Use Tinder Without Facebook

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook in 2022

If you’re looking to know everything about how to Use Tinder without Facebook then you’re on the right place because we have everything related to this topic. In this article, we will be discussing the ways for Use Tinder without Facebook and you’re going to love every bit of it. You need to read the article till the end in order to know everything about the topic. So, let’s get started!

Use Tinder Without Facebook
Use Tinder Without Facebook

Everything you need to know about how to Use Tinder without Facebook

We will be starting with the basics so that people who have no clue about what exactly tinder is and why people are after this application, then you’ll be getting everything here. And we will then follow up with the ways which you can use to login to Tinder without facebook account.

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What is Tinder?

Basically tinder is an online dating platform where you can talk to the people, add them and set a date as per the compatibility. It was developed by 5 friends, but later on, one of them has left the team and started his own dating application which is running as well in America.

The main idea of the application is to develop confidence among those who don’t have the confidence of talking to someone directly and they can add them on tinder and tell them about their interest in them.

This place is a better place for those who want don’t want to connect with the people who you may know, it’s completely a different idea and you’ve to talk to a stranger in order to let them know that you like them or not.

When you signup to the Tinder, they take your information such as Bio, Profile Picture and your name to make the perfect matches for you. You’ll be shown the list of the people related to your age, region and according to your interest, once you add them and they accepted your request, you can chat with them, voice and video call them as well.

You’ve limited numbers of swipe in a day because you can’t swipe right and left all your day. Swiping right means that you want to add them and swiping left means that you want to ignore them, so there are limited numbers of swiping for everyone in a single day.

Why is it important to login through Facebook?

When you install the tinder application, you’ll get to know that you’ve to click on the facebook icon to login or signup because there’s no other option.

Nothing happens without any reason and logging in through the facebook has a reason too and that is it takes all the information from your facebook profile. All your pictures shall be sync with the tinder and you can use those pictures on your profile without downloading the pictures from the facebook first and then upload it.

Not only pictures, tinder use your location, your all the information written on the profile and then start to show you the people are using tinder and you can either add them or ignore them. On the other hand, tinder will show you the list of the people who might like you or you might like them related to the compatibility of your profile matches.

Another reason why tinder uses facebook account to login is to avoid scammers and other cat fishes who uses the account for the scamming and spam purposes. So, its better to go with the facebook for tinder.

Can we use Tinder without facebook?

There’s certainly no official way of using the tinder without facebook but we have some unofficial ways which you can use and join the tinder with complete effectiveness. So, let’s get started with the methods!

Download Facebook Lite

You can now login through facebook lite and here’s how you can download and login through it to the tinder. And we will tell you why you must use facebook lite instead of normal facebook application.

  • Go to the app store or play store and then go to the search bar
  • Type facebook lite and then click on install button
  • Once everything is installed, login to the application
  • Now open your tinder application and then login to it using facebook lite

You must be wondering about why did we ask you to use facebook lite instead of normal facebook application. It’s because facebook lite doesn’t ask you for many information and you can use as less information as you want your tinder to get from you in order to use tinder without facebook.

The less information is there on your tinder account, the less are the chances that your friends or people you may know will get to know about you. So, it’s better to use facebook lite as your alternative and use the facebook privacy section to hide all your information so that people don’t get to know about which application are you using and why.

In a Nutshell

We have discussed the best method in order to tell you How to Use Tinder Without Facebook, and we are really hopeful that this article has helped you in achieving what you’re striving for.

If you’ve any questions regarding the topic How to use Tinder without facebook in 2018, then feel free to comment down below, we will try to answer you in a flash and shall answer your query.

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