like because most of the people do not play the older version of the games on the new console but however we are offering the backwards compatibility in the upcoming PS5.

PS4 Backwards Compatibility- Solution

There’s not a single way that you play the previous versions of the Play Station game on PS4 but however, PS4 has given you a way to play previous games.

Sony Play Station subscription allows you to download the games of PS2 and PS3 from the library of Play Station and stream them as well. Sony is claiming that you can select over 600 games and play them on your PS4. The list of the games are given below

ADK Damashii: Now play this amazing game on PS4 without any hurdle
Alter Echo:
Download this game from Play Station Library and Enjoy
Ape Escape 2:
Now you can play Ape Escape 2 on your PS4
Ape Escape 3:
A sequel to Ape gaming can be played on your PS4
Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits:
Have you played this game before? Go for it it’s an absolutely amazing game for you to play.
Bully your friends and play this game with them.
Dark Chronicle:
We love to play this game, and so should you.
Dark Cloud:
Amazing game and graphic. Loved this game on PS4 now!
Destroy All Humans:
This game is being loved by thousands of user and you can finally have this game on PS4.
Destroy All Humans! 2:
It is a sequel to the previous game and with all improved graphics and sounds.
Eternal Ring:
Download and Play Eternal Ring now on PS4
You can finally play the most awaited game on PS4 Finally
Download and play this game and you won’t regret our suggestion.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas!
The most loved game can finally be played on PS4 and PS4. And you can play all the sequel of the game as well.
War of the Monsters: Ever heard of War of the Monsters? If not then what were you doing with your play station the whole life? Go and grab this game from the library and enjoy.

The Warriors:
This game was the most demanding game and this is the reason that why it is in the list.
Wild Arms 3:
Wild Arm 3 is the sequel to the game Wild Arm and Play Station has allowed you to download this game and play this game on your PS4 and PS4 pro so that you don’t have to buy another disc for gaming.

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In a Nutshell

We have discussed few games in order to tell you that PS4 Backwards compatibility isn’t an issue for you and you can download the games from PS4 Library.

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We really hope that this article helped you a lot in understanding PS4 Backwards Compatibility, if you have any question regarding PS4 Backwards Compatibility, then don’t hesitate to ask us. Cheers

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