Crocoblock Review

Crocoblock Review | Widgets, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Crocoblock Review
Crocoblock Review

Nowadays there are lot of ways to build the website in lesser time. Although the page builder will save you from a complex process, but still need something else to add the look of professionalism to the online project.Creating a professional website, requires a reliable page builder and plugins. And Crocoblock subscription provides with these elements. Here is my Crocoblock review.

What is Crocoblock?

A Crocoblock is a supreme toolkit for building the websites. This Product will helps in providing website creators with a contemporary set of tools that allows in saving time and creating the websites quickly and intelligent manner.

Croclock will enhance the feature of addons for Elementors. It exists with various addons and a theme called Kava Pro that supercharge the power of Elementor page builder for WordPress.

Crocoblock Review

Crocoblock Review contains various plugins such as.

•    JetElements and Jet plugs are the 2 widgets along with standard elementors.

•    JetMenu provides a mega menu.

•    JetTabs allows building dynamic tabs, toggles, and accordions.

•    JetEngine for dynamic content.

• JetBlogs will provide dynamic blogging widgets.

  • JetElements and Jet plugs are the 2 widgets along with standard elementors.
  • JetMenu provides a mega menu.
  • JetTabs allows building dynamic tabs, toggles, and accordions.
  • JetBookings is the best solution for booking sites.
  • Jetwoo Builder is for commerce websites.
  • JetTricks is for Eye-Candy visual effects.
  • JetPopup is for Stylish Popup builder.
  • JetBlocks is for sticky effect, Nav menu.
  • JetThemeCore provides ready-made pages for Elementors.
  • JetStyleManager updated version that manages Elementor page style settings.
  • JetReviews provides class widgets.
  • JetSmartFilters is an advanced filter for any post type.
  • JetProductGallery display’s products in the best light.
  • JetCompare & Wishlist meet the basic widgets.
  • JetSearch is the fastest AJAX search.

Apart from these plugins there are some updated versions and it is recently published.

  • JetSmartFilter: This plugin enables to add advanced AJAX filters functionality custom post types and WooCommerce products.
  • JetProductGallery : It enables to create beautiful product gallery for WooCommerce products.
  • JetSearch: Advanced AJAX search functionality for Elementor,it offers great versatility.
  • JetCompareWishlist: It helps to execute compare and wishlist functionalities to WooCommerce for good conversions on website

Crocoblock is having 150+ widgets.

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Basic design Widgets

  • Bar Chart

Displays important data in a bar chart, demonstrate a comparison among distinct categories.

  • Interactive Animated Box

Make the website catchy with spectacular Scratch, Peel and other interactive effects to draw visitors’ attention to the website.

  • Section Parallax

Brighten the pages with amazing transform parallax effect and make your section’s background look unique.

  • Section Particles

Enhance pages with magnificent particles effect with JetTricks plugin, allowing to make section’s background stand out in double clicks.

  • Countdown Timer

With Countdown Timer widget you display’s how much time is left to the specific event or to complete the task or project.

  • Circle Progress

Displays the progress in the form of an attractive animation with classic or gradient fill and background options.

  • Animated Text

Use headings to capture the visitors’ attention whenever it’s needed with the breathtaking animation effects for text within Elementor.

  • Satellite

Appoint a Satellite Element to any widget and disport it either as an image or text, that’s layered below to embellish page’s layout

  • Animated Box

Exhibit the important content on both sides of an animated flip box, insert links and icons, and use dissimilar animation styles.

  • Site Logo

Add a site logo in the textual or visual form to the headers and footers of the web site’s pages to create a unique and memorable image of the company for clients.

  • Pie Chart

Using this widget to demonstrate information in a circular graph explains numerical proportions.

  • Progress Bar

By adding a stylish animated progress bar to the pages built with Elementor to display the progress values in the most attractive way.

  • Scroll Parallax Effect

Make the widgets movable and fascinating with super easy-to-use Parallax effect allowing representing the content in the widget in the most attractive way.

  • Inline SVG

By using SVG format for logos, background images, buttons, maps, diagrams, and pictures. The most important advantage of this format is its performance on different displays.

  • Logo showcase

Brands are a guarantee for the quality and they assure product recognition for customers, increase your sales and inspire reliability.

Basic content widgets

  • Pricing Table

With this widget, You can make eye-catching pricing tables because every element is completely customizable.

  • Services

Showcase the services provided by your company. With this widget you can manage the description, service title, and use different style settings.

  • Headline

       You can use various headlines on your page to emphasize sections          and highlight your content

  • Advanced Map

Your visitor can determine the exact location of your office oe any other place if you set pins on a map.

  • Audio Player

With this widget, insert audio tracks into pages easily. It allows you to use set of style settings.

  • Horizontal Timeline

The visitors should know about the events and projects on your website using the Horizontal Timeline widget.

  • Testimonials

With eye-catching Testimonials widget on website, it will be able to show visitors the benefits of your products by good reviews from earlier customers.

  • Table

With this tol you can Create a table and place any content in the rows, cells and columns to add the list or schedule the pages built with Elementor.

  • Video Player

With the Video Player widget, you will be able to add and configure YouTube service videos without copying HTML code and editing scripts.

  • Team Member

Make your team members known and display them in the most appealing form, featuring their positions, bio, and social links.

  • Vertical Timeline

On displaying events on your pages built with Elementor using Vertical Timeline widget, that allows adding content, including icons, imagery, and descriptions.

WooCommerce widgets

  • Wishlist

Help the customer in ading the picked range of products to hold all of them in one page with the help of this widget.

  • Wishlist Count Button

Let the number of picked products be displayed while the user is on the look-out for other goods or services to buy the most suitable ones.

  • Wishlist Button

Hike on the picked goods or services to a complex wishlist with the help of a wishlist button and style it up to your needs.

  • Compare

By making users add liked products to their comparison lists, which are formed in the well-structured comparison table with complete information about products.

  • Compare Count Button

Compare Count Button widget from JetCompareWishlist plugin will exhibit the number of added products in the differentiation list.

  • Taxonomy Tiles

Represent the WooCommerce product categories and tags in the form of tiles with loads of content customization settings.

  • Products

By exhibiting WooCommerce products in the easiest way using the WooCommerce Product for Elementor page builder.

  • Products Grid

Add WooCommerce products with featured images, descriptions and prices in an attractive grid layout to the pages build with Elementor.

  • Top Products

Add the most popular products that have the highest rating according to customer reviews to the pages built with Elementor.

  • Best Sellers

By displaying in the best-selling products on the pages built with Elementor while using WooCommerce Best Sellers widget.

  • Sale Products

 WooCommerce products on sale pages will be built with Elementor including WooCommerce Sale Products widget in JetElements plugin is the best way to exhibit.

  • Products Ordering (Shop)

Set the order of the WooCommerce products by default settings, or by popularity, average rating, or price, and apply appropriate stylization settings for the widget.

  • Featured Products

The great way to motivate specific items on your websites’ pages built with Elementor and is easy to set up in WooCommerce.

  • Products Navigation (Shop)

 On displaying a navigation element on the Shop products page and determine options for the previous and the next pages, such as link text and icon easily and quickly.

  • Products Loop (Shop)

With Products loop widget you will be able to customize it with the Advanced settings easily.

  • Products Description (Shop Product)

Provide visitors with information about products on the Shop Product page and apply different stylization settings to the description according to your taste.

  • P Title (Archive Category)

Display your product title on archive product page and customize settings including Stylization options of title and Add link to title.

  • Purchase Description (Archive Category)

Customers will learn more about the product applied to a certain category by adding its description, defining description words count and add trimmed symbols.

  • Description (Archive Category)

Let your customers to learn more about the product under a certain category by defining description words count, adding its description, and add trimmed symbols.

  • Title (Archive)

Archive Product page and customize it according to your vision easily with the help of JetWooBuilder plugin Title widget allows you to add a title.

  • Thumbnail (Archive)

The thumbnail of the product, add a link to the title if it required and select the thumbnail size and set style settings making the thumbnail field brighter.

  • Tags (Archive)

Add Product tags to the Archive Product template. Also, style it according to your needs and taste using settings of the widget available for you.

  • Stock Status (Archive)

Notify the customers about the items available in stock. If the product is out of stock then apply typography, different styles, and alignment settings to the widget.

  • Sale Badge (Archive)

Mark the product with a sale badge to show it is on sale and insert an appropriate sale badge text and style its appearance in the widget’s settings block.

  • Rating (Archive)

Let your customers to watch the rating of the product. Set the rating field with the help of style options available in the widget while creating an Archive.

  • Product template.

Embed sale and regular prices of the product in the Archive template easily. Also, style the design of the currency sign and price using varied settings.

  • Excerpt (Archive)

Show an attractive excerpt of the WooCommerce product description on the Archive Product page and customize the number of words you want to define as an excerpt.

  • Categories (Archive)

Categories Archive is the best way to set up a custom template under Products Categories. Further, it can be displayed on the frontend in the beautiful way.

  • Add to Cart (Archive)

Execute and add to cart function in archive templates using JetWooBuilder Add to Cart widget and styling it according to your requirements and wishes.

  • Single Upsells

Add and display the needed upsell products, which would be interesting for customers, who purchase the product shown on Single Product page, in a special section.

  • Single Title

Provide a Single Product template with an attractive and appropriate product title and change its appearance adjusting the differnet style and typography settings.

  • Single Tabs

Display a full description of the product, additional information about it and reviews of the loyal customers in the form of intuitive and well-structured tabs.

Image Layouts and Slider widgets

  • Gallery Grid

Cover your single product page with a gallery element in the form of a grid with stunning images and videos to heat customers’ desire to buy.

  • Gallery Anchor Navigation

Make this remarkable widget drive to power on the simple navigation for the product gallery on any retail page.

  • Gallery Modern

Use a stunning and tasteful presentation of the goods by means of Modern Gallery arranging the product images in the fancy layouts.

  • Product Gallery Slider

Append a fascinating number of images to set up a stunning gallery slider to a single product making sure the visitors will notice the product’s benefits.

  • Images Layout

With this widget you can add versatile images and photos by selecting an appropriate layout.

  • Banner

Banner widget is the best option for displaying images with necessary text and link elements with stylish animation effects.

  • Image Comparison

Drag and drop Image Comparison widget in the needed section in Elementor to compare two pieces of media in a convenient way.

  • Advanced Carousel

On creating magnificent image carousels to display images in the form of a slider with multiple items using pagination or navigation elements.

  • Slider

Post noticeable pictures with title, description and link button on each of them with the help of the Slider widget to attract the visitors’ attention.

  • Portfolio

Display the images by the categories in the form of a stylish portfolio selecting multiple layouts and preset forms.

Blogging widgets

  • Breadcrumbs

Show your customer the trail tracks as well as each viewed page to display a hierarchy of the current page in relation to the whole structure of the site.

  • Review Widget

Create stylish and noticeable review blocks to display the opinion of your visitors on different matters just in few clicks.

  • Pagination

Add this widget to the product publications and archives to let the visitors get full list without refreshing page.

  • Video Playlist

Use the Video Playlist widget to add a video to your website and display it using the link to Vimeo, Youtube, or from the media library.

  • Text Ticker

Drag the readers into the convenient content showing them titles in the tick form to involve them in doing target action or reading.

  • Posts

Display any posts as posts slider, posts carousel, or posts grid using JetElements.

  • Listing Grid

Build a listing for taxonomy or any post type. Use it to showcase the terms and posts in the form of grid layout.

Dynamic widgets

  • Dynamic Terms

Specify the taxonomy, and take certain action on the information such as link the terms, Pull out, delimit, show the terms in it, add the text after or before the terms list.

  • Dynamic Repeater

Present repeating blocks set, which are created with or ACF or JetEngine plugin, for the taxonomies or custom post types, set an HTML tag and after or before items markup.

  • Dynamic Link

Add a permalink to the post or the information from the meta fields of the post type, change the label, define the icon and alignment, and apply the style settings.

  • Dynamic Field

Show the information from meta fields and the post or term data in post and taxonomies listings, and also, add an icon, set an HTML tag and use a callback option.

Other Widgets

  • For content organization widgets

In this widget, it contains a sticky column, read more, unfolds, switcher, Tabs, Image Accordion and classic Accordion.

  • Filtering widgets

Filtering Widget contains Visual filter, Radio Filter, Data Range, Check Range, Range Filter, Select Filter, Checkboxes Filter.

  •  Menu and Search widgets

It contains Search filter, Ajax Filter, Nav Menu, Vertical Mega Menu.

  •  Form widgets

It provides options such as order form, contact form 7, subscribes form, Registration Form. Login form and Mailchamp.

  • Action widgets

It contains the Download button, Instagram, Tooltips, Hotspot, Dropbar,    Active Filter, Apply Button, Auth Links, Hamberger Panel.

Crocoblock Review : Kava

Use Kava FREE WordPress theme

Get flexible and an impressive Kava WordPress theme creating a website of your dream.

•        elementor compatible

•        numerous blog pages variations

•        completely responsive

•        an abundance of style settings

•        perfect for e-Commerce

•        WooCommerce – ready

•        immaculate typography

•        double-quick performance

Crocoblock Review : PRICING

For subscribing Crocoblock tool  is as follows

License Type Design Multi Tool E-Commerce All- Inclusive Life time
Single $ 49 per year $69 per year $69 per year $299 per year
Unlimited $69 per year $ 99 per year $ 99 per year $ 299 per year

On  subscribing from this website there is attractive discount up to 20-30%.

Let us discuss the pros and cons of Crocoblock tool 

Crocoblock Review : Pros and Cons

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to design the website in lesser time. Although there are some advantages for subscribing to this tool.

  • Stylish kava theme.
  • 150+ widgets.
  • 10  powerful plugins.
  • Weekly updates to improve the websites.
  • 24/7 professional support.
  • JetTheme wizard deals with few clicks.
  • CrocoBlock Dashboard gives access to the license key, jet plugins and skins in websites, location.
  • It is easy to activate, deactivate and upgrade.
  • It is easy to pick a different header and footer for all websites.
  • Nowadays JetPlugin became very popular.
  • It is perfect for an e-commerce store.
  • It is relatively cheap compared to other tools

The main disadvantage of this tool is doesn’t have a monthly plan.

Buy Crocoblock from this site and Save money

Shopping in not saves your time buts also money. That’s why we’re always updating this page with the latest Crocoblock discount codes. The best Crocoblock discount code right now is for 10% off sitewide.

Crocoblock Discount Codes

10% off sitewide

 How to Use Your Discount Code

1.   Click “Show Discount Code” button

  • This will open a new tab that takes you to

2.   Copy the code

  • Select and copy the highlighted code in yellow on this page (in place of the button after clicked)

3.   Enter the code at checkout

  • Paste your code in the appropriate box, like below:

4.   Enjoy your savings

  • Hopefully you saved a lot!


Crocoblock tool is perfect to build any kind of website in a faster manner. This tool is very simple, fast and efficient. It provides 24/7 professional support. Although it doesn’t have a monthly plan annual plan is relatively affordable. This tool helps in building an E-commerce website with huge options. Now i am ending my crocoblock review.

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