Until July 4th, Koodo will continue to give a $65/20GB promotion deal

Until July 4th, Koodo will continue to give a $65/20GB promotion deal

Until July 4th, Koodo will continue to give a $65/20GB promotion deal.

Back in mid-June, Koodo, Fido, and Virgin Plus launched an offer that increased each provider’s $65/mo 15GB plan’s monthly data limit by 5GB, or to 20GB, to make it available to more consumers. Only Bell’s Virgin Plus has adhered to the promotion’s stated deadline of July 4th, regardless of the fact that all three carriers listed it at the time. 

The $65/20GB offer was removed from Virgin Plus’ website as of July 5 in favour of the $65/mo 15GB package the provider had previously provided.

The July 4th expiration date has been withdrawn from Telus’ Koodo and Rogers’ Fido’s $65/mo 20GB increased popularity. Both still refer to the plan as a “limited time deal,” but the expiry date has been removed. In other words, it’s probably a good idea to get this package now if you’ve wanted to but haven’t because it’s hard to say how long it will continue to be available.

Additionally, while Virgin Plus no longer gives $55/8GB plans, Koodo and Fido do. These plans are still not brand-new, but Koodo has designated its $55/8GB option as a “special” since it lowered by $1 in May.

The $65/20GB promotion could be your final chance to take advantage of it before it expires if you’re looking to get a bit more information for your money.

Why is it so difficult for me to appreciate Koodo when they are so bad at customer service?

Koodo seems to have two unique civilizations at opposing extremities of the cultural spectrum. There are many great employees who, in my opinion, really want to support and assist the client. And if you’re very fortunate, you won’t have had to interact with anyone else. 

Then there is the fact that there seems to be a growing amount of “jerks” working for the business in which the only goal is to irritate clients with subpar service and condescending mannerisms. In light of this, you must consider whether you want to put up with this complete BS or try to find a different telecom supplier.

We all know that all these A-holes have infiltrated the big and only three main telcos, so unless you reside within specific areas of Canada, where there is a fourth alternative, you were screwed. 

I allegedly found a reconditioned phone for just a fantastic price. The screen briefly functioned before collapsing. I had to battle with the BS people until I eventually found a gem of a customer service representative who assisted and got the phone in for servicing. Received a cellphone with a fresh sim that looked brand-new in recondition. I set up the new sim according to the instructions and believed everything was in order. Therefore the phone in my palm’s driving setup quit functioning.

The “last line no longer accessible” error appeared on the screen, so I could not make the majority of phone conversations. 

When I called Apple, he said the issue was likely due to how the phone is registered with the provider. I called Koodo and spoke to a helpful guy who said I needed to purchase a different phone because it is a refurbished version that it had previously fixed. Okay, it will pay me more, but I need a basic phone. I, therefore, ordered a new cellphone, but they never gave me a new SIM.

It turns out that the old card in the new phone doesn’t appear to function properly either, and I’ve been advised that I now have to buy a new sim to resolve the problem. Come on, I’ve just paid for a new phone! 

Why did they give me a fresh sim for a refurbished phone but not a brand-new one? Why does customer support refuse to support the item when it is obvious that Koodo sim parts are the source of the issue? 

And therefore, I must conclude that Koodo prefers not to live up to the logo and choose pleased instead of letting its consumer accept dissatisfaction.

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