check the log for more information

Fix check the log for more information Kodi Error | Simple Method

A lot of people who are using Kodi usually face this problem Fix check the log for more information Kodi Error and they have no clue what to do to fix the issue. If you don’t know why this issue came up on your screen then it’s the result of addons which you’re not using and are disabled. So, you don’t have to worry about because we have got your back and today we are going to be showing you all the methods to fix this issue. So, here we go!

But before all the proceedings, we have encountered issue from your side related to Kodi and the solutions are given below. Do give them a look before or after reading the article.

How to Fix check the log for more information Kodi Error

So, the methods which we are about to share with you are 100% working and unlike other websites, we deliver to you exactly what you want. So, without wasting more time on this suggestion, let’s quickly get into the methods straight away.

1. Clearing the Cache Memory and Purge Packages

So, if you want to fix the issue which you’re facing then you’ve to remove cache memory and Purge Packages from the Kodi account in order to make sure that everything works fine for you. We have installed many addons already in our Kodi to save the buffered videos and overriding the default settings and these addons causing your Kodi to not working properly.

Unfortunately, Kodi doesn’t allow you to remove purge packages and cache memory and you’ve to rely on the third-party software

You don’t have to worry about because you’ve Merlin Auto Cleaner Program, which you can use to delete the cache memory and purge packages from your Kodi. So, to do that, you need to download the program from their official website and it will automatically clean everything which is required to Fix check the log for more information Kodi Error.

Note: If this method didn’t work for you or Merlin Auto Cleaner Program isn’t supported by your PC version then we have other methods as well to encounter the issue. Scroll down to see!

2. Install VPN and Fix the issue

So, if the problem continues to show up then you’ve to install the VPN in order to encounter the issue. That means you’re trying to get the access to Geo-banned content and it requires VPN to break the shackles.

We recommend you to have IPVanish VPN in order to remove the tag of Geo-banned content and guess what it’s free and premium as well. What really VPN does, it makes the content enable for you so that you can get the access by using different IP and it is not going to damage your Kodi account. So, you need to chill and download only the VPN which we have recommended.

check the log for more information
check the log for more information

If you’re thinking about how does it works, or worries about hackers attack your computer then we have a screenshot saved for you. Check the screenshot and everything related to hacking and other unnecessary things shall vanish away quickly. If this method has worked for you then congratulations, you can now leave the content and enjoy watching videos on Kodi. But if the problem continues to hit up, then don’t worry we have another method saved for you. So, here we go!

3. Re-Install Kodi

If all the previous methods didn’t work for you then probably the only solution left for fixing the issue “Fix check the log for more information Kodi Error” is re-installing the Kodi because there might be some chances that the installation wasn’t done properly and it requires re-installation to run the Kodi properly.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the settings of the windows and then application. Now choose Kodi from there and uninstall it. Now, go to the place where you’ve saved the Kodi and trying to install it again, we are 100% sure that this time Kodi is going to work perfectly for you and the issue “Fix check the log for more information Kodi Error” shall vanish away.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, another section which we are introducing and working on is FAQs where you’ll be able to get to know about the questions running in your mind and you’ll get the answers as well. So, let’s get started with them.

1. Why my Kodi isn’t working?
Your Kodi isn’t working because your internet might be causing trouble, you’re reaching to Geo-banned Content or you’ve installed the Kodi right.

2. Can I run Geo-Banned Content on Kodi?
Yes, you can run the Geo-Banned Content on Kodi by Using VPN

3. Is Kodi a Safe Place for me?
Okay, if you’re using Kodi for the entertainment purposes and don’t want to upload/play pirated content then Kodi is the safest place for you.

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In a Nutshell

We have discussed almost every method in order to make you understand how can you Fix check the log for more information Kodi Error and we are really hopeful that these above methods have helped you a lot in fixing the issue.

So, if you have any questions related to the above topic then feel free to comment down below because we will try to reach you in a flash and will answer your questions. Cheers! 🙂

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