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Top 10 TV Guide Apps for Android And IOS

Today I am going to tell you about the most popular TV guide apps for android and iOS. So that you never miss out on your favorite dramas and shows. Most of these apps are free to use but most of them are paid, but provides complete access to your favorite shows.

I don’t have any idea that why so many people complain about missing dramas or any episode when new seasons begin every year. Well, maybe because there’s many to watch out, especially if you’re watching through services like VPNs and Netflix or any other platform to watch series as they are watched all over the world. But unfortunately, there are masses of apps developed for both Android and iOS and made for this reason.

TV Guide Apps
TV Guide Apps

The apps presented here will make assured you’re on first on the TV shows you watch and these apps also notify you when new episode of your favorite show comes out. These apps offer you the facility to watch your favorite content anytime in the week. So now we will discuss the features of these apps one by one, let’s start!

Main Features of TV Guide Apps:

TV Guide Apps
TV Guide Apps
  • Through this app, you’ll catch full info about all the movies and shows on TV.
  • You can set notifications as alarms for your favorite TV shows.
  • Through Calendar section you can create your own TV shows schedule.
  • You can add programs of your choice to My Series and you’ll receive notifications when the new chapter comes out.
  • You can also receive ideas for TV shows and movies in free time.
  • It presents a fresh, attractive and smart look.

Now we will going to discuss all the top rated apps one by one with their attractive features.


Availability: Android + iOS

Charge: Free/Paid

TV24 is a modest guide app designed for Android as well as iOS. By using this, you will be alert about which programs, movies, and TV shows are going to airing on your chosen TV channel right now and 7 days of next week. To initiate this, you have to enter your zip code and choose your local TV supplier.

It also offer ads in the mid of the content. But if you desire to remove those ads, you’ll must purchase the premium package, which can be available for £9.99 annually and £0.99 on monthly basis.

It offers:

  • You can create your own watch list.
  • You can also follow your favorite shows.
  • You can set notifications to never miss out your favorite show.
  • Receive complete detail including cast, images, posters plus ratings.

TV Guide Smart

Availability: Android + iOS

Charge: Free

TV Guide Smart is a free app which is existing universally and giving its best ratings. Through this application, you will get info about shows and what time to watch out on TV.


  • Hundreds of channels available for 14 days.
  • You can choose an easy view mode: Grid or List.
  • There is also widget available for Android 4+.
  • You can set cues about your favorite programs, shows, and series.
  • You can watch video promos and read short descriptions.
  • Provides simple and instinctive interface.

TV Listings & Guide Plus

Availability: Android

Charge: Free

Download TV Listings & Guide Plus application on your Android and you’ll get quick and trustworthy TV schedules for all the main TV channels, networks and providers located in the USA, Canada with cable, satellite, and antenna.

Through this application, you will never miss out your favorite TV serials or the next episode. Besides this you can continuously interpret the up-to-date information that is updated from authorized sources of TV channels. If the time table changes, then you will get to know also.

  • Through this app, you’ll catch complete information about all the movies and shows on TV.
  • You can set notifications for favorite TV shows.
  • Through My Calendar section you can make your own TV program calendar.
  • Add shows to My Series and you’ll get notifications when a new episode comes out.
  • Get ideas of TV shows and movies in free time.
  • It has a modern, beautiful and smart interface.

TV Player

Availability: Android + iOS

Charge: Free/Paid

If you want to lookout Freeview TV on your phone or tablet, then TV Player is a decent choice to watch this out. It also provides seven day guided content, there is also a live running feature that allows you to watch your favorite programs while on the travel. Apparently, this will consume data from your package. You can, also purchase TV receivers that permits to watch on your tablet or phone without using any internet connection.

For example, Elgato’s EyeTV has a Quick connector and plugs into your iPhone or iPad, its £66 from Amazon. The app costs £5.99/month that also permit access to subscription channels such as Discovery, History, Comedy Central, Eurosport, and Nickelodeon.

Radio Times Discover TV

Availability: Android + iOS

Charge: Free/Paid

When you first start Discover TV app you’re not going to be offered with the standard TV schedule, in its place there is a collection of some lists offering as the ‘10 Best Today’, ’10 Best Catch-Up’, and ‘5 Best Free Films’.

Clicking the Full Schedules option at the end of the screen that proceeds you to a seven-day schedule that is efficiently pleasure to cross. There’s even radio channels offered, so you’ll certainly not miss the shows again. Clicking on any show takes up more information, including a short summary of the story, about casts, and its duration.  

Once you’ve arranged a free Radio Times account you’ll also be capable to tracking definite shows and create lists of your favorite stations. Those with a Sky+ account will also be able to record shows directly from the app too.

The app exhibit No ads, and you can’t eradicate them. But for the most part they’re unremarkable and mean that this outstanding app remains free.

TV Guide UK free

Availability: Android + iOS

Charge: Free/Paid

Through this you can certainly check the timetable for the whole day, or use shortcuts that show what will be on during exact time or dawn evening. There’s also a distinct breakdown for movies, sport, or cartoons, and you can accumulate a list of favorite channels somewhat than working through the whole list.

 The app offers free contents but that includes ads, but if you want to eliminate out ads promos you have to upgrade to the premium package for 4 months £1.99 or annually £2.99


Availability: Android + iOS

Charge: Free/Paid

Besides the old-style time-line of program design, there’s now available ‘Now & Next’ section that does what it utters, in addition you have the capability to explore over several most demanded services to see what’s available on deal. It comprises All4, iPlayer, ITV Hub, My5, as well as subscription programs like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Through its Favorites section, permits you to follow your favorite series, you can create a modified list containing only your chosen stations, and it’s also likely to set up notifications for new episodes broadcasting. Generally, it’s an exciting application, and if you want to eliminate the frustrating ads then it will merely cost you £4.99 annually.


Availability: Android + iOS

Charge: Free/Paid

Hobi is a less storage containing TV guide app that sorts a simple user interface. Interface consists three sections including Watchlist, Following, and Explore. Hobi includes the schedule of the TV series broadcasted on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. It also contains TV programs declared by various DTH operators. Hobi shows the genre, length, album art and description of series. If the show is distributed into seasons, you can see its complete schedule with Hobi.

Through this application you will automatically be notifies for new episodes and season debuts of the shows in your watch list. It allows users to turn off the alerts if want to. While instance if you don’t want to disable alerts, you can construct Hobi to show notifications at a time you require.

  • Get alerts of premiere dates with TV guide.
  • Receive notifications for new episodes and get alerts for new seasons.
  • You can always use the integral TV tracker to always see where you left.
  • Easy way to following the TV shows you’re watching.
  • It provides a countdown of release date of new episodes.
  • Receive full information about the shows and series you desire to watch.

TV Time

Availability: Android + iOS

Charge: free/paid

TV Time is another alternative of the above mentioned apps. It takes a great designed interface and many other choices. New users of TV time are requested to pick the shows they watch mostly. Once you select the shows, TVT will open its main page directly.

It also allows users to see the detail of a TV show. It also permits users to comment and give reviews on their favorite chapters. The Watchlist section claims a list of dramas you’re planning to watch out. You can also update the list by searching the app and adding the shows you find exciting to the watchlist.

The Profile segment shows you the number of hours you’ve consumed watching the shows. It also permits you to check out the badges you’ve unlocked and the comments you’ve given on the serial’s episodes.


Availability: Android + iOS

Charge: Free

IMDB is the most prevalent TV app on the Play Store and iTunes. It permits you to give rating stars and see movies, TV shows, etc. It also permits you to checkout their reviews. IMDB has a separate segment for TV and movies. In the TV section, you can see the script, cast, images, and schedule of TV programs.

Account registration is not essentially required in IMDB. If you want to use the extra advanced features of the app, you have to create a new account or sign in if you already have to the app by Google, Amazon, or Facebook.

Final Words:

These are the top 10 best TV guide apps for you. I hope this article will be useful for you to watch out your favorite contents anytime. So, don’t waste your time and download the app which suits your demands. In case of queries, feel free to comment below. Thanks!

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