Ali2Woo Review

Ali2Woo Review – Price, Features, Pros and Cons

The business does not maintain a warehouse or handle any product at hand. Dropshipping business is the best way to start the e-commerce business without little or no capital. Dropshipping is a process, in which business buys a product from a third party and ships the item to the customers directly.

Ali2Woo Review
Ali2Woo Review

Ali2Woo Review – How it Works?

Ali2Woo is an application, which permits you to easily import AliExpress products into your WooCommerce store and start a dropshipping business. By this application, it is easy to import the items from the store in just a few clicks. First, a customer places an order in your Woocommerce store. And you receive money for your payment gateway. Then you have to buy an item from the supplier, who will ship it to your customer directly. The Ali2woo plugin help in purchasing the products from the supplier in few clicks. Dropshipping means you do not maintain the stock of the products yourself. You are simply a middleman between your customers and the suppliers. The profitability depends on the difference between the amounts of money the customer paid in your Woocommerce store and the cost of the product you paid to the supplier. Dropshipping is a process in which a business buys a product from a third party and ships the item to the customer directly.

Features of Ali2woo

•   Flawless Import from AliExpress

 This plugin device allows the user to easily search and add products from AliExpress directly to your online store. There are two ways for these to be done which are through plugin or chrome extension.

•   Price and Inventory Automation

This plugin application help in setting up a certain price for the entire product in your store. These help in creating your own pricing rules for each product category. You can price products individually or in bulk. You will also be received a notification whenever a product is out of stock or if there is any fluctuation in the price of the product.

•   AliExpress cashback system

     AliExpress offers an Affiliate program with the intention of making more money. Your AliExpress affiliate details will be enrolled the account settings, and the purchase you make will be qualified for affiliate commission. Ali2woo help in increasing the chance of making more money through this program.

•   Filter For ePacket Shipping

ePacket is the cheapest and fastest shipping method for small weightless products.Ali2woo filters out any product that does not have ePacket as a shipping option. These help in reducing the time consumption. For increasing the shipping time, ePacket Product Filter option could be used.

•   Fulfill and Track Order Automatically

     Fulfill orders with the click of a few buttons and get instant tracking details which will be forwarded to your customers. This plugin application ensures the fast shipment of the product to the customers and tracking the same.

•   Translate option

Importing products and dealing reviews in different AliExpress languages (English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Thai, Turkish, Portuguese)

•        Product Variation

     This plugin offers different products with multiple sizes, color materials, etc.

AliExpress dropshipping solutions are appropriate for every type of entrepreneur. Ali2woo is an ideal solution to run your own dropshipping business successful. Ali2woo plugin takes up control over the price, and inventory synchronization. For comfortable work with this plugin, a special Chrome Extension is used, which permits the user to import products directly from the AliExpress website. But, all plugin functions are available without using the extension. You can use the adoption according to your preference. This plugin application offers the ability to search and import goods directly from the WordPress Dashboard for people who like to go for regular searches. The procedure of getting your own dropshipping business is;

  • Get your Ali2woo plugin
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Import product from AliExpress on One-click
  • Fix profit margin where you want  
  • Easy management and marketing with automated solutions
  • Select add-ons to increase traffic and sales
  • 24/7 sales with full automation.

Installation Guide For Ali2woo Plugin

If you have purchased an Ali2woo plugin and decided on your niche, you have to find a domain name for your future web store. We can depend on a website host company which can provide domain names. GoDaddy is a perfect platform for domain names. It is both a domain registrar and a website hosting company, which means GoDaddy is a place where you can register your domain name, build a website for it, and get it on the web. All can be done in a single place. If the domain name wants to have is already used by someone, registrars will offer a similar one. You can choose a name, add it to your cart and make the payment. Finding a reliable and high performance hosting provider is the next step to be done. Since Ali2Woo is a WordPress plugin, CMS WordPress to be installed in your cPanel. There are two methods for doing this; Automatic and manual.

Automatic (one-click) installation

Enter your cPanel and go to Software-> Site Software and click WordPress link.

The installation URL could be chosen by typing in your user name, generating password and adding your email address. The website title can be edited by filling in the Blog name and Blog description. To complete the installation process, click install. There is an option at the bottom of the page called uninstalling CMS WP is also available.

You will be receiving your WP loin entails after the completion of the installation process.

Manual Installation

We can download the WordPress file from for starting the manual installation of WP in your cPanel. Once you received a domain name, you can install the Ali2Woo plugin.

•        Logging in to your WP account with the given access details

•        For starting this, go to the Plugins tab in your WordPress admin area.

•        Then click Add new button, next to Upload Plugin, choose a file to upload, and click install now.

The plugin will be installed from the uploaded file. Next step is the activation of plugin.

For entering purchase code go to Ali2Woo->settings-> common settings. The code is valid for one domain name. The license of this domain name can be deactivated in your current store if you have a plan of starting another web store in the future.

Minimum Requirements of Ali2Woo plugin

•        PHP 5.6 or greater is recommended

•        MySQL Versio 5.0 or greater

•        WooCommerce 3.0.0+

Ali2Woo Review – Simple and Flexible Pricing

We can choose the best plugin version according to our needs. There are four levels of version, which include Starter, Base, Advanced and Pro. For starting up your first dropshipping store, the price of the application is $40.00 one- time. For Base increasing your import limits and test your various niches $25.00 per month. Advanced scale your business up to 10 stores per license $70.00 per month. And for Pro unlimited domain per key and high product quota $230.00 per month. You are automatically assigned a free starter tariff plan when you purchase Ali2Woo on CodeCanyon. You can upgrade the tariff plan Based on your needs. The order fulfillment feature is unlimited.

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Ali2Woo Review – Pros and Cons

Dropshipping with AliExpress has many advantages.


1.       Low-cost investment

         In traditional e-commerce, people could end up investing .large amounts of money. But a dropshipping business can be started with a lesser amount of investment.

  2   Easy to start.

The main things required for starting a dropshipping business are a laptop and a good internet connection.

 3.   High-profit margins.

     With the help of AliExpress dropshipping solutions, you can solidly increase the prices, so that, you make a healthy profit..

   4.   Good rating system.

    With the help of the AliExpress rating system, you can choose only the good reputed suppliers.

5.         Availability of products.

Since millions of products are available on the AliExpress, it is easy to start reselling.

AliExpress dropshipping system consists of many software applications that can automate a lot of the tasks related to running a dropshipping business. Ali2woo is a WordPress plugin that comes in two portions, the actual plugin, and a free Chrome extension.


Ali2Woo is a wonderful working and helpful plugin tool for your dropshipping business on AliExpress. Despite all the great features it offers and the amazing pros of this plugin, it still has some downsides too i.e. the monthly subscribe could be a big issue especially when it is considered in the long term. A yearly subscribe fee could be a better idea.

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Ali2Woo is a great dropshipping WordPress plugin which is very easy to install. It offers customization of products as well as maintaining up to date inventory, and ensuring pricing automation. AliExpress affiliate and drop ship integration is the main feature of this plugin. A user can import and sell their products through this plugin. Ali2Woo is having an excellent support system, which ensures user guidance and assistance whenever it requires. Ali2Woo helps in offering their users with product reviews for creating engagement with the customers globally.

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