Couldnot refresh feed Instagram

Couldnot refresh feed Instagram 2022 [Working Solution]

If you’re an Instagram user and Couldnot Refresh Feed Instagram, then you’re facing a problem which may be faced by 30% of the Instagram users all over the world. The solution to the problem Couldnot Refresh Feed Instagram is very easy but you have to follow some steps in order to get rid of all your problems. So, let’s get started!

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Reason why it Couldnot refresh feed Instagram

Before we get to the chest of the solution, it is necessary to know why we are facing such problems. We are about to breakdown the reasons!

  • You’re facing this problem because your data might be limited
  • You’re facing this problem because you have got a weak internet connection
  • You’re facing this problem because you didn’t allow Instagram to use your internet
  • You’re facing this problem because a load of all the other applications weakens the connection

Now it’s time to look for some solutions and let’s get into the solutions!

Couldnot refresh feed Instagram
Couldnot refresh feed Instagram

Methods of solving Couldnot refresh feed Instagram

There are a lot of methods that you’ll find on internet related to your problem but what’s different here is that you can get the solutions which are 100% working. Let’s get started with the first solution

1. Update Instagram

If you’re using an old version of Instagram and thinking that it will work for me till your last breathe then you might be wrong. Updating the Instagram application might solve all your problems and you will be able to run the application with weaker connection as well. What new update does to you is that, it fixes all the previous issues that most of the people were facing. Follow the steps to update Instagram!

  • Go to the play store or App store and search for your application
  • Now once your installed application appears in-front of your screen, you’ll see update button
  • Just tap on the update button and your application will get restarted
  • And your problem related to Couldn’t Refresh Feed Instagram will be solved!

If this method didn’t work for you then scroll down a bit because we have another solution for you which might help you in achieving what you’re striving for.

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2. Check your Internet Connection

Yes, checking your internet must be your first priority because if you’re using a weak connection then there are 100% chances that you’ll b facing Couldn’t Refresh Feed Instagram problem time and again. To fix this issue you need to o following steps.

  • If you want a strong connection then you have to make sure that a device which provides you internet connection is near you, so that you can get maximum wifi signals
  • If you’re using 3g or 4g connection and still the internet is slow then you have to call the service provider to fix this issue for you
  • If you’re using someone else’s internet then avoid using that and make sure that you buy the services with your own money. Go for the best internet connection provider and you’ll get rid of the problems

If the problem is solved then congratulations, but if you’re facing the problem again then don’t worry we have other methods to solve your issues.

3. Uninstall the program and reinstall it

The best solutions to avoid the issue if your internet isn’t weak then you have to uninstall and re-install the application so that you can run the application properly. To do all the process discussed earlier, you have to follow the below given steps to get rid of the problem that you’re facing.

  • Tap on the application and don’t stop pressing Instagram until it starts to shake
  • Now tap on “x” to uninstall the application from your device
  • If you’re unable to remove the application, then go to the settings>application>Instagram>uninstall
  • If uninstalling of Instagram is done, then go to play store or app store and type Instagram in the search bar
  • Install the application, run it and log in to it
  • Your problem shall vanish away

We are really hopeful that this method is surely going to rock this time because this method works for 99% people but if you’re the unluckiest one then don’t worry we have other solutions as well.

4. Restart your device

 Sometimes it is better to restart the device that you’re using because there might be some issue with the device to face Couldnot refresh feed Instagram. To restart your device you have to follow some steps which are given below

  • Press the lock screen button for 3-5 seconds and you’ll see restart your phone option
  • Restart your phone and it will take around 1 minute to completely restart
  • Once your phone is restarted, check whether the application works properly or not

If your application is working fine, then congratulations you’re done. But if the problem continuously haunting you then it’s time to change your phone. Buy a new phone and we are sure that you’re going to get rid of your problem within a second.

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In a Nutshell

We have discussed almost everything to solve your problem Couldnot refresh feed Instagram problem and we really hope that your problem is gone after going through all the methods.

If you still have any question regarding the above-given topic, then feel free to comment down below because we will try to reach you as soon as possible and will address your problem to our experts. Cheers!

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