Delete TurboTax account

How to Delete TurboTax account in just 1 minute

To be honest, if you’re looking for how to delete TurboTax account then believe us it is not that easy to delete TurboTax account and it is all because that TurboTax official website has a lot of information about deleting their account but you don’t have to panic much because we will be sharing the best ways to delete TurboTax account and you’ll get rid of your account in a minute. So let’s get started!

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Solution- How to delete TurboTax

As we all know that TurboTax is an official website which guides you to how you can pay government taxes and you can create future payments and a lot more stuff on their website. They allow you to upload your image, calculate your income tax return and your tax refund. We guess that’s a lot of the introduction for TurboTax website.

There are 3 ways of deleting TurboTax account and we are going to share every method with you in detail. Let’s get started with the first one.

Delete TurboTax account
Delete TurboTax account

TurboTax Agents

Yes, you’d probably had an idea about this method that you can call an agent in order to know how to delete TurboTax account, but you might have been confused about calling them. Now your confusion maybe escalated away because TurboTax official website allows their agent to help their customers in getting their account deactivated/removed.

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All you have to do is to follow some steps so that you can call an agent and your agent can delete TurboTax account in a minute for you. But need to be patient because he/she can ask you some information related to your account before deleting your account and you need to keep everything in front of you. So here we go!

  • Go to the official website of TurboTax
  • Login to your account
  • Go to the settings of your account
  • Find the help and support button
  • Submit a request first and enter all the information and your phone number as well because your agent will call you after accepting the request
  • Give the reason of deleting your account and agent will ask you information related to your accounts such as Your password, your family members name or CNIC in order to confirm that the right user is using that ID
  • Once everything is done, you’ll be asked to wait for some time on the call and within a minute, your agent will confirm the deletion of your account
  • The deletion of an account can take up to 30 days and you can reactivate your account by logging in to your account within 2-3 days of deactivation

Isn’t it the best way of delete TurboTax account? We think that this probably the best way of deleting your account but if you have any problem in calling the agent then we have two more ways coming your way. You can try them as well, so let’s get started with the second one!

2. Sending an Email

This might not be the quickest and authentic way of deleting TurboTax account because there are many chances that they will ignore your email or miss your email. But if you want this way to choose, then the choice is absolutely yours.

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Let’s go to the steps of how to delete TurboTax account, follow them to delete TurboTax account within a minute.

  • Go to your email account website
  • Login to your email
  • Type an email related to your account and enter the reason of closing your account
  • Don’t forget to mention your phone number in the email because they might call you back for the confirmation of delete TurboTax account
  • Send your email to [email protected] and you’re done

To be very honest, if you ask us about this method then we would not recommend you to do that because it might take some time to deactivate your account. Why wasting your time when you have agent calling option for the deletion of your account? Okay, if you have made your mind then who are we to show you the right path.

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Let’s quickly go to the thirds and the last way of knowing how to delete TurboTax account and this is the best of all. You’re going to love this way of deleting TurboTax account, so here we go again!

3. Manually delete TurboTax account

Most of the people have already deleted their account because of following 1st and 2nd way and if that is the case then you’re welcome to skip. But if you didn’t delete TurboTax account, then try this method. This surely will help you in getting rid of your TurboTax account for sure!

So, let’s get into it straight away without wasting your time further. So here we go!

  • Go to the official website of TurboTax account
  • Login to your account which is a must thing because you can’t delete TurboTax account unless and until you login into it
  • Click on my account and go to the settings of your account
  • In the account setting tab, click on “Select and start over” option
  • Once you do that, all the information in your account will be reset
  • Now you can scroll down the account settings page and click on delete button option
  • After clicking on delete account button, you’ll be asked for the reason of delete TurboTax account
  • Enter the reason which is in your mind that why are you deleting this account and after giving the reason, you can select permanent/temporary deletion of TurboTax account.
  • Click on the yes button to delete your account and it will ask you about the confirmation
  • Once you confirm the deletion of your account, you will be logged out of your account and you’re done!

The deletion of account might take up to 30 days but you have to stay calm because the deletion might take some time to remove data from their server.

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Well, that’s all from How to delete TurboTax account, and if you have any question regarding this topic then you’re free to comment. Cheers!

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