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So, have you created an account of Chase and you want to verify your credit card now? Don’t worry, they have provided you this website in order to verify your card. is the official website of Chase credit card where you can easily go and get yourself registered at this website.

Have a look at this table before we proceed and talk everything about chase credit card.

Bank Chase Bank
Online activation available? Yes
Phone activation available? Yes

You might have different question running into your mind for such as:

  1. What are the ways of activating chase card online?
  2. How to verify my chase card in order to use it?
  3. How do I activate my chase card using the simplest method online?
  4. How will I be able to use my chase credit card after I apply for it?

If you’ve these questions running in your mind, then you’re on the right place. We will be discussing everything regarding this topic today. Scroll down and check out what you’ve to do in order to activate your account.

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How to verify your chase credit card using

To verify your chase credit card, you need to follow the steps that we are about to break now. The method is very simple and you can do it without any obstacle coming your way. So, let’s get started!
  • The first thing you need to do is to go to the official website of chase and then press the enter button
  • Once you reach the website, you’ll be shown a message “Please Sign-In to verify that you’ve received our credit card”
  • Now you’ve to enter the credentials that they have send to you along with the credit card in order to verify if it’s really you.
  • To enter the credentials, you’d need your user name and password and you’ve to make it sure that you’re writing the right credentials because you won’t be able to login after 3 false login attempt- so keep this thing in mind.
  • If you’ve already an account, here’s this is the place where you’re going to enter the details
  • Once you enter the credentials, your card will be activated and it will be ready to use
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But, if you don’t have any account yet then don’t worry, creating an account isn’t a difficult task. You can do it without any worries and by following the steps given below. Let’s rock and roll once again.

  • You need to enter the website again and then click on “Enroll Now or Signup button”
  • It will take you down to the page containing different fields that has to be filled by you in order to create an account
  • You need to enter the information correctly because they won’t approve your account until and unless you enter the information correctly
  • Once everything is done, click on the next button and then choose the user name and password for logging in
  • Select the username that is easy to remember and better right it somewhere so that you never forgot it
  • Click on the apply now button and then will send you a confirmation code on your mobile phone to confirm whether it’s you or somebody else
  • Confirm the account and you’re done
  • You’ll end up opening your account and now sign in to your account
  • Select the card you’re using and they will again ask you few information regarding your card to approve it
  • Once they verified it, you’re done.
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Isn’t it easy to create an account and logging in to your account to verify your account? Now let’s talk about how can you verify your chase credit card through a phone call. Here’s how you can do it.

Verify your chase credit card through a phone call

So, you’re not a internet guy right? Don’t worry, we have got your back. You can now activate your chase card by calling at their number. Don’t know the number and don’t know the way of verifying your card through a phone call? Don’t worry, follow the steps and you’re done.

  1. Now pick up your phone and dial a number “800-432-3117”
  2. Once you’ve dialed the call, their agent will pick the call up and you’ll have to tell them that you’re here to activate the card
  3. They will ask you few questions like they ask you on their website to confirm whether it’s you or somebody else is using your name
  4. Once they confirmed that its you, then will verify your card and you’ll be able to use it again
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Isn’t activating the card through a phone call is easy? Now let’s talk more about chase credit card.

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Benefits of using Chase Credit Card

There are immense number of benefits that chase credit card is providing you. Let’s list them all

  1. Chase Bank is using all sorts of latest technology that you can rely on and use their services without any problem
  2. You can enjoy immense numbers of features and packages they are providing to you
  3. They are offering a lot of options and features that other banks ask you for charges but they are absolutely giving it to you for free  
  4. Their online system is so strong and that no hacker/cracker can hack your account.
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So, we are done with discussing how to verify your chase account through and we are hopeful that this content has helped you in achieving what you’re striving for. Have any questions? Feel free to comment down below. we will get back to you ASAP. 🙂

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