Toys R US Credit Card

Toys R US Credit Card, is it a good option for you? Complete Review

If you’re looking to know about toys r us credit card then you’re on the right place because today we are going to discuss everything about toys r us credit card and will try to cover all your queries. The R us card is basically for those who love to buy toys for their babies and once you buy the toys through this card, you’ll be awarded different points and through that points, you can earn money as well.

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Everything you need to know about toys r us credit card

So, before you buy this card or register yourself for this card, you want to read everything related to toys r us credit card because it’s totally worth it.

Toys R US Credit Card
Toys R US Credit Card

Why toys r us credit card is good?

The card has a lot of qualities but few of the mainstream qualities are given below.

  • This card is good for those people who love to go to R us stores for once or twice in a period of 6 months
  • This card allows you to enjoy the reward which is given to you after every purchase. For example if you buy 1 dollars product, then you’ll be given 8 cents in return as a bonus

Why toys r us credit card is bad?

Every good thing in this world has cons as well and this card also has cons which are mentioned below.

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  • This card isn’t good for those who are looking for daily purchases because you’re not going to get any incentive/profit
  • You’re going to get flexible reward redemption

The only problem that this card has is that you can only shop from the profit which you’ve earned in the Baby toys store and you can’t get the reward used somewhere else. You’ll get the dollars certificate from the store once you reach the milestone and you can use the certificate under 60 days. If you’re unable to use the reward within the 60 days, your certificate is going to get canceled.

Yes, you can attach your bank account with the rewards as well, and you’ve to wait for the milestone to reach until the money transfer it to your bank account. Another good thing which they offer you is that you’re going to get 8% on discount on the exceptional purchasing from this store when shopping for birthdays or for special events.

Benefits and Features

There are a lot of benefits and features that toys r us credit card is offering and we are going to discuss each of them.

So, once you buy something from their store, you’re going to get 2 points from each of the shopping and once you reach the milestone or 10 or 20 points, you’ll be rewarded with free money and you can spend them on the same shop only. And if you’re a card user, then your card is valid up to 1 year and you’ve to renew it after every year, and if you’re unable to spend the money within the time period of your card expiration then your reward will be canceled.

You can open the card for you with absolutely no registration fee, no balance is required to keep in the card, and the regular APR is 26% which we think is totally worth it. Because no other shop in the world gives you free rewards and bonus points just for shopping on their stores.

Toys r us credit card profit can only be used to buy babies toy and in-store purchases and you’re unable to buy gift cards, square trade protection plans, deliver free or shipping and handling charges. And this is where this store is a bit strict because they only want their product to be scale-out even through the rewarded money.

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Additional Benefits

Once you buy the card or your card is approved for shopping, you’ll be given 15% off on the first shop and if your register your kids with the store, then your kids are going to get surprises on their birthday and messages as well.

You can ask the question about this card more in detail from the store owners and they will guide you more about the additional and secret benefits which they only know and they aren’t bound to tell other than the cardholders. So, what are you waiting for, go get yourself registered and enjoy shopping?

In a Nutshell

We have discussed almost everything related to the toys r us credit card and we really hope that the aim of coming here for you is achieved. So, what are you waiting for now? Go and grab the card and enjoy the rewards after shopping.

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If you have any questions regarding to this topic, then feel free to comment down below. We will try to answer you as soon as possible and will try to solve your query. Cheers!

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