Aliplugin Review – Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons

AliExpress is one of the top ecommerce website in the world. It is the best platforms for the affiliate bloggers to make money online. I am an affiliate blogger and have tested many different plugins and to my knowledge aliplugin is the best. It is very easy to operate and doesn’t require any type of programming knowledge in order to build an affiliate website. Here is my Aliplugin Review with all the

If you want to enter into the world of affiliate marketing and thinking about AliExpress, than there is nothing better than the Aliplugin. Before beginning let us know about AliExpress.

AliExpress is the marketplace for the global ecommerce leader Alibaba. AliExpress connects millions of products to China so that millions of products can be shipped anywhere in the world. They prices on AliExpress are quite affordable and it is one of the largest ecommerce site.

Aliplugin Review

You can build your own ecommerce store by having a word press site and installing AliPlugin on your website. You can now connect the AliExpress store and your website to import the products on your website automatically. It will give you an affiliate link that affiliate link will take the customer to the AliExpress store and all the other things link shipment, delivery, sales, and customer service is handled by the AliPlugin.

In this article we have come off with lots of things about the Aliplugin. There are many things like what is aliplugin, it’s amazing features, pros and cons of aliplugin, and also the ways of installing it. Go through this article and get lots of information about the aliplugin and enjoy your experience and also make money using the aliplugin.

What is plugin and how does it will help you in making money?

Aliplugin is nothing but a wordpress plugin that helps you to transform your simple website into an affiliate online store for AliExpress. The aliplugin allows you to add any number of products to your website from the AliExpress. The plugin has a unique affiliate ID on all the links to AliExpress that helps you to earn commission on all the sales that you get for AliExpress. The Aliplugin helps in the affiliate marketing easy and you need to promote your website and get more traffic and make money.

Aliplugin Review- Features

The features offered by aliplugin are one of the most important reasons for you to choose the aliplugin. The features are very attractive and also it will make your experience amazing while working with aliplugin and also get you more extra money that you desire for. Below we have mentioned some of the most important features of the aliplugin that you can go through and have an amazing experience.

Aliplugin Features
  • You can easily transform your word press site into an online store.

The aliplugin helps you to easily transform your simple website into a professional looking ecommerce website. This is perfect for the beginners who have very little experience in creating website on their own. There are many different designs and themes offered by aliplugin that can completely change the look of your website within few minutes.

These themes make your website to look exactly like that of AliExpress and give you another extra reason for making money online. All the hard work on your website is mainly done by the aliplugin and you just need to generate the traffic on your website.

  • You can seamlessly import products directly from Aliexpress.

The only job you have being an AliExpress affiliate is that you need to promote their products and for doing that you need to have as many products as possible on your website. It is very difficult and time taking process to add all the products manually one by one.

This is where the aliplugin comes to your rescue and allows you to easily search for the products on the AliExpress niche with the help of your keyboard. After finding all the products the aliplugin helps you to import all the products on your website with the help of just one single click.  The best part of the aliplugin is you can add as many products as you want. There is no limit to the number of products you add.

Import Aliplugin Review
  • It provides you auto translation and updates

While using aliplugin you find some of the products are mentioned in Chinese but you don’t need to worry about that. The aliplugin comes with the special module that you can connect and it will allow you to translate the product title and description into 40 different languages with just one simple click.  This helps you to sell to any country in any language as desired by you.

It comes with the auto update functionality that helps you to know about AliExpress on your own website. Whenever there is any change in price, products are out of stock or anything like that the aliplugin will give you the notification appropriately on your website.

Automatic Updates Aliplugin Review
  • You can get Live Stats of your traffic.

The aliplugin has one of the most amazing features that is that you can monitor the progress of your business. You can see how many orders are completed, number of views on your website and the number of redirections to AliExpress each product is having The live stats allows you to see the real time stats of how your website is performing with AliExpress and the amount of commission you are getting.

There were all the attractive features of the aliplugin and I am sure that you would have surely liked all the features and have already got attracted to the aliplugin due to the amazing features it has.

Why to have aliplugin?

If you have a wordpress website than you can easily fill up your website with the AliExpress products by using the aliplugin. The plugin helps you to affiliate the unique affiliate ID into the product links. The aliplugin helps you to easily receive the commission for the completed sales.

The aliplugin fully prepares the website of its owners which is capable for efficient and profitable affiliate activity. Now the only thing that is left is to promote your website and get more and traffic to increase the sales and earn more money.

How to install and setup aliplugin?

The installation process is very simple and it will hardly take few minutes to successfully install and enjoy this aliplugin. You don’t need to be a programmer for installing the aliplugin. It is very simple and below we have the step by step guide for you which will help you to easily install aliplugin.

Step 1: In order to install aliplugin you need to successfully install word press and then go to the plugin section and click on “Add New Button”.

Step 2: Now click on upload plugin and find the aliplugin archive on your computer.

Step 3: Next you just need to click on Install.

Step 4: After the successful installation and activation of plugin you will be able to see it on the left side of your wordpress dashboard.

Step 5: Now, you need to click on the plugin to configure it. Go to the configuration where you need to enter your App key and tracking ID which you will get from the official ID Aliexpress portal.

Step 6: You are almost done. Another simple step you need to take is that select the theme of your choice and start enjoying your online affiliate store.

Pros and Cons | aliplugin Review

The aliplugin comes up with lots of pros and cons. Each and every thing has its own pros and cons so as aliplugin also. Below we will see all the pros and cons of aliplugin.


  1. The AliExpress affiliate is the easy way of making money for the partners. The commission provided is a key to selling points but that is not only the important feature.
  2. The Aliplugin is designed to work perfectly with the word press. It has search engine optimization feature that helps you to draw more and more traffic to your website so that you can start to receive a steady income each month. This will help you to get more traffic and you will get more sales.
  3. The search engine optimization means that you should expect an appealing and effective website that can be accessed on multiple platforms.
  4. It helps you to create a very impressive and effective online store in minutes and also gives you a range of amazing themes just on your fingertips to choose from it and make your website even more impressive.
  5. It has a very simple user-friendly interface that can easily be used by even beginners. It is not important that you need to know coding to start an ecommerce website.
  6. This is perfect for those who are not interested in wasting money on building a website. This plugin costs you $69 and you can use it for five different websites. There are other plans also offered aliplugin that can be used for more than five websites.
  7. After purchasing and installing the aliplugin you can use the search feature to import thousands of products on your website.
  8. It will also provide you with data that you can see how many different products have been installed on your website. This allows you to get a better control and also track the best seller products that for underperforming. The auto update feature gives you the information in real time. You don’t need to wait for the next day to see the data.
  9. This plug-in also allows you to take the product in 40 different languages.


  1. You may find certain issues while importing the products on your website. This can become little frustrating, especially when you consider it to give you good design and sales, and commission easier.
  2. There is a lack of tools and support while creating AliExpress affiliate website.

Aliplugin Review – Who can benefit from it

The features of the aliplugin make it the best solution for everyone. Each and every person who uses the aliplugin enjoys its benefits but there are few who get the most benefit of using aliplugin. Those who enjoy the best benefits of aliplugin are listed below:

  • New comers:

The newcomers are the most benefitted. Whether the aliplugin buyers has limited experience or has no proper knowledge at all but still they can successfully use the aliplugin. There are many aliplugin users who have no background in ecommerce and share their stories to prove that it is not impossible to make money online using plugins.

  • People who are looking for extra source of income

There are many online business models and so is aliplugin and it doesn’t put any kind of limitations on the entrepreneurs income. The price is not fixed and regulated in any manner. Therefore the profit completely depends on the marketing strategy of the entrepreneurs and the volume of the price markup.

  • The clients who are looking for a turnkey  eCommerce solution

Aliplugin covers a wide range of tasks that makes it the best solution to launch the semi automated online store. Its functionality can easily be hiked by using the number of extra promotional tools. But, for the newcomers it is more than enough to use the aliplugin as a multifunctional foundation of an independent online store.


Now after knowing all the details about the aliplugin we will conclude this article and I am sure that by now you would be very much interested in using the aliplugin on your wordpress website and very much excited to make money. Aliplugin affiliate marketing is perfect for those who are starting the affiliate marketing business for the first time. This plugin will surely help you to achieve your goals which you have set to make your future in the affiliate marketing.

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It is the most attractive tool that will help you to create an AliExpress affiliate website. You can import lots of products from the AliExpress ecommerce site and add it on your own website. You can promote your website and increase the traffic on your website which will increase the sale. After copleting the sale you will get commission and start making money online.